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  1. Why not? we see more Feller patient results! show them all Phil .
  2. Dont think I'm neurotic, just vain. I think I look better with hair. Nope its more than that, I feel better and although I've never had a real problem with confidence, I admit I feel more confident as the weeks go on so I guess I must be vainly neurotic , yea count me in mayb'e we can call it "follicular neurosis"
  3. Nice job Phil, good photo,s
  4. Ht looks great I dont see any noticable evidence of your scar.
  5. ZIPIT I Just had my third haircut today, my usual hairdesser was on holiday . the girl that cut my hair diddnt spot a thing until I told her no to buzz it down too much . I then went through the whole HT process with her and now have two hairdressers to turn to , my point is that Jo or Jenny bloggs will never spot it as an HT and when it starts to grow no one will be able to tell at all . Those that know about the HT process will more than likely sympathise with your predicament and for those who think your mad just laugh it off and point out that your hair is probably worth more than their car Mabe its just me but i'm quite proud of the whole thing " must have the skin of an elephant I suppose" anyway when it all kicks in, and you have great hair you wont give a toss what anyone thinks .
  6. Mike UK


    Scar looks great , and the HTs gonna be brill .
  7. Mike UK


    HDC Cyprus 4 hour flight and a great clinic , or call / email , Philip Bell Patient Coordinator for Dr Christian Bisanga & BHR Clinic Brussels , only an hours flight away.
  8. Thanks for that , ive binned the Nizorel , they should re name it " wash & go " any advice on good shampoos i have to wash my hair every day due to training and gigging , gets all sweaty and stuff .
  9. Shiiitt ! i diddnt know Nizorel caused shedding , thats all ive been using . I'll let you know if i start to shed any " bugger"
  10. Looking good its going to fill out nicely.
  11. Had my HT in may going into 4 months , the only thing i've used is Nizoral shampoo , to be honest i am very surprised at how fast its come on . I will post some new pictures soon thanks.
  12. Hi johny , yea my hair is coming along fine i'm very pleased with the result so far . you cant see my scalp anymore even with stage lighting , the scar has healed up nicely and i'm looking forward to having the crown done early next year , cheers MikeUK.
  13. hI johnyd473 only been back a couple of days , hope you are well I wouldnt volunteer for any experimental procedeures but i would like to see the results when and if they come out . congrats to Phill for his move with Dr Bisanga , couldnt happen to a nicer guy well done phill and also to Spex , good luck in your new role with Dr Feller .
  14. Yea i agree wouldnt go near Farjo , apparently they cut a strip out dissect it , send it off for X amount of time to culture and then inject the cells straight into the scalp . sounds like its gonna be very expensive.
  15. Has anyone heard of Follicular cell regeneration , which involves multiplying basic hair cells in culture and then injecting them back into the scalp promising the prospect of limitless amounts of hair , Got a letter from Farjo looking for volunteers to take part in phase 2 tests .
  16. Everyone is entitled to feel good about themselves and its no ones buisiness but yours how you spend your money , if any of my freinds have a problem with my HT they can just walk on , in my mind if they are true freinds then they will be supportive and understanding and if they are not ! then i have no place for them in my life , it may sound a bit harsh but if your freind disses you over a HT then they wernt real freinds in the first place
  17. Nice one ARC looks like a job well done
  18. I must admit i would be open to telling anyone who asked but no one has so far , even those i socialise with on a regular basis dont seem to register that my hair is getting fuller and thicker .
  19. Hi PB , Good for you mate your daughter will come around
  20. Mike UK

    Some Pics

    With his attitude towards PBs HT i doubt that he,s had any wok done leave a note on his desk directing him to this forum, maybe he'll change his mind
  21. Mike UK

    Some Pics

    That was the intention He knew about the pictures... he's one of those that says he doesn't give a f&%ยค about his hair... and thinks I'm insane for getting a HT. How old is this guy , i know he says he couldnt care less about his hair , but how can he look at yor HT and think your Nuts , he has a really unforunate look , he'd be better off shaving it
  22. Hi Dan , why not cut it short for the summer , you just might be one of the lucky few who suit it at twenty you should,nt have to worry so much , if you look around at your peers you'll see that skin is still in , if i was lucky enough to suit being bald i could have saved myself a lot of anxiety and a fair bit of cash but your on the right forum for advice whatever you decide to do , cheers
  23. No sweat mate I can see where your coming from.
  24. I think you have to bear in mind that some new guys reading this forum are in a pretty desperate state and would be ready to try anthing at all and especially if their funds are a bit on the low side . mabe you should try to get more info on IH find out if its approved ' test results etc , I dont agree with these guys on everything as Im sure you will have read , but they have all done their homework and have a wealth of knowledge about this kind of stuff , but if your using IH im sure you could keep us all informed your progress cheers
  25. By the way the thing I mentioned was a cosmetic, keratin hair thickener, just like nanogen. Nothing medical or prescriptive about it? Why do you say that Bill? What prescription drug was ever mentioned? Who is your biggest concealour seller Bill? I am really not here to argue but there seems no balance on this board to me.I have nothing against nanogen, it is excellent but it is far too expensive with a so called 'locking mist' you could replace with hairpsray and there are exactly the same things out there. Is that constructive? That is my point. Sorry if this has upset your happy board. I was actually in agreement with the underlined statement
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