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  1. That means I got to fork out another load of money for Propecia, ontop of the £25 a month for the regaine. Wow that is a lot to keep hair. Can you use them both together? and can you recommend somewhere were I can get Proprcia from thanks so much.
  2. "To maintain your hair and possibly thicken it up your best form of attack is Propecia/proscar. (DHT blocker)" I have read all the side effects and that sounds a bit scary, I have even read that it will lower your sperm count and I want kids lol.
  3. Hi, I am about to start using regaine as I am seeing a lot of thinning on my head and the dreaded horse shoe style will appear. I thought why not shave it all of and then start applying regaine that way It wont get all sticky and messy at night and before work and I can then apply it all over my head. But the bottle says do not apply on shaved head, why is that? If it is going into my roots then why does the existing hair have to be their? any ideas?
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