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  1. ok, tried Kirkland Minoxidil to combat rapidly thinning thatch. Used it about 3 times and had rapid heartbeat as a result so stopped using it but it appears to have caused a rapid alopecia effect on top! Not sure if this will now grow back but am a bit peed off that a drug that was supposed to help has apparently done this! Oh well, heres hoping it is reversible! I now have some Procerin and am hoping this might help and also help with the frontal area. Anyone heard of these laser guns you can buy that are supposed to help?
  2. Just started using 5% Kirkland Minoxidil. It stays in my hair making it greasy and I've had a racing heart the last few days and can only think this is the cause. I may well stop using it already! Anyone else had nasty side effects?
  3. Guys, Anyone tell me the difference? I've heard that Procerin is natural and can be obtained without prescription? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  4. Ok Guys, Thanks for the advice. I now have 2 of "The big three". Kirkland 5% Minoxidil and Nizoral. I just used Minoxidil, 1ml, on the back of me old bonce. I am wary of using it on the front? I don't want to suffer alopecia as this is where I have lost most. Receeded quite far too. Anyone reckon its worth using here as well? Any experience of success on temples / front? I'll us the Nizoral tomorrow. Is it worth taking Proscar too? What are the side effects? Isnt it for prostate trouble? CHeers!
  5. Hi Guys, I wanted to share my method of hiding my bald patches and to see if anyone else wanted to give it a try: I simply trim a patch of pubes with some nail scissors and then use superglue to attach the clump to the bald patch. The pubes are slightly darker in colour and much more curly than my natural hair colour but It sure beats being bald! Another minor side effect is that the super glue burns your skin but you need to use it to stop the pubes coming away to easily. Anyone else try this method?
  6. Hey! Can anyone advise me the best and cheapest way to obtain Proscar. I am in the UK and don't have a prescription. Thanks
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