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  1. Hi guys How do you actually apply the foam to your scalp, especially if you have longer hair? Is there a danger that most of it could go straight onto and be absorbed by your hair rather than your scalp? Many thanks Ian
  2. Hi there, do you also use any other kinds of products like Nizoral or Minoxidil...? Thanks for the uplifting story
  3. Thanks Spex I also use Nizoral and Alpecin (double effect) a couple of times per week each. What shampoos do you use, and any you'd recommend for an every day one (perfumed shampoos tend to irritate my scalp causing dandruff hence why I have been using the T-gel) Thanks ianw2000uk
  4. Hi Spex I use T-Gel therapeutic shampoo, the one with the coal tar, as my every day shampoo.., mainly because I thought the anti-dandruff effect would help with hairloss (ie reduce any scalp inflamation etc.). I would be interested to know more about it causing "serious shedding"... Is there any evidence or studies that have shown this? Thanks ianw2000uk
  5. Hi Guys I use 'Alpecin double effect caffeine shampoo', which is similar to ordinary Alpecin but contains Piroctone Olamine (for dandruff) and caffeine. The Piroctone Olamine has shown in some studies to have an effect on the average hair shaft diameter (ie thickens each hair). I use the Alpecin double effect shampoo alongside T-gel coal tar and Nizoral, and am hoping for each shampoo to do the following jobs: *T-gel therapeutic (coal tar) shampoo: clear dandruff and keep it at bay *Nizoral: have the anti-androgenic effect, slow hair shedding, and increase hair shaft diameter, thus slowing down hairloss *Alpecin double effect caffeine shampoo (contains Piroctone Olamine and caffeine): as Nizoral but with the added effect of caffeine to stimulate hair root growth (I am hoping it has a similar effect as minoxidil) My main shampoo is the T-gel as I wash my hair daily and didn't want it to be blasted too much by the ketoconazole (Nixoral) and piroctone olamine (Alpecin).. Over the week I use T-gel x3, Nizoral x2, Alpecin x2. I am finding I am retaining my hair using this regime, and don't use any meds. Hope this is useful in some way. Cheers Ian
  6. It may also worth trying Nizoral twice per week to add to your regime. Nizoral is a shampoo that contains 2% Ketoconazole. One 1998 study showed that Nizoral 2% worked just as well as minoxidil 2% in men with androgenic alopecia. Both medicines increased hair thickness and increased the number of anagen-phase hair follicles on the scalp. Other members of the forum know much more about the product and can advise.
  7. Would it also be worth gm68 introducing the other 2 parts of the "big 3" regime often quoted here.., i.e. Minoxidil and Nizoral, to maximise re-growth opportunities..?
  8. A little, although the fact that I am now over 40 and in a happy stable relationship with children also makes me more confident not to be too worried or concerned that if i do lose my hair it will be a problem to me Also the cost of such meds has to be a factor in today's credit crunch world when your balancing a budget.., especially when it comes to either spending money on the family or my own vanity...
  9. Thanks for the feedback Pondle Bearing in mind what I'm trying to achieve (ie using shampoos and not meds, and at low cost) and your knowledge of hairloss / the effects of various compounds, let me have your views as to whether I should change or add-in any new shampoo products to increase success... Many thanks for your input Ian
  10. It would be interesting if anyone knows of any current or future longer term studies using any of these ingredients with regard to their effects on hairloss i.e. ketoconazole, piroctone olamine and caffeine..? Thanks Ian
  11. Thanks withnail that's what results I was hoping for when I put this regime together I was hoping for each shampoo to do the following jobs: *T-gel therapeutic (coal tar) shampoo: clear dandruff and keep it at bay *Nizoral: have the anti-androgenic effect, slow hair shedding, and increase hair shaft diameter, thus slowing down hairloss *Alpecin double effect caffeine shampoo (contains Piroctone Olamine and caffeine): as Nizoral but with the added effect of caffeine to stimulate hair root growth (I am hoping it has a similar effect as minoxidil) I mainly keep using the T-gel as I wash my hair daily and didn't want it to be blasted too much by the ketoconazole (Nixoral) and piroctone olamine (Alpecin).. Over the week I use T-gel x3, Nizoral x2, Alpecin x2. If anyone has any ideas about changing this routine to maximise hair retention please let me know. I want to have a regime that had both ketoconazole and piroctone olamine to give myself the maxiumum chance of retaining my hair without resorting to meds.. I may add the Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruf shampoo (with Piroctone Olamine), or do people think that would be subjecting my scalp to too much PTO each week...? Any comments on the vurtues of caffeine in hairloss would also be welcome. Cheers everyone and good luck Ian
  12. Hi guys Just thought I'd update you all on my quest to hold onto my hair just using shampoo's. I had been using just T-gel therapeutic (coal tar) shampoo for a number of years (5-10) due to itching scalp etc and about 2 years ago noticed my hair was starting to thin. Through reading this forum about 18 months ago I added Nizoral, and then recently 6 months ago also added Alpecin double effect caffeine shampoo and things have started to improve and I would say I think I've actually halted the hairloss and stopped it getting any worse..., which suits me as not really into taking strong meds etc.. Just thought I'd post on a partial success, even if only halted rather than re-grown. Thanks Ianw2000uk
  13. presumably nizoral is stronger then - does that mean it may be more effective against MPB? yep, nizoral is 2%, nizorelle 1%. the 2% version most people say is more effective (also backed up by studies - do a search on this forum) cheers
  14. Just found this on another forum which I thought was useful re use of shampoo's containing the ingredients: 1% ketoconazole, 1% piroctone olamine and 1% zinc pyrithione Cheers guys, Ian Nudging hair shedding by antidandruff shampoos. A comparison of 1% ketoconazole, 1% piroctone olamine and 1% zinc pyrithione formulations. Original Articles International Journal of Cosmetic Science. 24(5):249-256, October 2002. Pierard-Franchimont, C.; Goffin, V.; Henry, F.; Uhoda, I.; Braham, C.; Pierard, G. E. Abstract: Synopsis: Hair shedding and hair thinning have been reported to be affected by dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis. The present study was conducted in 150 men presenting with telogen effluvium related to androgenic alopecia associated with dandruff. They were randomly allocated to three groups receiving each one of the three shampoos in the market containing either 1% ketoconazole (KTZ), 1% piroctone olamine (PTO) or 1% zinc pyrithione (ZPT). Shampoos had to be used 2-3 times a week for 6 months. Hair shedding during shampoo was evaluated semiquantitatively. Hair density on the vertex was evaluated on photographs using a Dermaphot. Trichograms were used for determining the anagen hair percentage and the mean proximal hair shaft diameter using computerized image analysis. The sebum excretion rate (SER, [mu]g cm-2 h-1) was also measured using a Sebumeter®. The three treatments cleared pruritus and dandruff rapidly. At end point, hair density was unchanged, although hair shedding was decreased (KTZ: -17.3%, PTO: -16.5%, ZPT: -10.1%) and the anagen hair percentage was increased (KTZ: 4.9%, PTO: 7.9%, ZPT: 6.8%). The effect on the mean hair shaft diameter was contrasted between the three groups of volunteers (KTZ: 5.4%, PTO: 7.7%, ZPT: -2.2%). In conclusion, telogen effluvium was controlled by KTZ, PTO and ZPT shampoos at 1% concentration. In addition, KTZ and PTO increased the mean hair shaft thickness while discretely decreasing the sebum output at the skin surface. © 2002 Blackwell Science Ltd.
  15. The 2% Nizoral version is normally behind the prescriptions counter at Boots, so you have to ask for it. The 1% Nizorelle version, can normally be bought off the shelf..
  16. Hi guys Does anyone use a shampoo with Piroctone Olamine inside, such as Neutrogena anti dandruff for oily hair? I've read in several places that Piroctone Olamine is useful in the fight against MPB like ketoconazole is in Nizoral.. Any views welcomed Thanks Ian
  17. Thanks Pondle If anyone else uses a shampoo with Piroctone Olamine (e.g. T/Gel anti-dandruff greasy hair), it would be useful to have any feedback Cheers Ian
  18. Hi Guys I have just ordered 2 shampoos form the following website, let me know if you have used before with any success: http://www.sesderma.co.uk/seskavel-hair-ca...ir_Loss_Shampoo The 2 shampoos I ordered are: 1) Seskavel Anti-hairloss shampoo, plus 2) Seskavel Anti-dandruff shampoo oily. The first one contains an anti-DHT property (1% butyl avocadate), the second contains a well reported ingredient Pyroctone Olamine (0.3%). Any info from any users of these products or ingredients would be welcomed. Best, Ian
  19. I checked out the links and been doing some other researching. It seems like there are 2 Ketoconzole foam products: Extina (from US) and Ketomousse (Italy), but can't seem to find anywhere that sells them... This could be an exciting development as studies support the effectiveness of 2% Nizoral, which is also one of the big 3 we all read about! As both products are leave-on, this could mean a deeper penetration and stronger anti-DHT effect against MPB... Let me know if anyone knows anymore, especially where you can buy. Ta v.much Ian
  20. I've just found this site for Extina, a 2% Ketoconazole foam, but not sure where you can buy it http://www.extina.com/Index.aspx
  21. Seems like there is a foam too. Does anyone know how to get hold of it..? Maybe a ketoconzole leave-on product would be more effective than the nizoral shampoo, and better absorbed..
  22. Hi All On the Wikipedia site for Nizoral http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nizoral It mentions the following which I thought was interesting: Ketoconazole can be prescribed as a 200-mg pill, a 2% cream, a 2% gel,a 2% foam,or 2% shampoo for the treatment of dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis, or as a 1% over-the-counter shampoo (Nizoral). Has anyone heard of people using the pill, cream, gel or foam? As this would be left on the scalp I wonder if it would have deeper scalp penetration and have a better effect on MPB and DHT? I also found the following on http://www.drugs.com/xolegel.html Ketoconazole topical is available with a prescription under the brand name Nizoral in 2% cream and shampoo formulations and under the brand name Xolegel as a 2% gel. Other brand or generic formulations may also be available. Ask your pharmacist any questions you have about Xolegel, especially if it is new to you. Nizoral 2% cream Nizoral 2% shampoo (red-orange liquid) Xolegel 2% gel-2 gram or 15 gram tube Any views would be welcomed... Best, Ian
  23. Hi ncfm It would be good to get a full update as have been following your interesting story since you posted. How did the appointment / haircut go with the tricholist? Are you still using the concealer? What products are you currently using? It would also be good to know the reaction of your friends, family and workmates from the changes you have made... Cheers and best of luck Ian
  24. Thanks Bigmac, but you might be confusing the consumer information site www.propecia.com with propeciahelp.com, a forum run by a small number of Merck-bashers. Propeciahelp.com is not a credible NPOV resource for drug information. Propecia is finasteride 1mg prescribed for male pattern hair loss. Proscar is finasteride 5mg prescribed for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The only difference is the size of the dose. Use a knife or a pill cutter. See Spex's video on Youtube. The time required for half of a substance to be removed from an organism by physical or biochemical processes. A good guideline for how long a drug will remain in your body. On prescription from a doctor. Call him - details on Spex's website. Proscar from Dr. Ashcroft works out at about £8 per month. It may be cheaper now. Propecia was about £30 per month from Boots. Thanks Pondle Another one for you. How is it best to cut Proscar / how do people usually do it? E.g. into quarters and take 4 times per week? Or cut into 5 and take 5 times a week? If cut into quarters or 5 pieces, do people miss the other 2 or 3 days? or just keep taking using more than 1 tablet per week. Sorry a bit confused here... Any advice would be great Thanks guys
  25. Thanks Guys. Any other thoughts and contributions most welcome. Regards Ian
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