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  1. I am still waiting on my pictures from Dr Feller who has had issues with the camera pictures were taken with so i will just have to wait.
  2. Thanks for the update, you look great. You happy so far?
  3. Thanks Richie, i know that we do all start differently but trying to just get a opinion across the board.
  4. Looks like really good coverage, you happy, you should be . Any plans to thicken it up? The outside pictures show how natural it looks and not many people provide these. Well done Can you or Spex provide the before picture and area worked on? edit, just found them here http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=2348&hl= really good
  5. Well done for getting money back from AHS. You must be the first LMAO!!!! Of course it was, and why wouldn't that prick tarquin just say that out load, that guy is such a C@CK!
  6. hairymuff

    Tim Uk

    Looking really good Tim and still many months to grow. You happy so far?
  7. Hi badhairdo, sorry for delay i get limited time on here unfortunately. Yes I flew back pretty much the next day with no problems at all. I think this is generally what people do. I enjoyed the entire experience to be honest apart from a delay home due to airport mayhem I healed very quickly and toyed with strip but glad i went FUE in the end. Maybe i will have strip if i have to in years to come but hopefully ithis FUE will sort my problem out You are in great hands with Dr Feller and his team so good luck
  8. I know everyone is different but when did it definitely start for you?
  9. Looks good in the pictures. Do you feel it's better now than 2 months ago? If so it shows everyone was right in their support that it's only a matter of time for you edit: i can see the first pic now, i couldn't before. Thats strange. Have you been doing anything to the area to cause this??
  10. This is just brilliant for Bullitnutt. Well done to all involved as this is going to change his life.
  11. hairymuff


    This is really starting to take shape, very nice result in the making
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