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  1. After much thought I'm heading back in the chair to hopefully finish my crown off after Dr Feller's original 1800 grafts back in 2008. This time I'm heading to Dr Hakan Doganay in Turkey for 1000 fue , of course after much research , research , research .....as you should. Will hopefully update on here.
  2. Hi guys , i know many of us have reservations abouyt using Fin but i just wanted to report after nearly 12 months of taking 1.25mg every other day I'm starting to see small growth . The growth is mainly just behind my hairline but without doubt it's thickened up , there is also a small amount in the crown . Fairly thick , stronger feeling but i won't say no!
  3. Hi guys , going to add this to my routine. My question is which one do i need and what % ..5 or the 2 ? Any tips , e.g once or twice a day ?
  4. Impressive , are there any plans to fill in the slightly thinner areas at the back ? , is the guy on meds?
  5. Great and familiar read Spence,fair play to you.Hopefully this is a sign of change of attitude towards H/Ts.
  6. Hey guys,im running low on my supply of the above and wondered if anybody has found any good deals or is Dr Ashcroft still the best around?
  7. Purely to keep any native hair left my friend.
  8. Crown work looks a little thin although 1,500 grafts isnt masses.......
  9. The frontal work looks decent but the crown guy looks a bit thin even if it was just a 1000 grafts.
  10. Hi to Spex,Pb and Co -its been a long while! Well i made it to over a full year on Proscar,ive stuck to 1mg every other day and to be honest its become part of my daily routine.Im still very active sexual wise and as i posted months ago i maybe have lost a little edge on that after my first ejaculation(could be age/could be Fin). Overall im pleased with the twelve month results and feel the meds have held what ive got in my crown,its not ideal to be on them but if thats what it takes and its not doing any harm long term to my body then i will carry on.I must report i had a huge shed last month and it didnt help ive grown my hair long but i appear to be over that again now. regards Spitfire
  11. Hey steve,sorry to hear about your problem,check my proscar blog in this topic area-all good!
  12. Hey all been a while ,time for a update. Still on Proscar every other day,no ball ache ! in fact i dont get any sides now but i will say i still dont wake up with a morning glory however it doesnt take long to stand to attention as it were. Now for the good bit,three times in the last three weeks people have commented on my hair looking thicker both at the back and at the front-now im not so sure on the back but definatly at the front my hairline and above that has thickened,not massivley like a carpet but it has thickened for sure.Im not a salesman for Proscar or anything just passing on my own journey with it. regards spitfire
  13. spitfire

    What's Up?

    Hi PB,i asked Spex that months ago.He said finance hasnt hit the industry.I guess people just use other sites now.
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