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  1. How u doing? I started the ********* centre topic below and am so glad I found this site rather than paying ********* 1200quid. Paid the doc(Ashcroft) 140quid and my pack arrived Satuday, have been taking my pills since and have a few questions i'm hoping someone can help with. Firstly, i'm cutting the pills into fourths, not fifths, is this ok? secondly, I've read about initial shedding when starting this medication, is this common? how long does it last? and is this hair regrown with proscar? any replies much appreciated, Long live the doc!
  2. Got hold of the doc, will be sending off a cheque tomorrow, how long does it normally take for your package to arrive? From looking over a lot of the posts I've decided against the minoxidil route, opting instead for zinc, MSM, nizoral once or twice a week and proscar. Should this have a good chance of keeping things as they are? Maybe its cause i've been reading this forum a lot over the last week, but I now seem to see my hair as being thinner than a week ago! Really want that package to turn up... Cheers team
  3. Thanks a lot for the advice, really does help out and give me some of that elusive thing, hope.. tried calling spex doc today but always goes through to msg. Does he take calls in the evening? only at a certain time? real keen to get started asap! cheers again guys, buy u a beer if this was a pub!
  4. Hi, was seriously thinking of signing up to the ********* one year scam this week. now i've read both your posts and checked some of spex posts it doesn't seem like a wise cost effective option. I dont have a load of cash so am definitly looking for something more affordable. Can i buy propecia without a prescription? is propecia any better than finasteride without the merek brand name? why do u guys both advise against minoxodil? Thanks a lot for your help boys
  5. How you doing, first time i've posted here. I had a trico-check at the ********* centre in London the other day. They prescribed me combined propecia and 12.5% minoxidil. The best price they could do it at is 1200 pounds for a year, thats about US$2000. Does this seem expensive? Also does anybody know if propecia is any better/different than generic finastiride? cause by the look of it I can get that for a lot less. Any comments help greatly appreciated. Cheers
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