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  1. I heard of havin hair problems but thats on the boarder line of disgusting.
  2. Thanks for the help. I'm still worrying though cause my hair at the front is thinner then the back and middle. If I look close I do see buds that give me a regular hair line(if the buds were longer i wouldn't have a arrow head look). I asked my dr to book me an appointment witha dermatoligist and she said ok. She says though it'll take up to 4 months to get one . I'm tryin not to be stressful cause I heard thats bad for hair but I run with alot of stress in my life. Hopefully I get help and it comes back. Again thanks for all the help, Bains
  3. I'm really young and I am losing hair. I used to have a straight hair line but now it is curving up te sides of my head giving me a arrowhead hair style. I have been losing it since I was 15 and its just getting to the point where I'm scared to get a buzz cut. I live in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. Any tips? I have had stress but like I'm so young and I heard your not suppose to lose it at this age(I'm still in my prime teenage years!!!). I am really desperate for help because my doctor told me it will take 5months to book an appointment with a Dermatoligist so I am wondering if theres medicine I can get from the pharmacy. Thanks, Bains
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