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  1. Hi I've been using Xandrox15 for 4 1/2 months - I have found it less irritating than Regaine XS - you need to use this once a day and a 5% solution for the other application. Allegedly it is less irritating as it is made up with glycerin rather than prpylene glycol. However it does leave a much more sticky residue. There certainly appears to be some temporal growth albeit very fine.
  2. I don't know how effective Nizoril is - I only started using it from advice on this website - however it has made my scalp feel better - I'm currently using Minoxodil (since Nov 04) originillaly Regaine - now Regaine once a day + Xandrox once a day - + Propecia (since Feb 05). My scalp was very itchy - this has abated sice using Xandrox and Nizarol - Xndrox made it very greasy, Nizarol seems to "cleanse" it and remove the greasyness without mking it so dry. David
  3. Minoxodil Greasiness - does anyone know what the base is for Kirkland Minoxodil? I have only ever used Regaine and very recently Xandrox15. Regaine makes my scalp dry and itchy, Xandrox15 is not itchy but is greasy. It appears that the main difference between Regaine and Xandrox15 (apart from Xandrox being 3 times stronger - it is 15% Minoxodil) is that the base of Xandrox is made up of glycerin and alcohol rather than propylene glycol and alcohol as in Regaine. I use Xandrox in the evening and Regaine Extra Strength in the morning. Within a few days the itching that I had from using Regaine twice a day has almost stopped. Perhaps Kirkland use glycerin rather than propylene glycol - does anyone know? I am interested as Kirkland looks v cheap. David
  4. Re Minoxidil itching - have you tried xandrox? - this is a Minoxodil solution available upto 15% strength - I have just started using Xandrox15 - main difference from Regaine (apart from being 3 times stronger) is that the base is made up of glycerin and alcohol rather than propylene glycol and alcohol. I use this in the evening and a 5% minoxodil (Regaine Extra Strength) in the morning. Within a few days the itching has almost stopped. Details from www.xandrox.com which is an american based co. called Regrow LLC - also has had some good writes ups on the www.morhollica.com site
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