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  1. Just super Spex. Went for a haircut on friday, first real trim since the op. Asked her to just cut it short with scissors, no shaving, don't think she suspected anything. Came home and straight to the mirror, I couldn't make out where the scar is! I'm doing good on the regrowth too. You can clearly see the hair line now and it's all pretty uniformly growing back. Quiet a bit of thickening up to go yet but I'm delighted with the progress. I've ditched the caps and I feel great I should have my good digital camera back from the camera repair shop any day now so will get a few quality pics taken and upload them to my initial post. Something I'm curious about and meant to ask you before.........how many actual grafts did I get transplanted in the end?
  2. lol .. haha..........So it is!
  3. Sure looks young in that photo Have ye heard his new single: 'jump in my car' http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...in+my+car&hl=en Bit too 80's, just too funny but has a few nice chics thrown in for good measure. He's aparently spending the last hof of this year promoting it!
  4. Nice one Spex. Videos are so much more informative compare to still images. love the Coldplay backing music too, very professional...lol
  5. I booked through www.WooGo.com and stayed at the [3*] Pickwick Hotel 230 East 51st Manhatten for 5 nights for $460 USD. I had so much to organise within a short period I almost forgot to book the accomadation and literally just booked it the morning before I left. I thought that was pretty reasonable for 5 nights but then it didnt have en-suite bathroom. However the room was clean, modern and had TV, safe, WHB, AC, and most importantly free internet connection. It's on 51st street so smack bang in the centre of Manhatten and just 15 minutes walk from Penn station. I'd stay there again
  6. DER


    I have a beard I looked fine after 3 weeks (disregarding the scar) but evereyone heals at a different rate. The scar will take alot longer to fade but there are products out there to help in speeding up this process 'money comes and goes but time is priceless'...... Others say: 'time is money'
  7. DER

    Benefits Of Msm

    What a handicap....I'd rather be bauld! Must cost him a fortune on Head & Shoulders
  8. Here is one of Dr Fellers oldest patients (Now aged 75) unfortunatly he's Vietnamese with little English. In a nutshell he's expressing his grattitude to Dr Feller and attributes his growth to a daily liquidified dose of MSM http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4...57&q=hair&hl=en P.S. I bet he gets all the girls!
  9. DER


    Maybe Spex would be willing to give it a go!?....I'm sure with a week long crash course at Great Neck he'd be more than capable. Seriously Hammerman apart from a few hrs on a plane either way its no biggy. You can rest assured it will be a success and may even work out cheaper! What ever you decide...good luck!
  10. DER

    Ht Tips

    CCS, After a month my scalp looked 'normal', no reddness as such. Of course the scar was still not fully healed. A week after the surgery I shaved the lot off to a #2 and I looked fine. If you leave your hair long it will more or less cover the scar but on top it will look ridiculous. If you shave the lot It will look much better but of course the scar will be very noticeable. The MSM does work but sometimes I think it's doing a better job at growing my facial hair and nails than the hair on my head Good luck!
  11. Yeah Duke - he did that isit blue or is it black thing with me. I asked him what colour he thought it was - He said Blue - I agreed with him as he was holding my precious grafts in his hand at the time ......I thought it was Black! I think he's colour blind! He admitted to never being able to 'crack' the Rubix Cube thats sitting on his book shelf..............Then again who could! LOL....RALMAO
  12. It's not just TV shows When I'm sitting in meetings I'm looking at everybody's hair - their hairlines, patterns of baldness/receding Everywhere I go, I look at blokes' hair... I wonder if I should get some help Me too, It's just not healty! I scrutinise every guys hair, my friends, guys down the pub, while I'm out shopping etc And now its rubbing off on my GF. She's commented on how Steve & Ashley from Coronation Street need a HT....lol..
  13. Bloody hell ye're all as obsessed as I am! Calum Best needs to see Feller too...seems to be moving up the scale from what I seen on Celeb Love Island
  14. Thanks guys for all the support! Feller is some dude allright.....He'll be inundated with Christmas cards this year!
  15. Riley, Welcome to the inner circle. It's all downhill from here! Good luck! Der
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