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  1. about 3 months for me, but didnt stop wearing a hat until about 6.5 months
  2. looks good. looks like you have healed extremely quickly and shaved hair is growing back really fast
  3. try dr lees xandrox 5% or his standard minoxidil. It dries really quickly(in a few mins). You get a spray nozzle with it to so you dont have to touch the grafts to rub it in. i only use it once a day in the morning. I've tried the rogaine foam(this doesn't dry that well and tends to clump the hair together) and also other regaine minoxidil(never seems to dry properly). hope this helps
  4. looks great. Beachboy has very thick looking hair
  5. looks really good. Must be a relief to have great hair now
  6. how do you know if you are a good candidate for fue? For example my hair is very straight would this be the easiest type to extract? cheers
  7. looks good. Looks like Orion had a lot of growth in months 7 - 12
  8. yeah i was worried too but the surgery is over in a day and the doc will give you a pill to calm your nerves. Then you will be playing the waiting game like me
  9. Looks good Dazza Uk. Looks like your hair is growing in now
  10. dazzler


    i take 3000mg per day split through the day. Did try taking more for a while but started to feel a bit weird so cut back
  11. looks good. The scar is really well hidden too
  12. not sure about using a razor but maybe you could use blade 0 of the clippers. Have a look at the pics in this blog about someone who used blade 1 which seemed to hide it pretty well http://quest4hair.blogspot.com/
  13. hello avidmerrion, i've got an office job too and had about 2000 grafts in the front and lowered my hairline a bit. I had 3 weeks off but then ended up taking an extra week off sick in the hope i could pull off a combover to conceal the work. It worked ok with a little bit of toppik in the front(to stop bright lights shining through). I just wear a hat outside to stop the wind blowing my hair about. This seems to work ok maybe you could do something similar if your hair is long enough. My strip scar is still a bit red and the recipient area has not much going on at the moment. This at about 2 months 3 weeks. Hope it goes well whatever you decide.
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