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  1. hey hair(fan)tastic..... love the new look......its been wot 18 weeks now .....and your hair is looking great. i`m sitting on 17 weeks myself and isn`t it great .....personally i`ve still got a grade 2 all over and will keep it until the new year when it all goes quiet on the social front,this will give me a few months for a proper transition..... can`t wait ,and i`ll be updating my pic`s shortly.... be looking forward to seeing more pic`s from you as progress thickens but in the meantime well done, ARC
  2. good luck mate and well done.... travel well and i`m sure you know wot too expect post surgury .... we salute you!!!!! ARC
  3. hi guy`s... this is VERY impressive.....the guy must be delighted with he`s progress as he`s density as mentioned on a previous post is excellent considering the scale of area.... thumbs up to doc `b` again... ARC
  4. WOW...i`ve been following these russian bit`s for months.... my conclusion is its all good....check out the japenese,thailand,chinese.goergian,phillipians and others,,,,,,,,just type in the country/then brides...............i`m sad....i know!!!but i believe i`m with like minded people............arn`t i ? ARC
  5. WELL DONE BORO...... your gonna have a great result by the looks of it....i`m glad it all went well for you(apart from the bus incident)....i can only imagine how much that must have p***ed you off!!! good pic`s and look forward to many updates... ARC
  6. hi guy`s.... been reading all these post... i`ve had transplants on my front half hairline and am currently on week 15...i`m now sprouting hair and it`s great. however i`m still very thin on the crown and will have a further session next year to address this... at the moment i have a grade 2 haircut all over whilst the grafts mature and the plan is to allow my new hair to grow after the new year....now in the meantime i`m using nanogen concealer for the crown. i only use this when i go out socialising as i wear a hardhat all day at work,nanogen is a non-harming fibre that once applicated will use the body`s static charge to `stand on end`. i then use a non-perfumed hairspray to lock it in( this is similar to the locking spray).. as i point i use a mixture of light & medium brown nanogen for a more natural appearence. as another point my sister apply`s mine and does so very well to give the effect of a thinning crown - not a bald one... i have an opinion on most things and this seems like a harmless cosmetic and does exactly what it say`s on the tin....however it is a stop gap for anyone who hasn`t done anything about their hair,my suggestion is get it sorted permanantly as i`ve done....you won`t look back.!!! good luck people & i hope i`ve helped ARC
  7. hey beeb... well done and good luck.... try and behave yourself in the apple,,,,, ARC
  8. The question should be who is the Top HT Doctor for you GasMan ? i agree johny... its been said before that you have too carry and show the results for life so its not negotiable for less than the best possible workmanship.... i`m pro bisanga myself and am currently on week 15, your research for two years must be conclusive that your the one to ask who`s the best(that`s a lot of time)... are you in uk or elsewhere? ARC
  9. ARC

    Dr Rogers

    hi claw.. i can`t really comment on doc rogers work as i had mine done by doc Bisanga....i suggest to read through some of the postings to get a clearer idea of `a`list doc`s... the guy`s here give top/honest advice and will help ,so stand by pic`s would help if poss/good luck ARC
  10. cs my man.... well done so far on the healing front,sounds like you`ve got it all under control....one month in and now your on your way-well past the easy part...hard part is the waiting......and it`s gonna be worth it+very brave going sraight to the 1 grade....i went to a 2 which i felt was short enough(try it) look forward to the pics mate.... p.s. did you see ( the secret policemans ball)on tv last night....barry`from eastenders was on it as a bouncer.....i`m convinced he`s had some work done and it didn`t look great!!! good luck ARC
  11. ARC

    Pictures Fue

    great work..great results....its got me all excited now i`m entering the golden period... ARC
  12. nice work....a vast difference-and he must be delighted.... ARC
  13. an education...good work guy`s...i was wondering what the hell was going on...... still its a good opportunity to say a big thankyou to big brother ARC
  14. well done zip it,,,,, how are you feeling now you`ve had a good rest? i`m sure you`ve been looked after and welcome home.....just sit back and relax now and look forward to what you deserve....HAIR BABY!!! + that must have been one hell of a phone call!!!!!!!!!!! please keep me updated..thanx ARC
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