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  1. hi john, let me answer your questions. 1. You didn;t "just mention" - see your posts below. You have consistently and repetitively promoted a product which in my experience is a fake (check the sandpapered packaging) and is terrible to use - long itchy fibres. You have also accused several posters from all over the world and the webmaster himself as being spokespeople for nanogen. 2. Actually No, I am NOT happy if people get something for free because it hurts the genuine companies out there who do the research to get us these products. do you not have a job? do you want to get paid £10 per day because that is the wage in china where they specialise in producing cheap low grade, untested, sometimes unsafe products. you can enjoy the living standards that go with a couterfeit/generic economy. Nanogen and Toppik are bound to be coming out with new products but will not invest in excellence if people like you are prepared to support those and promote those who just produce poor imitations. further when loyal customers say how much they like the products, you just come on and accuse them of being spokepeople. how can the good products survive in a marketplace where your tactics are left unchecked. I have nothing against competition but i feel duty bound as a customer of a product that has changed my life to big them up. it is not fair for them to be undermined by someone who just trawls the board and posts freebie adverts. 3. To give context, i work in the software media business and two of my colleague recently (August) got made redundant as the company is losing sales (we make online video streaming codecs) because of the huge amount of non-genuine dvds that are sold in every car park in Britain. Some people i guess have a problem with people parkng in disabled bays, others with people dropping litter in the streets. my bug bear is the disrespect that some people in this country have for the hard work of intellectual property owners. what they do not realise is Britain is a service economy that relies on respect for intellectual property. Why do you think all the best software comes from the USA (eBay, Microsoft, Apple, Google, YouTube, Myspace) because they invest in intellectual property. Yes i do realise Youtube is the biggest rip off of IP anywhere in the planet!! but you know what i mean - as the software platform is brilliant - they cannot help the users posting copyright materials. 4. If nanogen wanted to shill post (you know perfectly well what that means) the board would be full of messages. It is outrageous to accuse anyone who says nanogen is good that they are a spokesperson. What are people like me meant to do? 5. Nanogen costs me £15 as i buy multipack at a time. If i went to autoship i would get free locking mist too. HERE ARE SOME OF YOUR RECENT POSTS: Try the Instant Hair that I have mentioned loads of times. Nanogen is incredibly expensive and is virutally the same thing. Ask for a free sample. A few people put posts about it earlier so you can check it out for yourself. Would be interesting to know how you get on with it. Does wonders for me and hardly costs anything! No locking mist! John. Can you explain why if you don't work for nanogen you seem to be their spokesperson? You are extolling its virtues practically non-stop .If anyone mentions nanogen you reply immediately. Someone said that the spray smelled and you said 'Oh no, I think it smells like coconut, it is lovely.' Are you just a regular customer? Let others read your posts and decide if they are balanced and from a genuine customer. What kind of discussion board is this? I noticed that when anyone suggests a product they use that isn't nanogen or Toppik it gets thrown off! All take notice my message will be thrown off soon! (this post is repeated 3 times that i have seen at least) Mate use that Instant Hair stuff I mentioned ages ago. Is EXACTLY the same as nanogen and Toppik but only costs 9 pounds and you get more, go to eBay and get a free sample. Try this link everyone if you want to save a fortune, or type in 'hair thickener' on eBay. Also, ask him for a completely free sample before you buy it. Look at his feedback if you have any doubts! I am gonna use this forever, hopefully the price will stay at six quid. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/IH-hair-thickener-10...1QQcmdZViewItem Ask for the free sample of the IH thickener. I have mentioned it to some others and they seem happy with it. Am so glad I got to use this stuff. It is basically a generic, no frills version of nanogen and toppik but at fraction of the cost. Good luck whatever you end up with but best to try a few. For some nanogen is a fantastic match, for others toppik is great and the prices vary from site to site as well. John O. I would suggest that you work for Nanogen. You are always talking about them and how amazing they are!When someone said that the spray smelt you said ' I think it is lovely, it smells like coconut!'Other users, check out how many posts this guy has put for nanogen. Is that normal behaviour? Sounds exactly like a spokesperson! (this to an australian user) Maybe i someone should send this thread to Nanogen and see what they say but i were them i would not even make an offer/promotion on the forum because someone will accuse them of paying for comments or something.
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