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  1. Dear Forum Members, I did not want to write this, but felt compelled to. I apologise for this not being about H/T's and you guys, who are what these sites are all about, and not about me. When I decided to leave HDC and work with Dr Bisanga I/we only ever wanted to provide H/T's our way. I have no reason to apologise for my past, I have always provided my clients honesty and integrity. I am happy to provide any number of client details I have dealt with who will testify for my sincerity and integrity, those from the past, the near past, (HDC clients) and the present (BHR). I have nothing to feel ashamed about and sleep well, I have a great love for my career and always look to provide the best knowledge and advise to people. I am proud to work with a talented dr such as Dr Bisanga and aplogise to him if in anyway this effects his unblemished reputation. Certain remarks that have been made I can not comment on for legal and personal reasons, I'm sure shit sticks regardless of the truth, but I am not unfortunately able to comment. I am happy to answer any questions regarding the result, but nothing else. I respect the forum for it's honesty and openess so, I will leave the judgement to you. Phil
  2. Hi garageland, He started propecia about two years prior to the H/T, it certainly helped to improve the quality of the existing hair, but did not produce growth. I believe he still uses every other day, more out of habit than anything else now. Phil
  3. Here are pictures of 4110 grafts from immediatley post op to the 12 month stage. Immediately Post Op Six Months Post Op Eight Months Post Op 12 months Post Op Update Phil
  4. Tricophytic Closure @ 9 Months Phil
  5. Hi mate, Nice to see the pictures, you're looking good. Once the temple points mature and the growth bulks out it will look great. All the best from Dr B. Phil
  6. Hi spex, Believe it or not he still has enough laxity for one more small strip. Because of the severity of the open donor caused by the old puch grafts to do FUE would just thin the density even more. With strip Dr Bisanga can remove more of the punch scarring as well as taking more hair, he is healing well from the first strip and from a cosmetic aspect it will look better than rows of 4mm scar punches. The only area that was possible to harvest FUE from was around the ears, it was the only virgin scalp left when he came to us, but we used that in the first op. Phil
  7. Hi PB, This is up for debate, any suggestions welcome. Obviously literally every hair counts now; this will realistically be his last opportunity....so he/we have to decide what is going to be for the best. He is more inclined to beef up the density behind the hair line a little more rather than dilute the remaining plugs and attack the crown; with only about 1000 FU at his disposal they would just be lost if placed over the crown. In cases like this it's nice to see a relatively happy ending, he said he gets up daily now and feels more confident and happy with himself, say's "hi" to each hair on his head; I'm really happy for him. Phil
  8. Update on the progress of this patient, approx. 6 months post op. I saw him last week, his growth in the recipient area is maturing well with it hard to now see the old punch grafts and the hair line is now much softer. The Strip removed from the donor area has reduced the scarring and he now feels able to wear his hair shorter. He intends to come back for one more strip, he still has enough laxity to enable a small strip (800-1000), this will help improve the donor area scarring further and allow the more coverage/density to improve the recipient. Phil
  9. PhilB

    Pictures Fue

    This patient is now at four months post op stage; I have included pre op, 3 weeks & 3 months as a comparison. and now at 4 Months Phil
  10. Hi Bill & spex, Congratulations on running a great ethical site Phil
  11. Headlines, Do you think anybody here really wants to travel abroad to have their op if there was a good alternative in the UK? HCC may lay down a complaints procedure but it does not seem to be helping patients on here. With respect you miss the point; people do not want to have to complain when things go wrong, all they want is a decent H/T, pure & simple. You are obvious passionate about this, but I can't see what you are trying to prove; that there are good docs in the UK, that UK law is the best protection domocracy can buy? Phil
  12. Lovehair, What ever your mission, desire, or contrived preconceptions....you have to understand that people here give honest answers, if you agree or disagree. But we all live and learn...tomorrow is another day, you may disappear, you may stay; but we all hope that what you desire comes to you. Phil
  13. Hi PB, No there was no need to remove in this case. Although the result was not that great technically they hairs were placed accordingly. So it was a matter of improving the front line and temple points as well as the density through the mid section. Phil
  14. This patient had 1200 micro grafts five years ago. His remit was to regain a more natural hair line and greater density. BEFORE, IMMEDIATLEY POST OP & PREVIOUS SCAR SCAR LINE & RECIPIENT AREA AFTER 10 DAYS TWO MONTHS POST OP RECIPIENT AREA THREE MONTHS POST OP Phil
  15. Your concern for our financial wellbeing is appreciated. Not sure why you keep asking about Germany, we are situated in Brussels, Belgium. We do have patients from Germany but do not advertise as such there. The type of patient we attract is generally the well "hair educated" person, not the sports page of The Sun reader who is attracted by mass promotion and slick adds.....apologies to all that read that paper. We work more on reputation and referal rather than out and out marketing our name or brand. Phil
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