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  1. Looking good PB! I still can't get over how awesome you look. Barely over 1 month out and your hea looks untouched!!!! I was so red for MONTHS. You crazy healing man! Keep up the good growth, BiB
  2. Looking good zipit! Only at 9 months, still improvements to come!
  3. Hey zipit! I see a great improvement! You went from only having a few stragglers on top to having a head covered with hair. At 9 months you will still see some new growth. But more importantly, you will see the hair mature!! This was a huge difference for me. Instead of some of the transplanted hairs being finer and thin, they thicken up which makes the hair look much thicker all together!!! Good growing! BiB
  4. It's important to remember also that only certain individuals even at all qualify to have such a large session. It is not simply taking a larger strip, but it requires a person with an very good donor. They will have good laxity and good density in the donor area. Other factors also come into play like costs. The financial difference between a 3000 graft procedure and 7000 graft procedure is HUGE.....its not as financially feasible to many. (or perhaps worth it to some) Also some people avoid grafts in the crown right away. The crown area often gets called a "black hole" because many people have suffered poor yield in that area. Therefore many people would rather put the hair up front first and if there is left over grafts and they are pleased with the frontal third, then they might go into the crown.
  5. Looking great PB!! To be honest, those have to be the best 12 day pics I've ever seen. You are healing so fast its crazy. And your hairstyle really hides the area well. You are a lucky man. Good Growin! BiB
  6. PB - You look AMAZING!!! Seriously, I think your hairline is going to be amazing. It is a great shape and appears to be pretty damn dense. As for the scar, you're only 6 days post op and you already can't see it. I can't wait to watch your progress. I think you are going to have some of the better results I've seen. Good growth! BiB
  7. It is kind of odd that there is almost 0 growth at 6 months. I am pulling for you and hope to see it start popping up!!
  8. PB - Looks great!!! I am very impressed with that scar. I think its going to look amazing and now hopefully you get the great benefits of tricho!! I am very excited for you and to watch your progress!! The pics just look great though! Very clean and you seem to be healing very fast!!! Also, like I said before, I felt like after my 2nd procedure the transplanted hairs from procedure 1 grew back much faster. So you will be back to normal in no time I'm sure.
  9. PB - LOL. I actually got a bit sunburned on my face too!! I am hoping to keep the sun on my face and forehead now and eventually develop a tan. I think if I do that it will make the transplant even more natural looking because there will be less contrast from hair to skin. Shaft - These pics were taken probably a week and a half after the one's I took. The difference is the lighting and the distance of the pics. My pics were taken from about 6 inches from my head under super bright light. Dr. Feller took his under his studio lighting, which was bright, but not 6 inches away. He also stood a little bit back while taking the pictures so you can see how the hair frames my head. I think this is what allows you guys to see that the hairstyle is really fitting of my face, unlike in my pics which make the style look unflattering. When I met with PB he felt that my ACTUAL results to a 3rd person appear closer to the Feller pictures than they do mine. So what you see in these pics is closer to what you would see in person. Which is a good thing!!
  10. Glad to hear you made it out ok PB!!! I really like that new hairline design. I think it's really gonna help frame your face much better. Can't wait to see more pics and keep an eye on your progress!!! Best of luck and enjoy your travels! BiB
  11. Thanks Spex. Saved me the time of typing all that again!! I did meet with PB.....I am sure he will be able to tell everyone what he thought when he isn't as busy being swollen and bloody!!
  12. Thanks a lot guys!! I also hope that these pics help show that the hair style I've been sporting isn't too bad!! I remember everyone kept telling me they didn't like it, or it wasn't flattering, or whatever.....LOL, but I kept saying if you see it in person you'll like it. I think these pictures give you a chance to see what it looks like when you are not 3" away from it. Instead the normal distance someone would be.
  13. PB - LOL. That's cause you can't see the rest of my ugly mug!! LOL
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