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  1. Yes u can def get the gel in boots i think its about £30 for month supply. Any1 here using it?
  2. hi timuk, You should first try proscar and yes u can get it from spex doc (as i do) much cheaper than propecia. I used dut for a year but due to the sides and the price switched to proscar, i take half a pill every other day. been thinking of using rogaine gel but not sure if its any good?
  3. HI, Never heard of cosmetic tatooing? what is it and does it work? Sounds interesting.
  4. That really does look awesome and great density. 6th strip session- that is some donor.
  5. Thanks for posting the pics spex. Hi pb, Had my first ht with H******* ***** wellesbourne, they are the fcukers that gave me the big fat low scar Alwys liked to have my hair short sides n back but can only go low as grade 5 now. Had second ht with dr rogers 1500grafts and his scar was better, but placement of grafts, number of grafts etc was still not enough Finally had third ht with dr feller 1st october 2000grafts, better hairline plus more density. Also replaced dr rogers scar with a tricho and went into the sides to get the grafts. Hi badhairuk, Hope the above answers your Q's mate. Dr feller also added some grafts to the temples. Seen your pics n your gonna need to change your name soon looks good.
  6. Steveyd- yea maybe im worrying a bit much at the mo Hairroot- ta, the old shit from the previous uk efforts is growing i think its a combo of that N the grafts that are still holding on
  7. Hi All, Hope this doesnt sound like a stupid question. When i remove my cap after wearing for 8-10hours (work) my HT hair(some grafts still there) is left pointing in all sorts of directions. Will this have an effect on the final direction of the ht hair??
  8. As always thanks for the comments. I thought witch hazel might help, have now brought some so will start applying it.
  9. 19/m/northeast Check your PM.
  10. Its been almost 3 weeks since my HT and still alot of redness. Is there something i can use for this?
  11. Hi guys, Well had the staples removed today, 83 of them Didnt realy hurt apart from when the nurse pulled a hair out with a stape. Ive still got about 90% of the transplanted grafts, cant remember is that normal( 16 days post HT) ? Also thinking of buzzing my hair so that it all blends in. I know the scars will show but i can wear a hat at work, what you guys think?
  12. It looks great BB Im havin trouble sleeping cos of the staples, another 7 days to go b4 they come out. This is a VERY minor thing when i think of what should be a great result in 12 months
  13. Thanks 11664, yea my ht with dr f looks different to what i had b4, LOT more dense and much BETTER hairline.
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