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  1. Hi I am 31 and I have a relatively good head of heair but I am looking to get my hairline filled out and redefined. Would the Farjo clinic be a good option? Many Thanks N
  2. Hi I have ordered Dutasteride from an online company from India,its actually called Veltride,is this safe?Is it the same as Avodart just under a different name? Thanks neil
  3. Has anyone been to him?I have just looked at his site and I must admit Im quite impressed. http://www.foundhair.com/
  4. A lot of the time when its this minor... age is a big consideration for the docs..(I mean the responsible docs in the USA / CANADA ) how old are you now if u dont mind me asking? Also the pattern of hair loss in your family (Father) Hi Im 27,so its just the front area where its gone since I was 18. Their is male pattern hair loss in my family but when my dad was the same age he had lost loads. I think both myself and my brother turn after my moms side who just lost it at the front and on the crown when they were older. I just cant bare to lose anymore and would like somthing done before other people start to notice. Thanks
  5. Hi I have quite a lot of coverage but I have been receeding since I was 18 and have noticed further loss over the last few months. I have been on propecia for 3 years and is working very well on my crown.How much work do you think I would need? Could Dr Rogers help me or do you think Dr feller would be the best man? Thanks
  6. Hi Has anyone had a HT done by Dr Rogers,any pics? I am only looking to have my hair line done as my hair loss is minimal and under control as I use Propecia. Thanks Neil
  7. Well I would like to wait and see what Dr Rogers and Dr Feller say when I visit them both but I am willing to take just 2 weeks off. I have been on propecia for the past 4 years and am just looking to get my temples done to be honest,as I said before I have quite good coverage to hide it,just done want to wait until my hair loss become noticiable. Neil
  8. Hi I am really interested in having a HT by Dr Feller but the only thing stopping me is how long I would need to be away from work. I do not want anyone knowing about my HT and im lucky enough to have enough coverage of hair for it not to be visible. Would somone give me some advice on how long you have to rest for? Two weeks is all I can have off from work in one go. Thanks Neil
  9. Hi Every one To be honest im just going on the temples,have been for about 5 years. I have been on proscar for about 3 years which is working well. I just want my hair line filled in. Thanks
  10. Hi I am thinking of seeing Dr Rogers for consultation,has anyone been to see him or had a HT done by him? I was impressed by the video thats on his web site. Neil
  11. I have just read this article:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/low/health/5413382.stm#quote sounds very promising Neil
  12. Hi Can anyone tell me when this treatment will be available,if ever? Thanks Neil
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