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  1. I'll give it another Try, but I did stop Rogaine because it give me headeach.
  2. Well, I tryed Propecia 1MG for the last 3 days, and I am having problem getting a hard on. Also delayed ejaculation. I am stopping the treatement.
  3. No, they are completely different - Propecia (finasteride) works by blocking DHT (that is responsible for destroying your hair follicles) and Rogain (minoxidil) is supposed to be a hair growth stimulant. The FDA have approved all sorts, including drugs that have killed people. FDA approval means nothing. I don't think anybody knows really why these meds don't work for frontal hair loss - they just don't. The only way to get hair back at the front is a hair transplant. Rogain actually made my hair loss a lot worse. Is that mean that Propecia will never help me to REGROW hair ?
  4. Are they working exactly the same way ? It's say on the bottle of rogain "Hair regrowth treatment" approved by FDA. Why it will not work with frontal hair loss ?
  5. First of all, sorry for my bad english grammar, I am french from Canada. I would like to try Propecia (finasteride) 1Mg/daily or RogaineĀ® Extra Strength for Men (Minoxidil 5%). Here is my question. I am a male 28 years old, and starting to lose hair because of Androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness) . My father is 55 and he is almost bald now. My question is, I am only losing hair above both temples and the the hairline recedes BUT I am not losing any hair on the vertex (top of head) and anterior mid-scalp area (middle front of head). Can Propecia help me regrow hair where I have lost it ? If I can only afford to buy one of the 2 product, Propecia or Rogaine 5%, Which one can help the most to helps regrow hair on the temples, and help me with my hairline recedes ? Which one is the best for REGROWTH hair ? Thanks. Here is a picture of my hair loss, I justed shaved my head to really see how much and where exactly I was losing it.
  6. Is Nizoral can reduce the androgen receptors INSIDE the hair follicle ?
  7. Yes, I stopped using Propecia because of bad Sexual side effect. I am now buying Rogain 5 % on Ebay. I will use it twice a day. With also shampoo Nizoral twice a week. Plus a shampoo Nioxin cleanser system 1 for the other 5 days of the week. Hope to see some result
  8. You're right Nizoral is an anti-dandruff shampoo. However, it appears to have some anti-androgen properties and is a useful anti-inflammatory that can play a relatively inexpensive part in an anti-hairloss regime. Sorry also meant to post a link to some studies on Nizoral - http://www.regrowth.com/hairloss-remedy/nizoral/nizoral.cfm Notes This is an antifungal shampoo primarily for the treatment of seborrhatic dermatitis. The active ingredient Ketoconazole has some antiandrogenic effects, but it is unknown whether the amount in the shampoo is absorbed. If it helps with hair loss it may work in a way other than as an antiandrogen. It is definitely a good shampoo for making hair look thicker. Claimed Results None. What about Nisim Shampoo ? http://www.nisim.com/products/5
  9. "If the shampoo bottles marked "for thicker hair" grab your attention in the store, you might want to think again before tossing one into your cart. According to the FDA, none of the shampoos or hair products that claim to give you thicker, fuller hair can actually do that. What these products do, instead, is to create the appearance of greater fullness by plumping up hair follicles."
  10. But My pharmacist told me Nizoral is only good to remove dandruff, and it have nothing to do with hair loss ?
  11. I was looking for a shampoo that I can use every day that can help me reduce DHT on my head, I saw Nioxin, but I read on internet that it was a scam, that it don't help at all, is it true ??? Here is one guy saying that it is a scam: "I bought the packet of Nioxin about 6 months ago...i have to tell you that if you want to waste your money this is a really good way and I went to several doctors who told me nioxin is all a scam, the tingling feeling you feel is because blood is rushing to your scalp. It really does not prevent hair loss it actually can damage your scalp by burning it." And here 2 guys who claim it work: "Im a 34 year old in with a masters degree in medicine. Nioxin was recommended to me for a receeding hairline. I only used it a few times and have noticed a drastic difference in that the hairline has completely grown in. I did not even use it daily as directed. I used the follicle stimulator. I have researched it extensively before I used it. It does not burn your scalp and it does not harm your scalp or your hair. It actually increases blood flow, which is a benefit. It is not a scam, it is well worth the money. The lady that does my hair has long gorgeous hair and she has used nioxin since it came out and she swears by it. Ive tried rogaine and even some fancy expensive treatments from spas and even capilong. This is the only thing that truly works." "A few months ago I noticed every time I took a shower, the drain was loaded with hair more so than ever before. All I can say is that after only a few times using Nioxin, there was absolutely no hair in the drain! I have been using Nioxin for several weeks now and can honestly say my hair is fuller than I can remember it ever being!" What is your experience with it ?
  12. Propecia: "It is, in fact, the first and only FDA-approved pill proven to treat male pattern hair loss on the vertex (top of head) and anterior mid-scalp area (middle front of head) in men." Will that help where I loss my hair, take a look at the picture ?
  13. Hi ! I am new here, first sorry for my bad grammar, I am french from canada. I am a men, 28 years old with starting problem with hair loss, look at the picture below. I have 3 questions. #1, First, I would like to start Propecia, but it's very expensive, so my doctor prescribed me PROSCAR (finasteride) 5MG and told me to cut it in 4 pieces, but I have a hell of a hard time to cut it in 4. I try it for 1 week, and It was giving me headache and I noticed that my Libido has decreased. Will it do the same thing if I buy propecia 1 mg instead ? How are you managing to cut proscar without a mess ? and does Propecia only help for the Vertex of the head or for all the head ? #2 I was looking for a shampoo that I can use every day that can help me reduce DHT on my head, I saw Nioxin and nutri ox, but I read on internet that they were a hoax, that they don't help at all, is it true ??? Now I heard about NISIM, Is it good ? What is the best shampoo that I can use every day that will really help me. By the way I never have any dandruff problem, so I don't know if Nizoral is only good for dandruff or if it could help for hair loss ? #3 Rogaine is very expensive also, and on their web site, they say "To regrow hair on the top of the scalp (vertex only)", the thing is I am not losing anything on the Vertex yet, only in the front of my head, so it worth it for the front ? So what should I do and buy ?
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