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  1. I stayed there pre op. It's ok, i had what they call a parlour room which had a pre made up sofa bed. Nothing to shout about but comfortable enough for a couple of nights. Would go for a room with a standard bed if you can but sofa bed was fine if a little fag burned (that's cigarette burned in case US readers wonder what i was up to ) The room was supposedly non smoking. The hotel is right behind the station, It has Broadband but take an ethernet cable if you want to use your laptop. Not a great deal to do in Great Neck, but then theres not a lot you can do the night before a HT i guess. Theres an HSBC bank though which may be useful for some UK patients?? All the best with the HT BHUK.
  2. Congrats Spex, Dr Feller did mention this while i was over and i'm pleased you've announced it as this proves you're only motive until now has been to help other unfortunates. We owe you a lot of gratitude (as does the doc . Could be worse head offices to go for your meetings . Well done mate. Mattd
  3. Yes Spuraman good luck, only 5 weeks post op but feel so much better about myself with the thought its all about to happen. The surgery and logistics of getting home are a strange concept and of course you'll worry but it's behind you so quickly. Get the staples out and your on the home run. All the best and look forwards to seeing your progress.
  4. Again mate 19 was my intro to mpb, i know what you're going through. Propecia should help if you're in the early throws, certainly thickened my hair up and that was 8 years after i'd started losing it. The good thing is there is hope for you these days through meds and HT's that work. So dont panic too much and take some advise from the guys on this forum, their experience is invaluable. Good luck and i hope things work out.
  5. I'm at 5 weeks now and have my hair buzzed to 3 mm. No one outside of my family knows about my HT and i've just started to go capless. None of my mates have mentioned the scar (they aint normally the politest) and nobody at head office mentioned it when i visited. My physio asked what it was but laying on a bed with your face down a hole kind of puts it on display. My biggest problem has be mozzies, they have been feasting on my scar!! Was working out and playing football 14 days post op so it really hasn't been too much of an issue. No shock loss and just a little tenderness but thats mainly the bites. Obviously cant pretend it's invisible but i dont think anyones been staring.
  6. Thanks for the messages guys, much appreciated. Not much change at the moment, the scar is looking better, a little tender still but the tightness is almost gone. Used Aloe Vera shampoo and gel and have not experienced too much itching. Taking MSM and Dutasteride which I'm hoping will speed things along. In response to Steveo's question, Dr Fellers view was different when he saw me in the flesh and his initial assessment of 2500 grafts changed to 3000+. Density was never discussed, It was a case take the donor area, fill the front and if enough subsequant grafts had been extracted then fill in the crown. I wasn’t aware there was a choice of a denser option. I was hoping 3400 grafts would give me good density. I guess time will tell. Good luck with your's Stevo, its certainly an exciting time. Will post updated photos for those interested. Cheers, Mattd
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    I took cash which was a worry carrying around. I payed the balance for the additional grafts on my HSBC credit card. There is no additional fee added on my statement. Exchange rate was ok.
  8. Hi all, New poster but having been reading your post's since I met Spex at the tail end of April. I'd just got back from another un-enjoyable holiday feeling lousy about my hair and decided the time had come to take some action. Propecia had helped considerably but I wanted to look in the mirror without feeling depressed. I saw an advert for HT's in the inflight magazine on the way home and decided I was having a transplant . Luckily my research led to Spex pretty quickly and I made an appointment to see him in London. Having made an impulsive decision Spex was invaluable, passing on his experiences and preventing me making a rash choice without seeing the results 1st. He did say other surgeons were on a par with Dr Feller so I didnt feel I was being railroaded towards 1 man, but Spex's hair made the decision for me. I have had a whirlwind couple of months and managed to get a fairly swift appointment with Dr Feller on the 27th of June. Flew into JFK on the 26th and caught the train to Great neck which was $5 and a doddle. Stayed at the Andrew Hotel in Great Neck itself which was ok. Walked to the surgery which was about 20 minutes away (would have got a cab in hindsight) and arrived at 7:45am exactly. Dr Feller was waiting and we cracked on immediately. My initial assessment was for 2500 grafts as he believed he would only need to pack out the front. However once the Doc had seen me and assessed my donor area he decided to go for 3000 and any additional he could get in order to fill right through the middle and into the crown. I'd initially thought the crown wouldn’t bother me but once I was there it seemed crazy that potentially the front could look great and wish I’d taken the option for the back. And so it began, as documented the initial pain killing injection stings a bit but after that i felt nothing. I could hear the hair clippers and thought "when are they going to start cutting", they were but I couldn't feel a thing. Very surreal experience sat in the chair, couldn't believe I was doing it but the staff were great and I spent the day watching Wimbledon and the Spain – France world cup game. I think 3 pairs of technicians worked in rotation inserting the 3000+ grafts and other than sitting still for so long there was no discomfort and at around 17:00 I finally got a look at myself. This was a real shock as my hair had been shaved just leaving the long sides and back (The look id I’d always been dreading) and all I could think was I look like Andy off Little Britain! The bandages were still in place so when I got a full look I was more like some mad monk The final total was 3400 grafts, here’s the post surgery photo's Dr Feller was kind enough to drop me back to my hotel (the Crown Plaza at JFK ) which I was so pleased about as I felt a real freak and was sure I’d lose my cap on the way back. Still had the bandage with my cap perched on top, gave the check-in staff a shock. Once in the room I almost immediately felt a real pain from the donor area, I took the drugs I'd been given but for a while I felt pretty grim. Getting to sleep was difficult due to having to sleep sitting at a 45 degree angle. During the procedure a saline solution is constantly applied into the scalp incisions, this had stored in my scalp and was beginning to drain downwards so my head was obviously swelling and putting major pressure on the bandage. For a while I was feeling a great deal of pain but I pulled the bandage down onto the bridge of my nose which just loosened it slightly and the relief was instant. I slept ok then. These photo’s are the evening of surgery in hotel room On the 28th I was up at 5:30am and off to JFK, luckily the hotel ran a shuttle so didn’t need a taxi. The airport was what I’d been dreading, especially the security but I wasn’t asked to take my cap off and the staples didn’t set the detector off so all well and good. Didn’t move from my seat the entire flight back, I felt very self conscious but in reality it was no problem. Drove home from the airport and had another fairly uncomfortable night. My girlfriend took the staples out after 9 days which was easy with the remover provided. Swelling was a problem in my face for about 4 days but only cosmetically. Heres my photos since returning home Grafts 3 days Grafts 6 days post op Scar 6 days post op Hope this info is of use to you all. Will post the latest updates soon, the grafts have fallen out as predicted and I am in the well known anticipation stage. Big thanks to Spex for all his advice and support, I’d still be lost in the maze of options without him and have appreciated reading your posts. Any questions fire away. MattD
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