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  1. Was wondering what symptoms you are experiencing... all over hair loss or specific spots?? Hi, I have an all over thinning on the top of my head, it has got worse over a period of years. I thought it would be reversed when it was diagnosed that I had a thyroid problem and started taking medication but that proved not to be the case in fact I think it has got worse since I started medication. Are you taking medication and what is your thinning like also are you using a treatment or have you used a treatment and found it benificial. Victoria
  2. Hi Ferguson, Those blood tests are a real pain it seems as if you go from one to another to another till you are sick of it and never seem to get to the bottom of the problem. There is always one more test that needs to be done. How bad is your thinning and have you tried any treatments. If you would like to have a person to write to or just for support I will be glad to give you my e-mail address. I find it really hard to talk to familly and friends about my hair because it is just not so acceptable to be a woman and balding as to be a man and balding. Good luck with your tests Victoria
  3. Hi Susan, I have only just started using ThymuSkin so I cannot say if it will work but one of the things I noticed in your post is that you have a scalp condition, well the ThymuSkin treatment I am using includes a medicated gel for scalp conditions or itchy scalp. So day 1 I use the shampoo and treatment and day 2 the shampoo and medicated gel. The website I get my treatments from is www.combathairloss.co.uk take a look at it. It says that ThymuSkin has a 97% sucess rate in women When I go out I use nanogen nanofibres which are good for covering up thining but not bald spots I get them from the same site as my treatment, they come in different colours. I know how depressing it is to have this problem and that is why I think carefully before spending good cash on a product as some treatments are rubbish and lets face it we would probably do anything to get a lovely head of hair. Do you wear a wig sometimes? I have a human hair one that I put on some times but I admit I feel a bit self concious. Please keep in touch as it is great to have someone to talk to about the devastation this problem causes to self esteem as it is not something that is talked about much, well by women anyway. Victoria
  4. Hi, I am using ThymuSkin and would like to know of anyone also using it. Has anyone used a treatment that actually worked long term. Any advice at all would be great, I do have a thyroid problem and take Thyroxine so would like to hear from anyone with this problem.
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