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  1. Hey - thanks for that Joe101. I have sent off for some so will give them a go. Actually I had a shed this morning after washing hair. Quite alarming. Lots of longer hairs in the bath. I guess this is the scary part. Have I made the right choice? I guess I should stick with it and try to relax. Fibes may help to get throught his phase though. HairHope
  2. Hi, Just started on Minox foam (doc thinks worth a try) - one month in and hoping. Just read encouraging press stuff on Nanogen Serum and it said it could be even more effective when used in combination with Minoxidil. Has anyone done this? And if so what was your regime? Finally, I'm quite down about my hair at the moment (photos of me now show a thin crown and I cringe everytime I see one) so do these Nanogen fibres also work and look OK in real life? Do people tend to waer these fibres everyday or just for special oocasions (dates? ;-) ) What about the reaction of others to suddenly having more hair one day?! Or is it best to gradually inroduce them into your look. Thanks for any replies, HairHope :-)
  3. Thanks guys, Hmmm they test on hamster ears eh?....... So there's lots of hamsters going round with really hairy ears but we're still struggling to keep our head hair! Can't help thinking if they can somehow generate/clone somones' hair follicles - there would be a limitless supply for transplantation and probably a lot of happy guys. HairHope.
  4. Hi, Are there any true (scientific based study) photos of the positive effects of using Regaine, other Meds, Nizoral etc. out there? I tried to search but found little. Wondered if anyone has found any by looking for research papers etc. in the scientific literature? Just trying to find some convincing evidence say for Regaine foam was difficult. I've notice more high profile advertising for this stuff but surely there must be some pictures of what it can do (even if subjective and the best results in a study). Great to see some links if you know. Thank You. HairHope.
  5. Hello Pondle, Joe First let me say I hope you resolve your probs Pondle and that life will be better for you. Good luck. I know it must be worrying but I would like to say try not to worry too much. A few years ago I had a real medical condition and I worried like hell about it. The result was that the stress overlay became more of a problem than the underlying condition and made the initial symptoms worse. It took me about 4 years to get over it fully and now I recognise what stress and worrying can do. It is very destructive. So whatever your medical problem - please try and relax as much as you can. Easier said than done but don't do what I did. I imagined the worst diagnosis rather than accepting the facts and helping my body to heal itself. I have been considering Regaine or the tabs but I must say I am wondering now if it is worth it. Do you know what the view of docs like Dr F is on side effects etc? These drugs sound a fairly useful adjunct to combatting HL. And if you belive the stats is it not true that most guys get on OK with them? I visited that website Joe that you listed and there are some very angry people there. Its such a shame that we have all these choices to make isn't it. Not just a choice of investing in some meds to help combat an upsetting condition (Hair Loss) but all the worry of side effects etc. If someone can solve this terrible condition in a safe and benign way they are going to make a lot of money (and make a lot of guys very happy). I wish you both good luck. I am wondering if a HT might be best but the question is how to slow any more loss safely. Kind Regards, HairHope
  6. Hi, As I continue to gather opinions about the work of surgeons etc. in this field I wondered if any of you have come across the hospital group? I think I am coming to the conclusion that there is possibly one outfit in the UK that is reputable (Dr F), several in Belgium (Dr F and Dr D) and a few in the US (Dr F....). If you have any further recommendations I would welcome them. The medications position worries me. Its amazing that there isn't something safer that doesn't have side effects in 2010 (for long term use). Many Thanks, HairHope
  7. Hi, In my ongoing search for a hairloss solution (joke?) I came across this place. Does anyone have a good/bad experience of them. Are they just administering the same treatments that can be obtained personally? Or will they bring something else to the party? They seem to promote the whole trichology thing. Would love to hear any opinons. Many Thanks. HairHope. Sorry - dont kow what happened there. The title should have been ********* centre.... Hairhope One more try. Something wierd goin on here. my question relates to B-E-L-G-R-A-V-I-A C-E-N-T-R-E Is there some hijacking/malware changing the text whenever I type that? HairHope
  8. Hi Pondle. How bad was the shedding? Just a bit more than usual or dramatically so? Did you grow any hair anywhere else (that was a problem)? Has Regaine made a dramatic difference or can you not tell its contribution if combined with Propecia? And may I ask, what is your considered opinion of the tabs (Propecia etc..)? Any side effects Why are you 'on a break now'? Cheers, HairHope
  9. Hi, I am getting to the stage where I think I need some medicinal help for my thinning hair. I have tried various gentle treatments (Nourkrin, Vitamins....various shampoos). So now I am quite down but hopeful that something a bit more potent could help. I am most unhappy about my crown region and am doing research into a possible HT but in the meantime wondering about Regaine or Propecia (the tablet in all its forms/names). I am rather worried about the side effects on the tablets. But then isn't this what Boots the chemist are using on their hair retention programme? Most of all I don't want any sexual side effects (I'm trying to find a new partner....just my luck I'll keep my hair, attract a nice lady and then......guess what!) So I was getting to thinking that maybe a topical thing like regaine (foam probably) would be OK with few side effects. Can you guys tell me (a) has it been effective and ( any side effects. I read something disturbing about people growing hair in other places that was not welcome (ears...hands!!). I don't want to be a werewolf thanks. Finally, I always like to blow dry my hair and have heard that this might not be a good idea with Regaine. Then I read that applying to a wet scalp can increases its absorption. If that is the case do you think applying it just after towel drying your hair and then gentle hairdryer might be OK. i.e. still get absorbed. Its a hard old game this hair loss thing. If only there was a magic bullet, no pratting about or side effects...... ....actually the more I think about it - it seems that a HT probably has the least side effects? Anyway guys, would love to know if you think I should try Regaine. I was thinking about the foam to avoid sensitivity. I value your opinions. HairHope
  10. Hi, Still gathering info on the possible options for regaining my sadly leaving crown....I secretly hope that it may be possible to gradually have hair replaced over time (as per the lunchtime type sessions) in the uk. But I am finding that using Nizoral (or Nizorelle) from Boots makes me feel a little better. I think it is the scientific basis coupled with the psycological high you get that you are doing someting positive that could have a small effect or at least slow further loss. I am a believer that our mental state is very important for our physical health so we must all be hopeful. We do live in exciting times too with new treatments available all the time. I find that using Nism inbetween the Nizoral shampoos i.e. alternate, makes my hair feel pretty good especially after the Nism. Just feels fuller and more healthy. Hopefully this will be a good regime for me. One question I have relates to the study of applying Nizoral cream that appeared to give good regrowth results. Anyone tried it and can you get it in the uk? Grow Well, HairHope.
  11. Hi, I was intrigued on the Feller site about the prospect of having a combined number of smaller procedures over time. Sounds like you can build up the repair over time and hopefully unbeknown to your family and friends. Two questions. 1) Is there any prospect of this in the UK in the near future? Any surgeons? 2) Does anyone think this has advantages in terms of low visibility that procedure has taken place OR would it be better to go for a bigger session and say take a few weeks off. If you have sufficient hair to cover the recipient area, would the scars be fairly invisible after two weeks say? Just really hung up about the stigma of everyone knowing it has been done. I know that sounds weak doesn't it but I guess we all know how this cruel loss affects us and how it makes us feel. HairHope
  12. With this sort of HT, do you have any immediate post op pictures? Do you think it would be fairly 'invisible' in the sense that the transplanted area wouldn't stand out too much (given his remaining coverage). And then the new hairs would just fill in over time? Is this the case? If I went for this procedure, I would like, if possible for it to be as 'invisible' as possible. If that could be achieved with just a few weeks off then great. Is that a realistic hope? Also do some patients go for a larger number of smaller procedures and does this assist in reducing the impact of a major transplant in one go? HairHope
  13. Hi There, HNY to all! Just seen the rather impressive crown results for one patient recently posted. I was thinking, if you have a HT and recover the thin area, is there a risk that the remaing hair around it will continue to recede leaving 'an island' of transplant hair remaining? Is this just something that has to be monitored or can the surgeons anticipate where further thinning will extend to? Similarly, could the donor region be lost in the future or do the surgeons have confidence that where they extract hairs from is a safe and stable region? Just wondered your thoughts on this. Many Thanks, HairHope
  14. Thank you all guys. I feel as if you are a sincere bunch and really out to help. I will do my research and weigh things up. Just one final question for now, how do you rate the European HT docs (I noticed a few in Belgium with good reps) - In comparison to US? Comments welcomed. HairHope
  15. Thank you guys. I guess going ahead with one would be such a big thing that you could plan to take a good time out to account for this. One basic question I have is about hair loss and the transplanted hairs. Are these hairs immune to being attacked in the same way the original hairs (in those positions) were? In other words are they genetically different and therefore should be permanent once established. Or could the T hairs one day be attacked and fall out? Are the stats good for T hairs staying in over time? I suppose the holy grail would be to be able to somehow clone or grow a constant crop of donor hairs (stem cell research?) from your own so that a full head could be achieved no matter how thin you were. At least we live in a hopeful age, where science and medical methods are advancing. We live in hope. HairHope
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