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  1. Hi Mark I had a quick read. Thanks for the link. No we don't sell fakes. We buy Fincar from the same supplier we always have. We can't buy directly from the manufacturer (Cipla, Dr Reddy's) as they refuse to deal with us "small guys" and instead we must go through suppliers instead. The guy with the online name "Pondle" had the best advice (and did his research well he knew about us and about United Pharmacies). I had asked our pharmacist before regarding products working for some and not others and his reply was when people came into his pharmacy with prescriptions eg. for arthritis meds, some medications would work but some others wouldn't. This includes brand name medications and generics. A product may not work for you but does work for someone else. In general, if anyone had an issue with a product not working for them, Kerry our pharmacist, would give them a call, and find out exactly what was happening and deal with any problems, there and then. Just two points, if you are not satisfied with a product, we will refund once it is returned to us. However, we will only refund if it can be re-sold. This stops people scamming us for free products! After all we are a business and not a community pharmacy. Secondly, I have noticed an influx of UK people wanting reassurance from us for hairloss products - hand-holding can be time consuming. Some people are just not suited to ordering over the internet. This is a fact a lot a people do not like to be told. The most reassuring way is to get a prescription from your doctor and go to your local pharmacy - it will not be the best price however. These factors must be weighed before a decison is made. Finally, there will always be nay-sayers out there, no matter what we do. Our policies are written in the FAQ and we adhere to them. Regards Lana -------------------------------------------------- dear sir/madam i purchase fincar off of you evey 3 months for hairloss.but i have to say im getting extremely concerned with the stories ive been reading. can you please confirm the fincar you supply is genuine finasteride and not fake? i hope your buisness is genuine and every fincar tablet i buy in the future is real finasteride. i hate to be saying this but your company seems to have alot of scaremongering around the internet right now and im worried im not getting the right product. i have spent alot of money with you and i need reassuring about this problem,before i continue to spend with you. may i suggest if you are not selling fake hairloss tablets, to warn these people not to make false claims and scare your customers. here is the link. http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...52c36e1bd059d4b a0f&showtopic=2580 i hope to here from you soon
  2. hi youl be pleased to no ive reported the people who have accused inhouse of being fake,includin the dr,to inhouse pharmacy.you will soon realise you cant get off accusing companies of fake medications,when ive used them with full hair regrowth on fincar.i hope they sue the ass off of u all. have a nice day
  3. hi i have lost about 1 inch at my temples(i no its not much)and i decided to take fin 2 months ago. i use vosene shampoo which is ace stuff(it contain climbazole)a anti dht fungal. my hair looks great now and the front is thickening up brilliantly,and at age 36 i nearly have all my hair.i dont5 even have a v hairline yet. so im lucky i suppose,but i decided to get on fin so i can keep it that way. the thing is, i have started gettin spots on my face,and quite agressive and moody,i was pretty highly strung before i took it,(no one beats me attitude with agression)but im worse now.my body is growing muscle mass like mad,even though i work out and im 15 stone and 6 ft 4.i feel like ive got lightning in my veins. the last straw was wen i argued with my wife and hit the wall. whats going on? (by the way forget nizoral at 10 quid a bottle get vosene at 2 quid a bottle its just as good and i say better.)
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