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  1. Thanks for your responses everyone. In truth I have felt a little happier in the last couple of days after reading the experiences of those who have similar stories to mine and who have managed to improve matters. I had a consultation with Dr Cole when he came to London last year and I remember him saying that he could still safely extract some donor hair from the scalp. I decided against this at the time as I thought it best to leave the remaining hair on sides and back in tact! But with the very nature of FUI/FUT I am starting to realise that this might actually be a viable option to, if nothing else, make a slight (or appreciable) difference. I mean it can’t leave as noticeable scarring like the removal of plugs or badly sewn up strips can. Hmmm! So there might be hope. Ideally, have some hair at the back repositioned as well to make the back and sides look thin all over rather than have an inconsistent growth in that area. I have to keep the length at the back about 1.5 inches right now to ensure that the areas of scarring and areas of scalp which is no longer hair-bearing doesn’t show through. A little worried, if I went ahead for remedial work that I might have the recipient and donor areas shaved. I know this is a temporary thing and minor consideration in comparison to what I could potentially gain long term. But as this would involve a trip to another part of the world to have done I am looking at spending as long as it takes in that country for the scabs to dry up and fall off and perhaps longer for the shaven area to reach an ok length again. I would have my heart in my mouth travelling with a cap if for example I was asked to remove it at immigration! I know it’s a small consideration but I do ANYTHING to avoid awkward situations. Does anyone know whether its possible to only have small patches shaved with FIT/FUE? Or know of ultra cheap places to stay for an extended period of time?! I mean I wouldn’t want to compromise at all on the standard of work and want to do this in the most effective way possible. For those who have asked where I had surgery in the UK, it was courtesy of Regency Crown,1990 (3 sessions of plug grafting, total number of plugs 133). Then to Michael May,1994 who didn’t actually perform the surgery himself but left it to Linda his nurse (about 300 mini grafts), I didn’t see him again until I was in the recovery room. Then to Dr Rogers and Dr Farjo. Dr Rogers work was better than Regency Crown or Michael May but in my case I wasn’t convinced the direction of growth was accurate. It seems to grow straight out at right angles to my head. I was also a little disappointed that they didn’t follow up my surgery with a letter asking me to come in again after a few months ( as they said they normally do) for them to examine the work they had previously performed. I mean, can they all be so money minded that they aren’t bothered to see the fruit of their labour? I could be wrong but I felt like, to them, my results didn’t really count, was so insignificant that they weren’t bothered to see me again. Finally to Dr Farjo who as I said in my first post carried out 220 single hair grafts to soften the hairline. I couldn’t fault his work in the hairline, it was the best I had received although it has left the donor area not completely hidden. Its one area that I find hardest to conceal when I have a haircut. So next on my list is researching Dr. Poswal, Dr. Feller and Dr Umar. I found Dr Cole to be really understanding, but in considering further surgery I also need to base it on how much money I can spend on it and if I can get a comparable standard of work for less money, then it means I can have it done sooner. Dr Cole I think charges $12 a graft the last time I checked (this is for Body hair and I think $10 a graft for scalp FIT/FUE). I think this is correct the last time I checked. Dr Poswal charges $4 a graft currently and Dr Umar $5 a graft. So for reasons of budget I need to establish where I can have this done within a reasonable length of time. Thanks MikeUK and also to Phil from HDC for your input. I think HDC charges are about the same as Dr Cole so I will keep it in mind, but only if I feel less strongly about the doctors stated above who are currently charging less for their services. At the same time I won’t take short cuts just for the sake of price. I have to live with this head for the rest of my life afterall! But thanks for your input all the same. Thanks to Quick for really helping me understand the true state of BHT. Really you helped me put things in perspective and I agree with you 100% that there needs to be a consistent success rate before I opt for this. I might still have about 50 BH grafts as a sample just to convince myself of its merits. Also feel heartened by the links you posted up – I may still have a fighting chance. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully my story will also be a success story like the other guys you gave me links for. Spex, thanks for your mail and sympathy! I will write back to you directly. Garageland, one of the links that Quick included was about your journey through all of this. I saw some of your pictures as well before and just after surgery. Are you pleased with the result? Are there any pictures you have posted up with the end result? The first one in that ***** of pictures look pretty good to me. Just going to get some pictures taken and then start sending them to doctors to see what they think. Will PM you asap mate and keep you posted on all of this. Dukey, thanks for your words of advice too. How do you fell about the work you had done with Dr Feller? Have you posted up any pictures anywhere? Will be in touch with you via PM just as soon as I have sent some pictures and e mails off to doctors. OK guys I’m on a mission now! Will update you with the responses I get from the doctors I get in touch with. Bye for now. gappy_guy@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Hello everyone, My first posting on here. I thought it was time I became involved in the discussions about hair loss and treatments – a subject which is very relevant and close to my heart. I’ve read with interest the experiences of some of you and at least I know that, with my own history of dealing with unscrupulous hair companies, that I am not the only one suffering from the effects of being lied to, misled and paying to be butchered. I’m not sure whether naming and shaming those responsible for wrecking a good portion of my life is allowed on here or if it’s worth it. But what I will say to anyone planning on having surgical hair replacement is that you should do your research thoroughly and ask questions. Try to meet people who have had surgery – in the flesh is always best. I don’t always think that pictures are a reliable way to make a sound judgment about who you might entrust with performing surgery on you. A doctors track record is also important. The internet is useful and yet can leave you none the wiser in many respects when it comes to evaluating a surgeons merits. There is always going to be a tendency to publicise success stories or at least leave out details of guys who have been heavily scarred or disfigured by their experiences. I wish that at the age of 20, in 1990, when I wanted to meet my hair loss problem head on, someone stopped me, or something happened on the way to the surgery or that the internet was available then. Well all these “if only’s” have been playing over and over again in my head for a long time. But hindsight is a wonderful thing. I do feel cheated and from the very moment I took of the bandages after the very first procedure, the shock was more than I could bear and even though the “butchers” tried to make me aware of what to expect on removing the bandages, it’s funny I knew right then, right there, standing in front of the mirror that my life had been changed, had taken a different turn, that things were going to be very different from then on. I wasn’t far wrong. I made 4 attempts at trying to improve the mess. I was very unlucky again to end up going to a dr who I thought sympathised with my situation. Well in the end when the day came to have surgery he left the WHOLE procedure to his nurse. I never saw him again until I was in the recovery room. ( I was anaesthetised in the neck – bloody painful!) Not only was the work of a poor standard but it also caused pitting and wasted much needed donor hair. How crude. What a waste. My next stop was with Dr Farjo, he said he would soften my hairline. I had one session with him where he tranplanted 220 single hair grafts to the hairline. On reflection, Dr Farjo is the only hair surgeon I have so far come across in the UK who made a positive difference to me. A minimal one owing to the now thinning donor hair, but at last a step in the right direction during a dark time in my life. I wish everyday that I just left it and went bald. I would have looked better, perhaps and been a bit richer too. Now my hair loss, or more specifically, trying to hide the cobblestones, pitting and gappiness has become all consuming. It fills my thoughts more than I think is good for me. All that energy that could have been channelled into something more productive. Still I have to deal with what’s in front of me. My challenge. I haven’t completely given up hope. My spirits aren’t totally crushed. I am hoping and praying that using my chest hair will enable more transplant work to take place when I can afford it. I’m hoping that now aged 35, after 15 years of trauma I will be able to feel normal again in the future. Be taken seriously again. I have an abundance of chest hair which grows to about 3 inches long and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to have this surgery sooner rather than later. I would like to know if anyone knows a dr who would be willing to carry out a sample of 30 - 50 chest to scalp grafts, to establish my suitability and growth rate. Isn't it wiser to have a sample before having a full blown treatment? Especially as this is still relatively new. Finally I hope that via this forum and others like it, I will feel less alone in my hair war. The only consolation so far (apart from Dr Farjos corrective work) is to know that I’m not alone. That doesn't mean I would wish this fate on anyone, but I hope I can make contact with and meet other guys who can in anyway relate to my story. Other guys who know how restrictive and imprisoned a person can feel. A little mutual support can make a whole lot of difference! This whole experience has left me very self conscious and a little “friendless”. Thanks for reading. Feel free to mail me gappy_guy@yahoo.co.uk (London, UK)
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