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  1. Northwest, what has happened to your thread in this section called good result pics. by Northwest. Also how much MSM do you take in daily just out of interest and is it capsules or powder please. Thanks from Spotty.
  2. I get mine from my Dad, thats a facto. He is a virtual full on Slaphead nowadays and so is my older brother too. We all have huge foreheads. The Odd thing is or maybe its not is that my dads dad passed away at 90 years old with a total full bushy bonce of white thick hair. On my Mums side though , her brother etc well they all have good and fluffy thick hair tho. Spotty.
  3. You have me confused Tim Uk. You ask about Nizoral like you have never used it before but your regime below your posts is: Crap Uk HT in June 1992. Number of grafts , god only knows !! Session with Doctor Feller Booked for 8th April 08 Proscar - 1/5 of tablet per day. 2000 MSM per day. Nizoral Shampoo twice a week
  4. Crazy. Scared the shit outa me.
  5. I am new to the forum so Hello to you all. Its just a relief to be able to write about it all somewhere & i hope now to be an active poster. I believe i have been butchered in this field and i intend to write all of it down when ive time. I had a Choi implanter strip surgery at ASANTO in athens greece 12 months ago & to this day the results are shocking and getting me very down all the time. Most of the implants are all along the forehead line and temples and are terribly vertical & wirey compared to my own fine textured hair. I have to shave them off most of the time & just make do with trying to disguise it with my existing fringe which is sadly ebbing away all the time. Its not good at all & i feel very ripped off & depressed. Will write again soon.
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