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  1. On this topic...Dr. Feller told me, when I initially asked him this same question, that 'tis definitely nobler in the mind (on the scalp) to shave the bastard because even short buzzed hairs can make it difficult to align and space the new grafts optimally. To me it remains worth the (minimal, really) inconvenience of wearing caps to work...sort of like starting with a clean slate, so to speak. That said, I'm eager to hit that magical mystical 3-4 month mark...
  2. Give me an "F"...give me an "E"...give me an "L"... Yes, from what I've heard, those are all good ones. Dr. Feller, during my consultation, suggested I talk to a few other doctors, and mentioned H&W and Dr. Seager (out of Toronto, I believe), who, if I'm not mistaken, was Dr. Feller's mentor to some degree. But you can read many positive things on this and other sites. Benjamin
  3. Martin, Congratulations...I'm glad that it went as well as expected for you. The best, as many here would say, is certainly to come! Yeah, that elevator in Feller Medical's current location is a scary thing...I'm guessing it's temporary; he had mentioned to me during my consultation that he was actually buying a building nearby; apparently what he was paying in rent would get him a lot more. Hopefully the new place will not have that crappy red chair . You'll also feel a hell of a lot better once the staples are gone; I bid farewell to mine roughly a week ago and, at this point, aside from some trivial sensitive areas in the back of my head and the fact that I have buzzed hair growing back around the scar, have largely forgotten that there is a scar there at all. My girlfriend checked it out recently and was surprised at how nearly invisible it was, even with my extremely white skin...amazing what skill and dedication to the craft can do for one's patients! Grow well, grow often! Benjamin P.S. Why is your avatar an iron?
  4. As said in the UK...brilliant! Nice natural transition...looks as if it simply grew back...keep growing! Benjamin
  5. Spuraman, Congratulations! Great choice... Dr. Feller's web site has pre-op instructions...among which are, lay off alcohol or vitamins starting a week before the big day; both of the above apparently tend to thin the blood. One word of advice, that I failed to follow: get your pain meds before you go; you will want them on hand the night after you're done. Have you picked a hotel yet? Benjamin
  6. A valid question...I was (and have been) self-conscious about showing off my oddly shaved big head and sharing my HT decision, but all in all my girlfriend's advice to "own it" has proven wise; everyone I've told has been positive, encouraging, curious, or all the above... And who knows, maybe showing some other guys how a real live HT looks, BEFORE it grows in, will help them feel more at ease about it, as the pictures on sites like this do. At least one friend was already impressed that my head didn't have that stereotypical corn-row look; in fact, he didn't realize that every visible buzzed hair on my scalp was the HT -- he thought I'd just shaved my head for some reason! So I guess I'm wearing Dr. Feller's business card... All that said, I'm sticking to the cap for a while! Benjamin
  7. Martin, So when exactly in July is your Day of Scalp Reckoning? Am sending as many translantic good vibes toward you as possible! Remember to watch "Kill Bill" Vols. I and II in the correct order... Benjamin PS: I may have asked already, but are your photos nearby?
  8. Better than Hairless Man ... It is ironic...I suppose I'd say I was trying to cleverly comment on the anonymous and "faceless" nature of internet communication, but my array of photos sort of blows that to hell...! It's also the title of a song I like (by Creed)...
  9. True...I'm glad to have the little bastards out, finally, but am going to miss that week of enhanced cell phone reception...
  10. Greetings All, Thanks for inquiring...so far, after a week-and-two-days out I am healing fine; no shedding as yet beyond a couple "hairlets" that looked as if they were clipped from somewhere; scabs are vacating my scalp and the redness looks, to me at least, nearly gone. Sleep is still a challenge, or at least has been through last night -- perhaps this is common. What I've noticed is that the first week, sleeping upright is pretty much necessary (using as soft a pillow under the back of my head as possible); I've found myself feeling pain/soreness around -- actually, just above -- the scar after lying down for a while. Most likely this is the blood flowing around the area, which is gradually growing less numb, and causing the pain...but it's only temporary...! As I type this, I have just returned to my office after having my 30-or-so staples removed. Again, this may be common, but it stung a bit -- comparable to the injections at the back of my head, but, well, 30 or so of them. I'm attributing this to my having a highly sensitive scalp (it cries during sentimental movies) and being, also, highly aware of the fact that a doctor was pulling metal objects out of my head... ...that, and needles in general, have always made me unusually uncomfortable. Now, though, I'm glad to be past that; I feel "looser" already and look forward as the healing goes on...! Will share more photos as soon as I can. Benjamin
  11. Glad to hear it! Grow strong, grow proud !
  12. Hey Ian...just wanted to say; looking good...BIG improvement already!
  13. Thanks for the compliments (which are due the Dr.... ) Along those lines, a friend of mine, this weekend, made a joke about the cap and was really curious about my HT; when I showed him my head -- still in its shaved week-after-procedure state, not to mention covered with hat-hair around it -- he was impressed; in fact at first glance he didn't realize that ALL the hair stubble visible was transplanted. He commented that the last guy he knew who'd had one had these unfortunately obvious "stadium seating" rows of hair...and I couldn't help thinking that this stage is a real test of the doctor's skill at placement, when it's all buzzed to nearly nothing and there's no way to hide any irregularities...
  14. stevo, Having only recently done the HT thing, I can't offer much firsthand advice about the healing of the scar (I'm still the proud owner of about 40 staples), but as far as the wearing of a cap goes, the general answer is that it depends on a few things -- how extensive a procedure you have, the nature of your job (whether you are frequently dealing with the public, what the dress code is, etc.), and of course your own comfort level and relationship with your coworkers! In my case, Dr. Feller shaved the entire top (hairline, what was left of it, to the crown), given that I had 4200 grafts done, so I'm still wearing the cap and will likely continue wearing it (to work, and out) for, I'm guessing, another month or more. A few coworkers have asked, of course, and we all joke about it, and those I've told about my HT basically said "cool" or "good for you." As have my friends! My job is largely "internal" in the sense that I am largely at my desk, and when I have meetings they are generally with colleagues as opposed to clients. We also have a business-casual dress policy, so while a cap is obviously not common attire, it doesn't look as odd as it would if I were wearing a tie and/or suit. Benjamin
  15. Ha ha...yeah, only 5 more days until I can resume my "just relax, dammit" Guinness intake...
  16. John Kerry walks into a bar. The bartender says "hey, why the long face?" A man comes home and exuberantly slams the door. "Pack your bags, honey, I just won the lottery!" "The lottery? How exciting" she answers. "What should I pack?" "I don't care...just get the hell out!" When I die, I want to go like my grandfather did, peacefully and in his sleep. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  17. Yet another question for the hair-restored populace... Was looking at the newly posted, fascinatingly gory photos of my follicular transformation that Spex was gracious enough to post, and wondering: 1) When I look at the "top view" of my dome, either in photos or in the mirror, I see the acres of uniform little holes (which I assume to be follicles, since areas of my head behind the construction zone that I know are hairless appear smooth at that magnification). 2) ...yet when I look at a side or front view, I can see somewhat faint burr of hairs sticking up, all about 1/2 cm in length or so, that in aggregate looks somehow as if less area was covered. Is it that EVERY relocated follicle has a little hair in it? Or that I'm simply seeing, in scenario 2), the follicles that happen to have a visible hair intact whereas 1) is a somewhat more accurate picture of what I have? I also noticed, post-op, a couple of small hairs (maybe a few millimeters long) lying on my scalp (between others that were standing up) but attached to nothing, as if they were clipped/shed -- which would account for what I see in 2). After all, what counts is the "engine" of the follicle itself that regenerates the hair, rather than the hair itself...hence the 3-month graft shed. I know...I am analyzing this far too much. In part, it fascinates me; in part, the thought of that much "turf" finally being covered again, and of what it promises, is pretty damned exciting! Benjamin
  18. Holy crap! That last one is the money shot...I think they'd shot about a quart of anaesthetic into me at that point Thanks Spex!
  19. I concur...as is par for Dr. Feller's course (no doctor puns intended), as natural and attractive a result as one could imagine. Congrats!
  20. Blue chair, black chair? Please tell me more... Oh, and my signature now links to my blog; pictures for your fun and profit! I will post monthly updates. Benjamin
  21. Martin -- best of luck to you; you are of course in talented and Hippocratically sound hands! Dr. Feller is definitely The Man. Will be glad to know how it goes! Benjamin
  22. PB, Very nice results! Please remind me, how many did the esteemed Dr. Feller do for you? Naked shower pics...hmm, better update my blog... Benjamin
  23. A thank-you to everyone for encouraging words...and I will make it a point to post monthly progress photos to share. This whole thing still seems surreal...after all this thought, and "what-if" pondering, and research, I have something new to look forward to. And naturally, my excitement is interwoven with a little nervousness -- how will it turn out? How quickly will it come to fruition? Just how much sexier will I in fact become, and will my loving and supportive girlfriend be able to handle it ? All of which are natural and, I think it's safe to say, common questions from those of us who have taken the plunge. What definitely makes a difference is the generousity of others, here and on other groups, who have experienced and are experiencing the same thing and are willing to share both visual and written accounts...it's hard to say enough how that is appreciated. I hope I can pass it along. I have to say that the "law of unintended consequences" is operating here in a big way, as well...being a guy who has been basically introverted and shy for much of his life, odd though this may seem, for me to be discussing this on these sites and posting pictures is as positive a good step as having the transplant in the first place! Benjamin
  24. Addendum...a small detail, but I also appreciated Dr. Feller giving me more than enough pain pills for the night of my surgery, having bone-headedly neglected (in my excitement) to fill the prescription beforehand. He is definitely a considerate guy, as well as a skilled surgeon.
  25. Thank you for the kind words! And, by all means, please feel free to share any photos (before, after, during) that Dr. Feller is willing to share, and pass on my additional thanks to him and his staff. I can see why you so enthusiastically "showcase" his talent, apart from your own superb results, he certainly deserves it. Benjamin
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