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  1. I have used both and find Nanogen to be the best one by far. Damo
  2. Guys feel free to check out my website at www.inperth.com.au/users/damo/ as i have just updated my pics from my 2nd procedure with Dr Martnick 12 months ago.Opinions would be appreciated. Damo
  3. Guys no offence taken.In the 2 years since ive had the transplant nobody has ever asked if i have had a transplant so i know that it looks so natural which is really good. The chick in the pic is my finace! lol amo
  4. Guys thanks alot for your comments.I couldnt be happier with my results consdiering 3 years ago you would not of recognised me because how balding i was getting. Brianf Iam from Perth but im not Damien Martin the cricketer i wish i was hehehe Damo Ps: guys check me out 3 years ago and see how bald i was getting!! Damien_3_years_ago_with_sunglasses_on.BMP
  5. Martin my HT looks as natural as they come.In the 2 years since i have had it know body has ever guessed ive had anything done. Damo
  6. All ican say is that Propecia will maintain the hair that you do have at the moment but it will not save it all your life.The only permenat way to cure hairloss if the drugs and potions dont help you is by having a HT.I used to take Propecia but i found it changed my sex life and i got quite dizzy from taking it also.Check out my website for some information as i spent 4 years on my hairloss journey before i found the right answers. Damo
  7. Guys i have just updated my website with some new pics from February 2006.I had my 2nd procedure only 10 months ago.Your opinions would be appreciated. Damo www.inperth.com.au/users/damo/
  8. Guys these are pics from my 2nd procedure in May 2005.These pics are cureent from Feb 2006.I had 1400 grafts put in over my first procedure.Your comments would be appreciated. Damo
  9. Mine took about 5 months before mine started to grow.I really noticed the difference after the 11 month from memory. Damo
  10. Spexs after my 2 procedures and a combination of Proscar it has worked wonders. Damo
  11. Ian that would be good if you could send them.If you goto my website www.inperth.com.au/users/damo/ you can email me directly from there your pics. Damo
  12. I only use it now and then because i dont really need to use it as much now that i have had a HT.Everynow and then i put some in the crown area to hide where its thinning alittle. Damo
  13. Ian thanks for the kind comments.Where and when did you have your Ht done? Also how many grafts did you get? Do you have any pics you can email me with? Rgds Damo
  14. I recently just came back from my 2nd procedure with Dr Martnick from Australia back on the 20th May this year 2005.The second procedure results havent started to grow yet but i should exspect the growth to come through by atleast Nov or December this year.I had 1300 grafts in my 1st procedure back in June 2004 and had another 1400 plus this year on the front to mid region and some in the crown area.Your opinions would be appreciated. Please check out my website! Damo www.inperth.com.au/users/damo/
  15. Stophair my surgeon who did both of my procedures chaired the meeting.That being Dr Martnick from Australia.I personally think her work and her study for further improving hairloss procedures is second to none. Damo
  16. JayJay its just so easy to use andto hide those thinning areas isnt it. Damo
  17. Looks really good Ian keep us posted on the pics as the months go by. Damo
  18. Johny it will amze you on what it can do to conceal perfectly.I use it only when i go out to a big occasion! Damo
  19. I personally think that you get "Bigger bang for your buck" with strip. FUE is great but at a huge cost compared to strip and you can only do alot less grafts too in one sitting! Damo www.inperth.com.au/users/damo/
  20. Johnny i have had a couple of transplants now and find it great to cover up the thin patches thats all.It really does work wonders this stuff! Damo
  21. George i definately without a doubt praise my results to a hair transplant.I wasnt saying to take the laser comb over a HT.I was saying that the combination of the two has really sped up my 2nd growth results so far in this early stage compared to my 1st procedure where i didnt use the comb.The comb isnt a permenant solution the hair transplant is!! Damo
  22. I have being using the Lasercomb now for 12 months with great success.I would higlhy reccommend this to anyone that can do with the comb rather then a hair transplant.It clincally proven too.Please email me for pics of my results so far! www.inperth.com.au/users/damo/ Damo
  23. Hi guys i have tried using every other type of hair concealer on the market and found Nanogen to be the cleanest and far better the nthe others.Your comments would be appreciated. www.inperth.com.au/users/damo/ Rgds Damo
  24. Well done George can you send me some pictures from after the procedure? Rgds Damo
  25. People you only need to take Proscar 1/4 5mg every second day as the residue will stay in your body for that day that you dont have it.Many people i think, get carried away and take it daily which is a waste as its not a cheap drug to buy either. Rgds Damo www.inperth.com.au/users/damo/
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