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  1. Cheers Spex. Alright Tim. It's really not that bad, builds up your confidence. I wouldn't mind doing it again, prob will for HT journey no. 2 (darn hair greed ) Start work on the 21st July, so time will fly by. I had the interview, sooner than expected and the HR manager that was interviewing me looked at my head in a weird way. I will have to make an excuse for the scar. I stayed for 5 days. Would have come sooner but paying £998, just to come back on the Saturday was too steep.
  2. Alright guys Back from my HT journey, in New York. It was quite a surreal experience, as it is the first time I have travelled alone and saved money like crazy so it was possible. I am hoping this write-up will be of benefit for those who dislike travelling. Booking Preparations Booked the flights via Virgin, just called their reservations line and had eveything booked within 5 minutes. Visas shouldn't be a problem as long as you have a machine readable british passport. To find out if it is machine readable, underneath your photo there should be 2 lines at the bottom of the page, which look something like this: <<<<<<your name here>>>>>>>>. <<<<<some random numbers>>>>>>>>> Accomadation Accomadation wise, there was a mix up in communications with the Andrew hotel, so I opted for the Royal Inn Motel (in Manhasset) instead. It is a measly 7-10 minute taxi ride to Dr Feller's Office. It worked out OK as the rooms were $125 a night, which were cleaned daily and had a/c. There is a really good Chinese/Japanese restaurant next door to it, called Pearl East. There was a little problem on the day of the surgery. Knowing my luck, I thought I'd get up extra early (about 6:50) and ring the taxi to get to Dr Feller's office. Around 7:10, there was no taxi in sight. I rung the taxi firm again and they said I hadn't ordered a taxi (talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy). Slightly annoyed I ordered another one and made sure they had my details. I got to the offices in a real nervous state, as soon as I saw Dr Feller I knew everything was OK and I had made it on time. He has a really cool and calm demeanour. The Procedure In the procedure I was predicted around 3500 grafts but recieved 3600 in the end which was really cool. I don't want to sound like a drama queen but the injections are probably the most painful part of the experience. You won't exactly be howling like a banshee, but probably let off a sigh (it really is not that bad, looking back on it). After the first three, the area becomes numb so you feel less pain. Then you spend the day having the strip taken out and having grafts put in. The technicians were highly skilled and I spent the day just chatting to them and watching the Portugal Vs. Germany euro game. We were finished about five and took the taxi back to the inn. I took the painkillers (Vicodin) every three hours. They do kill pain and make you feel real drowsy so I just slept for the rest of the day. Tips As soon as you leave JFK, get a licensed cab to your accomodation. The cost should be about $48-58. I had a Greek guy with the dodgiest tash pretty much taking my bags out of my hands and charging me $76. Stand your ground and DEMAND the price beforehand. You may want to load up fruits to get the healing process kick started. There is a supermarket called King Kullen. Walk up the road from the Inn and cross the road after the first traffic light. Continue walking past the second traffic lights, and on your right there will be a shopping complex, with come arts and crafts shop, Staples and King Kullen. When coming back to the UK, you will have to walk through the security scanners at JFK airport. If you have a hat/cap on you may want to bandage your head, just to hide the scars/scabbed forehead. I managed to walk through with my cap on and the security personnel said nothing. You may be asked to remove your hat. You may decide to do a bit of travelling/shopping downtown Manhattan to kill some time. Get a map for the underground, when in NY. Don't think "Well if I can navigte through London Underground, NY will be a doddle" (which was my thinking). Not only is it colour coded but it is numbered as well, which is confusing. I followed a Fillipino midget as I overheard from a conversation that he was going where I was heading. Unfortunately he got caught after he ran under the swinging gates without swiping his card second time round, which screwed up my plans. That is pretty much all I can think of. Any first time travellers please do not hesitate to message if you need any info. I am so glad a forum like this exists as I was about to go to Norton for a HT. A special thank you to Spex, PB and Tim UK for answering my newbie questions. Below are photos of the staples and my hair just over 2 weeks (19 days to be exact, I'm not counting ).
  3. Quiff

    Tim Uk

    Looking good so far mate. The waiting game sucks
  4. This is quite impressive. What characteristics would the hair take once it is implanted in the head? Would it change to resemble the rest of the hair on the scalp, or remain exactly as it would on the body. Seeing as body hair is shorter, and more curly if it is taken from the upper pubic region.
  5. Alright Spex, everything is ok. I managed to book five days in the Royal Inn Motel. Hey Tim, I contacted the Assistant manager at the Inn at Great Neck. Their prices are what you see on the site. They don't do any medical rates for Dr Feller patients but may be able to get some discounts if you give them the dates you are intending to stay, probably for off season stay. The Andrew hotel did have bookings for the dates I am staying in NY. If anybody wants to stay there, it is best contacting the managers instead of the reservations number. I think this may be useful info in the ht pack Spex
  6. Cheers for the reply guys. I called the hotel first Tim, but have now e-mailed the manager. If I don't hear anything, I will call them instead. When I did call first time round, I gotta admit the person who I spoke to did sound a little clueless, and used bizarre terms (like lawyer speak). I did see the Great Inn site but it is a little too pricey for my budget. Cheers for the reviews S.a.f. and beachboy. I can live with something basic, and I don't mind the travelling as well to get to the good parts of Great Neck to do a little exploring. Glad to hear it's not a crack den
  7. Alright guys Just wondering whether you knew any good hotels/motels near Dr Feller. I will be in Ny from 15-22 June, but the Andrew haven't got any spaces on the 21st. I got 2 options: 1) Have HT done on 19th, and stay the day after, before looking elsewhere. 2) Book someplace else, as I won't have to worry about being temporarily homeless. I had Royal Inn Motel in mind. As I don't mind travelling to the local amenities, and I heard it was quite easy to get a booking there. However I read one review on the net where some guy said a prostitute helped his mum with the luggage and he overheard a secret drug deal taking place. Any other members have any feedback on the Royal Inn Motel or any other place nearby. Cheers
  8. Alright BadHairUK, I know two other people who have shunned this plastic craze. It is a bad habit. You know, one day you're fine and dandy using credit cards, then before you know it...you got a store card Hi TimUK, glad you made it safely back. What was airport security like? Did they ask you to remove your head gear when passing through the scanners? It is a bit of a catch 22. If I keep it long (inch max) I will be able to hide the donor. I will have to risk looking like an idiot for the next 7 weeks, mind you I still look silly with my hair trimmed. I have fine hair as well. My HT is on June 19th. Fly out on the 17th, come back on 22nd. Quiff Ps. Nice one Tim, your silly mishap has made me too paranoid to go near any kind of trimming machine for the next 7 weeks
  9. Hello there guys. It’s quiff again, I’ve managed to book my flights with Virgin, quite an easy process. Just have two questions. How did you guys pay for the stay at the Andrew Hotel. Did you use credit card/wire transfer/cash. I don’t have a credit card so I was thinking of paying cash, or transferring money in advance if it is possible. How long must you leave your hair when you go in for your HT? I think I read it in a post a while back, but can’t find the info again. You back in the UK yet TimUK? Hairymuff have you started any of your preparations yet? Qui
  10. Quiff


    Looks really amazing, in such a short time . Nice one BH.
  11. Cheers for the reply guys. Coming back on a Saturday must be really expensive. I plan to come back on a Sunday and the return price is £373, if I would've come back on a Saturday with Virgin the ticket costs £980 which is shocking. I am just worried about the swelling whilst travelling back. Don't want to go through security resembling something from the Elephant Man. It is going to be a mega-session 3500+. I'll be OK home, I'll just hide away for a couple of days. Hairymuff, you booked your tickets yet? Don't worry Bigmac, I'll keep you guys updated with the whole thing. Cheers for the fact Hairroot. I will look into what you can do to minimise swelling that is caused by saline.
  12. Hi Guys I have finally got a definite date now, which is Thursday 19th June to see the great Dr Feller. I got recommendation from Spex, to use Virgin and their rates for June seem reasonable. I plan to depart on Tues so it gives me a day to get used to the surroundings, possibly find the Feller Medical building from the Andrew. I was thinking of coming back on a Sunday, so giving me 2 days to rest. I read in the HT info pack (by Spex, who else ) that it is recommended that you come the next day post op as there isn't too much swelling. Knowing me I'll probably be wasted from all the painkillers and will probably need extra rest, but I may have to come back with swelling. Just wondering how much swelling did you guys notice and after how many days post op did it swell the most. Cheers Quiff
  13. Alright Hairroot That is exactly my thinking. If you can spend the same amount (most likely less) and get the best results possible you might as well go to the US. I can't believe I was almost close to getting a consultation with Norton Clinic but read the info about "their hts" on this forum, before I went ahead. Gotta admit the travel to NY scares the hell outta me the most, as I haven't travelled that far alone before. At the end of the day doing something that scares you will only make you stronger.
  14. Hello there great hearing from you all. Cheers Maneman, I am hoping that my virgin doner area is in top shape. I need to check out some scalp laxity excercises. Beardyweirdy, at last someone who knows what it is like to be in the dilema. It is an annoying position to be in . Have you tried going for the goatee look, that may help. A roman nose just ruins any look that you can go for. I'll email you the pics Spex. Just let me know what angles you want, Top/side/front and in what lighting. Cheers guys Quiff ps. PB_ I really miss my rock 'n' roll quiff. Hopefully one day I can have it again, with help of Feller .
  15. Hello there guys I am really impressed that there is a forum like this. I have been wondering around aimlessly for years, trying to find a UK community. Spex is the one that pointed me this way (cheers Spex). My hairloss journey started at the age of 18 at school. I noticed a lot of my hair falling out whilst washing it and got worried. I made an appointment with the doctor, and found out the hair loss is heredrity as my dad is bald. Great, that was the end of that. The hair loss was still in the back of my mind. Come 2004 at college I read a lot about ht, and was up for having it done but didn't know any reliable clinics in the UK, or people that had it done. I'm glad I didn't have the procedure after reading some of the horror stories of some unfortunate people (luckily they have seen the light abroad). It is 2007, and I saw some college photos from 2004 and can't believe how much the hair loss has accelerated. I really don't mind shaving it all off, but because of my peculiar features I would resemble something far worse than a convict...a clown. I have a big roman nose and pointy ears, so you can understand where I am coming from. After ignoring the problem for too long, I am seriously looking to go down the ht route. I am 25 and am not getting any youger. I will have enough saved by January 08 and have Dr Feller in mind. I have been impressed with the success stories. I would like to provide you with pics but this is the first forum I have joined so am unfamiliar with picture uploading. If someone cound give me a general pointer, hopefully I will pick it up in no time. Quiff
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