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  1. That's where I get mine from. Took 10days to deliver so consider when buying.
  2. what did he have to say about propecia and pregnancy??is it safe?
  3. I get foam from here http://www.minoxidil-direct.co.uk it was good and fast delivered last time http://www.minoxidil-direct.co.uk/ not come though and its been seven days anyone help me get it fast from somewhere else while i wait on the other stuff. Last time it came very quick but i dont want to miss any time off it. Its a fantastic place to get foam
  4. I am getting growth from my results and happy so far. I will try put up pictures. i ordered rogaine foam again from the place recommended by Spex againg as was very fast delievery and its not turned up yet and i am running low its been 7 days and the foam not come yet.
  5. Thanks Spex. You are very helpful. The foam I am using is really helping I think
  6. Thinning

    Ians 3rd Ht

    Your transplants look very good. This one will certainly finish you off. Do you use minoxidil foam?
  7. Hello, thanks spex. I had my transplant in thialand. The foam is vey good.
  8. Hello, can u help me. How soon after transplant can I use rogaine foam? Also where do u guys get urs? Thankyou
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