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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-12112673
  2. I dunno I might trade being an alcoholic for a full head of hair, my ex is alcohlic and sits on her arse all day and gets everything paid for.. never heard of inland revenue, bloody easy life if you ask me
  3. well for a moment maybe
  4. # Phil Collins Says: February 13th, 2008 at 8:12 am Hi everyone some of you may know me from MTV. as you can probably see i have shot it a long time ago and got sick of hosting a god damn combover, so now have bit the bullet and shaved my head but i look a right nonse! i am hoping that we can have this product marketed by 2008 if its down to funding i will personally invest! Intercytex should be advertising for monthly donations from the public. as im sure the majority of men would be willing to donate. found this on a site reporting developments at Intercytex, funny how MPB brings all walks of life to the same level
  5. I couldnt go through all that, I had to stop and go away and come back, its too much, really makes you feel sick. I was cooking burgers for dinner and all of a sudden my appetites gone
  6. Re Barry from Eastenders it might just be me but with hair I think he looks a lot like an overweight Donny Osmond now ?? anyone ?
  7. wow that just like putting fertilizer on my lawn, well done, must be over the moon with that
  8. dizzyman


    I was curious - would you call that about norwood 4 preop ?
  9. Merryxmas all .... and Bill how much does one of those remotes cost ?
  10. CHILLI PEPPER there you go a hot word, I think youd better hot off now
  11. yes my eight year old son gives me a funny look when I talk about big black vinyl records. Theres so much withheld thats already developed. My work introduced me to a colleague last year who worked for a large pharmaceutical company, he told me they had developed a drug that could grow new bone and they had it for 3 years bur havent been able to release it yet for legal reasons
  12. Well they said Cds would never replace the quality of vinyl, digital would never replace film, etc etc etc but once the technolgy was there these were replaced almost overnight. I think we would all agree that cloning will be here in the future, our argument is that will it be here soon enough, I think that progress re transplants has moved slowly over the past 20-30 years but significantly faster over the past 5-10 years, I think the speed of discovery and resolution will continue at an ever increasing exponential rate (sorry if thats to techytalk), sure theres beefed up talk to try and attract funding for those that want to research and find the solution but so what if thats whats needed to get the money thrown at scientists in this feild instaed of bombmakers who cares as long as a satisfactory solution is found
  13. thanks bill, its always the hard workers behind the scenes that make it a good place for all appreciated
  14. you know ive been suffereing in silence about my hair loss for years more than I realised, I will inevitably do something about it ie HT in the near future, but since discovering you guys and this site the past month Ive noticed just plugging (no pun intended) into this forum has made me feel really upbeat about my hair loss and more positive than Ive felt for years, a problem shared a problem halved type of thing, this site is invaluable
  15. dizzyman

    Doner Hair

    Funny its also an issue I had wondered about myself
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