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    BHUK just looked at your link .. for a minute i was back in the andrews hotel . I was in the exact same room as you i think lol .. even my girlfriend said the same Also your pictures of NY are better than mine so im gonna steal a couple for my album
  2. Thx BHUK for the advice , i will do that ... was told to soak in hot water but wasnt given a time lenght to do it , saves be bothering spex again ... lol . cheers mate
  3. patchyp


    Hey fox , ive just got back from surgery on monday ., I was given information via an e-mail from Dr feller recommending about 4-5 hotels in the Great neck area. Most of the guys stay in the Andrew hotel, including myself.. Its in the town center of Great neck , about 5 minuits away from Dr Fellers office ($10 taxi fare) .Its nice and clean and the staff are great , plus its very close to shops and the train station is nearly outside the door.. $15 return to get you into NY center (takes 20 min) Also the Andrew hotel offers medical discount , worked out at $200 per night with taxes and cost $45 to get to the hotel from JFK airport in a yellow cab... hope this helps
  4. Thx for the replies , BHUK your hair looks amazing mate , good for you .. Bet your over the moon .. i know i would be . Hey bigmac , nice to hear from you again ... ill take some pictures of the donor area on sunday ... i have a mate comming to remove the stables , dr Feller give me a tool to let him loose with . I also lost your number as i had a mobile phone that had software problems, i cant seem to send messages on this site either ... heres my e-mail patchyp88@hotmail.com
  5. welcome fox , your in great hands with mr F
  6. hey bullit , tried to PM you on here with my msn address , but it wont let me . its patchyp88@hotmail.com if you fancy a bit crack .. also anyone know why PB's site is down ???
  7. hey bullitnut , great post mate , lots of info there about your experience .. great to see you were looked after and got back to the UK safe and sound . I got back from the US on monday myself .. so now we can just sit back and heal ... cant wait to get these staples out on sunday ... my heads driving me crazy
  8. Good luck mate , hope everything goes smooth for you
  9. Thanks spex also for your help with this , has meant alot to be able to ring for advice .. i owe you a beer on the next meet
  10. hi lucky escape , i too had a bad HT done at the norton ., its good you found this site in time , wouldnt it be great if there was the option to get a HT done very close to home with no hastle ... well i fell for it and wasted 3k lol.... you'll get lots of good advice on this site, What work did your partner have done at the norton , grafts , strip FUE ect ?
  11. Hey people , just returned from my HT repair with Dr feller.. As some of you know i had some work done at the norton clinic 3 years ago , i was supposed to have recieved 500 grafts into my temple areas by FUE .The hairline was put in way too low and thin with 2s and 3s size hairs which when grown looked way to thick in size and very gappy as Dr feller thinks i maybe got 300 at most.. Ive had around 1800 - 2000 ish single grafts placed into my frontal hairline and also had my widow peaks rebuilt , so itll take me back to my hairline when i was 20 .. I was lucky that i have fairly thick hair still and my donor hair is plentyfull , and the fact im now 34 was the reason Dr feller allowed me to have the extreme hairline as he had said he might have been worried about the grafts being used with the chance of further receeding.. in my case i was lucky. I am really happy with the work Dr feller and the girls have done for me, and now i just have to sit back and wait for my grafts to sprout.. I actually did alot of research after my 1st HT .. there were 3 clinic's i was in contact with to find out if i could have the work done in the UK , but 500 more grafts was all i was recommended and i dont think it would have been enough to make a difference , I can still see areas where the punch was used on my old grafts , but Dr fellers new grafts have no scaring as he used small slits instead of the hammer and chistle used on my 1st HT , even now only 3 days after my opp my scalp looks smooth and even. He also removed the scar tissue left behind by my 1st HT when he removed the strip so that was a bonus . The travel to NY for a HT was a walk in the park also . i was a bit concerned about the return jorney back with having my scaring on show , but i didnt get asked once to take my cap off , and even if i had no one would have looked anyway so im pleased i decided to travel and get a genuine HT with the amount of grafts i paid for , as we all know how much of a mine field the industry is.. I will keep taking pictures and keep you lot updated
  12. Hey adam , hope all went well with dr feller , i had surgery a day before you . Dr feller asked me if i fancied going back to see him on the day of your opp, but my hairline was low, so i was unable to wear a cap to hide my HT so decided to wait it out in the hotel room , when did you fly out , and what hotel did you stay in ?
  13. Thanks for the support guys , Slaps GL with your november HT with dr feller i will look out for your results , and a clean chair would be great BadHairUk your results look amazing mate , you now can get on with your life and forget about your shitty noble implants,,,, dont forget the beer when we both get sorted
  14. hey people ... not sure if many of you lot will remember me as its been a good while since i posted on the hair transplant web site , I have today booked to have my hairline repaired by the great doctor feller in early january and cant wait ... i will post before and after pictures when the time comes... at 1st i was all set on fue , but then was told i was gonna need 1s in my hairline and maybe as much as 1600 to give the thickness i needed to blend in with my natural hair, so i went the strip way .... but i just want it sorted , and it will be im 100% on that ..... anyway ive seen your great results also by the pictures that have been posted . everyone is looking hairy ... and no pubes in sight... Also id like to thank spex , for his time and help including all his info when i had my origional bad HT .... laters
  15. good luck with the groath mate ... all the best
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