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  1. Hey Scotty...Chill dear..plzzz don't go for a shave ...Be positive.. I have seen my fiance, losing confidence and self esteem due to heavy hair loss at the crown.. But, trust me, our patience really paid off..He went for some hair loss herbal treatment..Though he was not sure before using it, but it really do work for him... Plzz don't go for such a drastic step like shaving...Don't be a loser buddy...Fight..! Good Luck...
  2. I can well understand Jase81, what goes on in one's mind in such a poor condition...You will feel like going to any extent to regain or stop hair loss...It causes so much of mental depression.. We keep on wasting money on various products or treatments without even knowing their results ... When my husband was suffering from severe hair loss, I have seen him losing for the very first time...was so upset ...thin layer of hair was left on his scalp...He was sonly 26 yrs then..Then, one of my friend, who is a doctor, advised to follow some hair loss herbal treatment..Touch wood...you won't believe, as we also couldn't--hair loss stopped almost within 2-3 weeks...And moreover, even new hair started growing... He got back his younger look again...
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