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  1. Yeah you might want to wait and see if you like your result first before you go round recommending surgeons to people. Im sure you will have a great result and i hope you do, but if you dont , you are going to end up feeling like a tit.
  2. It would be great if this forum could light up again, Ive always had so much time for this place. Its humour and its insight, This place stopped me from getting a butchering, and getting into debt, I owe this place so much, I am planning on getting a ht in jan and the first place i will show my updates first is here. I miss the the caution, of s.a.s, the knowledge of spex, and of course the humour of pb. By the way common, PB, put some pictures up, how is your hair looking now ?
  3. just been watching rooney play in the champions league game tonite. Just wondered if anyone can please explain or has an idea of how wayne rooney looks to have achieved a result in 2 months that should take at least 12? He was not only just receeding but was thinning all over as well, and now in 2 months it looks like he has no hairloss at all. I know he has gone for the old trick of grade 1 round the back and sides to emphasize whats on top, but there is a big change in just 2 months! Has he gone to some brilliant new clinic ? Has he just been very lucky? or....is he applying concealer? Because from reseaching ht for about 5 years or so, ive not seen someone go from where he was to what he looks like now.
  4. Spot on as always. I saw that Jason Gardiner interview and how they both had the nerve to sit there saying how superb his ht looked with 3000 grafts, both knowing he had half a bucket of concealer on his head. They should of stated that he was wearing concealer, it could still have been an informative interview, but to bullshit everybody is a joke. Talking about ignorant media, went on the sun online today, so may well be in tomorrows edition, picture of rooneys head up very close in the sunlight. Its a good picture. It shows his hair has fallen out ,in obviously the resting stage, but the reporter is saying how he has wasted his money and its gone wrong.!
  5. Yeah agree his pattern is well on the way for nw7. Lots of people have been saying '' well he has got the money, so he can keep adding more as he goes along! But we all know that its just not that easy. I dont really think that much of the guy, but i would never wish anybody to go bald or ever have a failed hair transplant, but this has disaster written all over it. Of course the press will expect him to have hair like a lions maine within 2 months.! I admire him for advertisng this, but he has obviously done no research at all. It doesnt help when he has his simpleton team mates thinking he will be doing shampoo adverts asap. I just wonder how many young lads have read what he has done and thought '' oh here is a hair clinic, lets get it done'', and end up going to a UK clinic thinking that all there problems are solved. Im sure all you well experienced guys will agree that hair transplants are much more advertised these days thanks to rooney, ramsey, etc.... But the presses knowledge and the future patients reading about it and then paying for it, their expectations are well behind. just a thought
  6. Just wondered really if anyone here actually thinks rooney was a good candidate for any kind of transplant anyway? He is 25 and does have very aggresive hairloss. He has pretty sparse donor and he is also starting to dip slightly at the back now. He has been on propecia since 2009 and his hair has got worse so he is obviously not a good responder to it. What do any of you guys think? If he came on here and put photos on and asked advice, would anybody of said its a good idea?
  7. yeah i must admit i dont enjoy going to the hairdressers anymore. i would love to go into to tony & guy or somewhere like that and have my hair cut by a nice little piece. at the moment i just go to a mens barbers and get it cut for 5 quid. I wear toppik so i have just the sides cut and grade the top myself. but i do dread him turning around and saying to me infront of everyone and saying '' what are you puttung in your hair '' ? which i have seen happen to someone before, the guy was very embarrased, i did feel for him.
  8. I know its hard to feel sorry for a lad that earns an outrageous amount of money for doing jack shit, and also gets to bang a bird like coleen, but what does a lad like rooney do about his hairloss? Because from what i can gather footballers are not aloud to take propecia/finasteride. A player recently was banned for it. What would he do? Also just to say has anyone recently seen Stephen Ireland, the man city player. He was a wearer of the advanced hair studio rug on head, but has now come to his senses and wipped it off.
  9. where do you get dutasteride for 21 quid from?
  10. I have been reading your story mate and do feel for you and understand that you have a condition and i dont mean any offense whatsoever, but it sounds to me as though you need to calm down and pull yourself together ! Youve just travelled all that way and paid for one of the best hair surgeons in the world and now your talking about lasering all that good work, time and money off ? It seems to me your constantly looking at youre head, cutting your hair every other day and looking for problems which i bet arent there. If youre healing has taken a turn for the worst then my apologies. But i rekon you should calm down and give it a little longer. Stop cutting, looking and fiddling with your head and in a few months or so i reckon you will feel a lot more better and happier. Good luck mate.
  11. I ordered some foam from that website the other day. 35 quid for 4 months supply. It came within 3 or 4 days. You can also order from power sellers on ebay as well.
  12. yeah i saw the programme. The HT was pathetic. £3000 for that! I cant believe with all the advice they had no one mentioned finasteride.
  13. Hi ncfm I am in a very similar postion to you in fact identical. I am using the toppik concealer and over the last six months my hair has thinned more and a few people have started to notice I am hjust about getting away with it . I work in a office and i am consious of bright lights, sitting in the sun etc. A couple of people have even questioned what am i wearing in my hair? I have managed to deflect it by saying i dye my hair as i have slightly ginger side burnst o prove this. I say i use just for men or something, which is just bollocks. I think the guys are right. 4 is too long. Bring it down to a 2 or something. 1 round the sides. Also dont use too much of it. Spread it lightly. When it dries it will look slightly better. Lucky its my last day today and im buggering off to thailand for 3 months so i havent got to work in an office environmnet . Ive been on proscar for about 3 months and am starting to notice a slight difference. I am planning on going to see dr feller next year. So mate your not the only one. I know its hard. If it gets too much just shave it off . It might not be as bad as you think. And if anyone takes the piss, tell them to go f**k themselves!
  14. Youre right theyare all crap. Very interesting about simon cowell though! I just was having a bet with someone at work about that gmtv presenter. His hair never changes. Its constantly the same. Never grows long or anything. Very strange. God im sad!
  15. Just seeing if anyone thinks, does that guy off GMTV andrew castle the presenter , does he wear a peice? He has the thickest hair i have seen, especially for his age? Also one of those judges off of dragons den apparently has been to a certain uk clinic as well!
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