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  1. sorry to disappoint bigmac, but i am just an average joe who is happy with the product i get and don't like shill posters like that John bloke using a forum to sell his wares. Anyone who thinks he is being straight in my opinion is being naive. I for one do not buy fake dvds or dodgy software because yes i do actually respect the effort of the inventors involved but most importantly with a product like this, i want top quality. I see no difference with my fibres. i need them - yes need them. they are a lifeline and i cannot afford to see them switch to retail only or something to stop the tide of fakes. Toppik are good but in my opinion nothing compares with Nanogen for texture and natural look. On price they just sent me a 3 for 2 offer (they do every summer and christmas - nothing to do with my post here!!) and i get 6 per order, so i am getting it at the same price or cheaper than you are buying IH anyway. I would love it if Bill could email them and see if they want to come and contribute to this thread - maybe they'll even give away a free sample just like IH. In fact - i am going to email them and see what they have to say about these fakes.
  2. me neither - just dont like to see a good forum polluted by people like that John guy who obviously has vested interests. all i know is if this is the same as the hair magic and that is made of rayon i think and it was shiny and didn't go into the hair like nanogen. and yeah i have checked out ebay and cannot find the generic one
  3. I guarantee that John O'Brien will be first to jump in and attack this topic (or because i wrote this will now be twitching to do so). I am a 2 year user and fan of Nanogen and have been reading this forum for the whole evening (to find out about new developments). I noticed the poster John O'Brien on every page that mentions Nanogen or Toppik who agressively accuses other forum members of working for the company that they compliment on their products. At the same time, John seems to promote the Instant Hair product that is selling on eBay. As a customer using a product that i personally couldn;t go out without i really got a panic when i read that i could get the same thing half price - so that is why i feel so strongly to warn other members about this poster. And by the way, if you order nanogen in multipacks you can get it for under £15 either direct or from the loads of pharmacies on google. I want to ask John O'Brien a straight forward question... Is this product also known as Hair Magic? And the product yoiu are recommending made from RAYON and is it therefore synthetic? If so then it is not the same as the hair which is made of Keratin. I bought a one of these products a couple of years ago and only used it once because it was shiny and had a parmesan cheese style dispenser which made it go everywhere. I am going to try and find the old bottle. So John - what is it? And do you work for Instant Hair or whatever you are calling it?
  5. Can you explain why if you don't work for nanogen you seem to be their spokesperson? You are extolling its virtues practically non-stop .If anyone mentions nanogen you reply immediately. Someone said that the spray smelled and you said 'Oh no, I think it smells like coconut, it is lovely.' Are you just a regular customer? Let others read your posts and decide if they are balanced and from a genuine customer. What kind of discussion board is this? I noticed that when anyone suggests a product they use that isn't nanogen or Toppik it gets thrown off! All take notice my message will be thrown off soon! AGAIN - 3 POSTS - EXACTLY THE SAME FROM JOHN O BRIEN John - you go around accusing everybody that compliments nanogen as them working for nanogen but i have looked at all your posts and all you do is recommend Instant Hair. I reckon the lady doth protest too much me thinks. I have tried Instant Hair and it is rubbish compared with both Nanogen and Toppik. I am going to leave this message whereever i find you commenting. How do we know YOU don't work for Instant Hair? I THINK BILL SHOULD THROW THIS COWBOY OFF
  6. Sorry Stan, i have to disagree with point 1 although i agree with point 2. i was using toppik for ages and apart from having to wait sometimes days for arrival, i find that nanogen is miles better. the colour is more natural and it blends in my hair perfectly. i find that toppik sort of sits on top of my hair and rolls off when i pat it but nanogen seems to merge like magic. i don;t know if this is by accident or design but they are definately not the same. But i never buy the locking mist because i use another hairspray - although they sometimes send me a promotion with free locking mist. just my two pennies... Toby Sorry Stan wanted to compliment the other 7 points you made except point one which i disagree with. I used Toppik for a year and it is not a patch on nanogen. I also used one of thoe sprays - i can;t rememebr which and that was like a spray paint. I liked your point 6 - less is definately more. i have used Nanogen for 2 years now and i find i can really make it last by using a sprinkle then applying a bit of hairspray - then a bit more nanogen. that uses up less and seems to giv e much better look. that is what they recommend on their website but only read it properly after a few months using it - now i find it last me twice as long as i used to dump it all on.
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