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  1. That's very interesting - good question matey The Information on Nizoral said that after a period of time, use only as needed. But what are everyone's thoughts if this is being used as a hairloss control? Should it be used weekly for as long as you want? - or follow advice as described for dandruff control? I think i'll get some and use this shampoo - Cheers Kris
  2. Hi All I was browsing through an Alvi HT Site, and read that it's normal for your original hair to go into shock and shred. The notes I had from my Doc also said this, but time frames are different. -Has anyone's natural hair thinned due to shock -Was this really noticeable for you -When did this happen? I also read the "Grafted Hairs" grow through thin until after at least 1-2 years. - Has anyone experienced this too? or were you happy with the texture of your "new" hairs? Cheers Kris
  3. Kris

    Pls Help Me

    Hi Ravi I understand your angst. Although I'm not experienced in various doctors within the UK, I've not seen anything to suggest that they are not worth checking out. I wish I had asked more questions and looked for sites like this before I went for a HT. I'll email you some USA sites that I've found useful. The British Doc I used in London was a founder member and past President of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, a Member of both the US based International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons and a registered member of the Institute of Trichologists and The Trichological Society. In 2002 he became the first surgeon in the UK to be examined by and appointed a certified member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery - the only recognised examining body in this field of expertise.....so if the USA are the showcase, he seems well respected in this field by current leaders. My HT experience so far has been good, well the surgery, since it's very early days for me (only 10 days) so i'm not in a position to help you a great deal regards my results yet. I used to live in the USA (Utah) and not all my medical experience was the greatest there I have to say.....one of my best mates is a Doctor in the USA, while he is a little frustrated with the British Medical System, he often says our research is superior and USA Medical Firms often rely in British findings etc....we just seem to get dealt with inferior meds here....or so he says (and he's American) You shoud gather as much info as possible, write down as many questions as possible and take them with you. Specs and the guys here will assist you when you have compiled your questions. However, I do think you need to be comfortable with your choice, and I'm not in a position to say who is better than anyone else. Just don't rush into it...and gets a few opinions then make your own Cheers Kris
  4. Could someone answer this please?......I was told that some hairs do come away when some scabs start to come off after the first week. I am on my 8th day after a HT, and I gently rubbed off some of the lose scabs after washing my hair (8 - 10 scabs) A couple of the scabs looked big to me and had a hair attached, so I stopped clearing that grafted area. Is it possible that these still contained the follicles that were SUPPOSED to grow in a few months?..........That would kinda suck! Can the follicle still come out after a week??, I've read some posts etc, that mention picking scabs after this time frame is ok ALSO! Anyone use rogiane to assist the growing period? does this really help and any drawbacks to doing this? Cheers Kris
  5. Norman B Damo grafts are looking good huh... well in replying to his post you asked about costs, and i'm sure this varies a lot. Seems like Specs and other guys might give you a better Idea, but for 1050 grafts (Total approx 2200 hairs) my cost was £2700 I don't know if thats average???? I dont use any meds etc to add to my costs.... just not comfortable with that, but obvioulsy ongoing meds will have added costs too. Hope that helps Kris
  6. Hi All what after-care did any of you do immediately after your grafts were put in? Other than carefully washing the surrounding hair daily, (with a shampoo given to me at the hair clinic) ....did you do anything else? I'll have to read my notes again, but I think I can't wash the grafted area for 2 weeks.....but I have to wask my surrrounding hair daily 3 days after the Op. Did you guys shower or submerge head in the bath (My notes say I can do either) Did you style your hair at all or is it best to ride it rough and messy for a few weeks? Cheers - Kris kris.2fer@ntlworld.com I'd be really interested in hearing your stories and tips etc and excahnging pics of various stages of growth (growth said with optimism) (Had 1050 grafts all at front - using strip method)
  7. Hey Tommy & Damo Thanks for the reply. I had the "strip" method, actually I had not come across the FUE method and know nothing about it...., and although it has only been almost 2 days, I have not felt much discomfort from the strip taken at the back of my head. I've only taken painkillers on Friday night, - I'll read up on the FUE method though out of interest. I'm just not comfortable at the thought of taking meds for years, which is why I went straight to the Op. I guess my hairloss hasnt been too drastic...it's been a very slow loss, from about 24 years old, to now (i'm 36). I'd be happy to send pics - although I guess i'm paranoid at posting pics on the site...don't ask me why. Admittedly I'm nervous about the results and hope i'm happy after the 6 month wait. But I'm pleased so far by the surgeon, and the fact that I've ONLY just realsied, that he is registered with the ISHRS??.... although I had read alot of his stuff before I chose that clinic Thx Kris
  8. Wished I had found this forum before, Could have asked a few questions. Anyway, this week I had 1050 grafts at the front of my hairline, completed at the Wimpole Clinic in London (This is where you guys say don't go there right?...hope not) It all seemed to go really well. I am happy to post pictures if that is the done thing, I noticed no one has posted pics on their profiles though. I am 36, never tried any topical lotions or drugs to slow hairloss, which is at the frontal hairline and temples. Dr May said I probably will not need any further grafts, and should be happy with the one session, but obviously will have to wait the 6 months. Should be able to wash my hair on monday (but not the grafted area) I look pretty horrific I have to say (hair all matted and up on end) still who cares about that....small price to pay I am taking vitamins for hair, purchased at a local pharmacy, with Biotin & Zinc...will that help at all?? is there any natural stuff you guys advise to take? Cheers for now Kris
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