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  1. It was recommended on askmen.com http://www.retane.com/ Anyone tried it?
  2. Hi, I have heard about all the possible side effect of using Propecia, but what about 5% Rogaine. What are the possible side effects? I read from the label that it can only be apipled to temple balding, what about hairline receding? I think I have also read somewhere on this forum that Rogaine induced permanent hair lost. I really want to give rogaine a try, but meanwhile, I don't want to lost anymore hair. Should I try the 2% rogaine first? Thanks, Trace
  3. Hi, I am current experiencing receding hair line and hair thinning out on the top of my scalp (The latter is unnoticeable by others, so it could be my imagination.) Furthermore, I believe that my hair lost has became less drastic over the past few months. Only losing 10 - 20 pieces of hair during baths and 10 - 20 during sleep (from what I noticed) which for significantly reduced from before. I am contemplating whether just rogaine would be enough, if I were to begin with the treatments. Should I begin with the big 3's? Is it too early? I am quite anxious about the side-effects though. Cheers.
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