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  1. Are you serious? - Haven't you seen Dr Rogers FUE work..... Yes I have, and a couple of his strip results too cough haggis cough! I feel I have done the young lad who started this thread big a favour, he is too young to have a HT IMO, and by the sounds his expectations would be nothing like yours, so stop ruining a good thread and get a grip with the fact Rogers is no way near the same quality as US, Canadian and European HT docs and he is far too dear, its not our fault you are commited to him now, and if you are so anti american just so you know there are good HT docs in Brussels or Canada, you should go there instead and get an extra 1000+ grafts thrown in for the same price as your next procedure with no reason to return due to poor results, you don't make any sense nor are you helping the newbies Maneman. Just don't forget the Pics I only refered to my surgery with Dr Rogers because you asked about it. In what way have i ruined the thread? And i remind you that the original questioner was not seeking HT surgery/surgeon advice, but simply asking about beginning propecia prior to surgery - A question that i answered in my first post. I can only assume from your response, that you have either grossly misinterpreted my comments (and had a sense of humour bypass), been at the bottle or perhaps my jest about the 'party line' was not so wide of the mark......
  2. Are you serious? - Haven't you seen Dr Rogers FUE work..... Ahh, Irony - Wasted on our American cousins i hear....
  3. I apologise to all members for not towing the party line, and daring to make a slightly disparaging remark... As a non US traveller, i feel deeply ashamed for causing what is clearly considerable distress to the party faithful..... God bless America!!
  4. As i say i will post the pics in this time round, so as everyone can make their own judgement on the results (including me). I really can't say fairer than that.... Best, Maneman
  5. Hi lucky, You've been through my posts! I could upload some after shots of now, but i didn't take any before shots 3 years ago when i had the session with Dr Rogers, so there's not much point. (though, should Dr Rogers read this and wish to upload the ones he took, he's welcome to do so (with the usual discretional 'face block') (PM me Dr R, if you are unsure who i am, - don't want the wrong patient pics posted ) However, i fully intend to upload before and after photos of my upcoming 1000 graft session booked in November, as i have said from my first post.... I make no claims regarding Dr Rogers, (other than i got what i had realistically expected, following on from poor results elsewhere...) and i certainly except that he is far from the cheapest.... Watch this space - Glorious technicolour coming soon...... Promise! Be.... Lucky, Maneman
  6. No one mentioned that you "must" travel to New York - but that off extensive research its advisable to travel to the US where there are more options / clinics available. Hi Spex, My (innocent) comment was made on the basis, that nobody had attempted to answer the question, but instead answered one that wasn't asked. The cynics out there, might have (mis)interpreted this as a hidden agenda... Fortunately, I've never been a cynic.... Best, Maneman
  7. To answer the original question, without taking the opportunity to promote the 'New York Experience', i have always been advised to avoid alcohol, ibuprofen, aspirin and minoxidil and similiar drugs for one week prior to surgery. Although i haven't personaly been told to refrain from finasteride (propecia), i usually 'lay off' it for a few days before.... Best wishes mate,
  8. Welcome - Dr Feller is definately a good idea, he'll make the most of your 'virgin' doner area.... Best wishes Maneman
  9. I wondered that too... Still, at least it's clear that it was there before the tattoo..
  10. My suggestion would be to start taking propecia (if you haven't already) and see if that addresses your hairfall. Give it 12 months, and then review things.... In the meantime, consider one of the cosmetic consealers (toppik, mane etc) if you are unhappy with your look...
  11. Hi, Has anyone had any experience with micro pigmentation (semi permanent make up/fine line tattoos) particularly on scar tissue? It's something i have been considering to address the old HT scar i have... If you don't know what i'm on about, have a look here: http://www.gillianthompson.com/index.shtml scroll down a third of the way and there is an example on the right which looks quite interesting.....
  12. Hi PB, Yes i will try to borrow a digital camera (can't afford to buy one now im having another HT) and post a before shot, and if i'm not too tired after the surgery and drive home, a post op view as well.... Session of 1000 (60/40 temple and crown) booked for mid November....
  13. Hi, I was avoiding specifically naming and shaming, but since you ask: 3 Very bad HTs at Nobel... 1 good one at Dr Rogers and another one booked up for November..... Cheers
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