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  1. HT should be history now that they have had success with the Cell Therapy. I emailed them to see if I could get onto the trails but you have to be living in manchester Apparently www.intercytex.com ICX-TRC is an autologous hair regeneration therapy intended for the treatment of male pattern baldness and female diffuse alopecia. A small sample of hair follicles is taken from the patient during a simple 30 minute operation carried out under local anaesthetic at a hair or skin clinic. The clinic will send the biopsy to Intercytex’ manufacturing facility where the hair-inductive dermal papilla cells are dissociated from the rest of the follicle. These cells are cultured and expanded in proprietary media over three weeks and subsequently returned to the clinic in a sterile suspension. Using a specialised delivery system, the hair-inductive dermal papilla cells are microinjected intradermally into the patient’s scalp. The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and comprises a single procedure of superficial injections, each injection delivering a minute volume of media containing dermal papilla cells capable of inducing new hair growth. Following the procedure, new hair growth should become evident after approximately three months. Intercytex is developing a robotic system with The Automation Partnership for the commercial-scale production of patients’ autologous dermal papilla (DP) cells. The robotic system has an established track record in processing many different cell samples simultaneously. It is vital that at this scale, in which a large numbers of different patients’ cells are handled, that all samples remain isolated throughout the multiplication process. It is intended that ICX-TRC will be used by specialists in hair transplant centres, dermatologists and plastic surgeons to treat patients with hair thinning or hair loss. Intercytex will initially develop ICX-TRC to treat male pattern baldness and expand the indication to include treatment of female diffuse alopecia. Phase I clinical trials (safety) have been completed in seven volunteers at a single UK transplant centre. No safety issues have arisen and five out of the seven patients have shown increased hair numbers. Recruitment for Phase II clinical efficacy trial on patients with male pattern baldness has commenced in the UK with an initial cohort of up to 20 subjects which will be followed by variations in delivery technique in further similar sized cohorts. The trial is designed to demonstrate efficacy of ICX-TRC, the dosage regime and the delivery device. Preliminary data from this trial are expected during the first half of 2007.
  2. Why can't they inject finasteride directly into the scalp? That way the rest of the body would absorb less of it and we will not see the side effects.
  3. Guys I have been using Minoxidil 5% on my hairline for a few months and I can see some very fine hair getting thicker. I am too afraid to use Minoxidil on the rest of my hair as it causes shedding. Do you guys know where I could get minoxidil cream cheaply from? Maybe with Retin-A,..etc added.
  4. hammerman


    Actually having looked at Feller's site, I think money maybe an issue as well. I don't want a Strip Hair Transplant which is the cheapest option, FUE looks really expensive and I get the impression that you will have to go to Feller more than once to get the desired results. Does anyone know what is the most FUE's he has performed and how much it cost?
  5. hammerman


    How long a holday do you think I would need? I don't want to come back to work with with soars and bruises. Really my only concern is how long it would take, money comes and goes but time is priceless. I have a beard
  6. Aren't you eliminating DHt anyway by not allowing it to form?? Wouldn't it be quicker to have something which removes DHt from the system? What about direct injections into the scalp to get rid of the DHT? I know you would need them regularly but they do it for Alopecia Areata with the steroids. Too expensive.
  7. hammerman


    Any good surgeons in UK? I don't want to travel all the way to the US
  8. How much did it cost in total?
  9. Has anyone heard of this or tried it before? http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginf...pdi/202018.html one of the side effects is unusual hair growth.
  10. Guys what is this cafien shampoo? Does it really work? and I understand that Finasteride works by targeting the 5 AR, is there anything which gets rid of the DHT and not just stops it from producing?? Thanks
  11. I managed to get the hairloss down to about 20/30 hair a day (Hair in the drain method) for about two weeks but they are back upto 50-80. Before Proscar it was 80-150 some days over 200. I have also started using minoxidil don't see any improvements with it yet, Anything else anyone can suggest? I am not so sure about a HT, I would rather just keep the Hair I have until something less surgical appears. Cheers for the replies.
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