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  1. Great! He has ample follicular reasons to smile... Funny, seeing that one shot of him next to the nameplate on Dr. Feller's door brings back memories of the morning of my own procedure...waiting for him to show up (which he did precisely on time) and how nervous, excited, all the above, I was...and I think that the smile on the way OUT of his office should be his trademark! Hey, wait, where's that iron shape???
  2. Scam? Well, not sure...the shampoo bottle, at least, makes no promises that it can't keep. I've used it off and on and noticed neither growth, nor shedding, nor decreased hair loss, nor, for that matter, anything other than my hair being minty fresh... That said, I'm sticking to shampoo that does not cost $20 or more per bottle...
  3. "BaldingInMD," Nice! Completely changes the "shape" of your hair, if that makes sense...a natural, nicely shaped hairline and full temples! Keep growing...hope it continues to go well for you! Benjamin
  4. Definitely #2...fits the face perfectly, and looks completely natural. I defy anyone to find one hair that doesn't look as if it was growing there since he was a kid... Altogether, an unbelievable transformation...and from a personal perspective, nice to see what 4200 grafts can get you! Although I'm assuming that he went beyond that, based on your post...? This dude likes his sun...! Being of the paler persuasion, I salute him.... Benjamin
  5. "The Life of Riley" now has a whole new meaning...congratulations again! You probably already know this, but the staples coming out (soon) will make a considerable difference in how you sleep/feel overall. My scar was huge (big session, big head) but has healed beautifully. Grow well, grow often, Benjamin
  6. Reyno, Congratulations! Looking at your photos reminds me of what seems to be yet another "signature" of the better surgeons: a neat, natural, precise, and non-traumatized recipient area. Good call on _Braveheart_. "You can take my grafts, but you will never take...MY FREEDOM!!!" Actually, I think I'll keep both... I'd opted for the _Kill Bill_ epic, myself...after realizing that _Master and Commander_ kind of dragged, especially when you're medicated. Good growing to you! Benjamin
  7. Wow, that's from just two weeks' healing? Great!
  8. Spex, Here's the update part: I had my first post-HT haircut recently, and opted this time for something higher-end than my customary chop-and-go at the local Hair Cuttery (an American hair salon franchise that is arguably the Bosley of barbers). My girlfriend recommended her stylist, Demian Isla (website here) who is, in a word, excellent -- I couldn't imagine her exquisite blond locks in any hands but the best, after all ! He has his own salon in Washington, DC, caters to a wide spectrum of clients, and has some intriguing experience, much of which is in the entertainment industry -- he even worked for a while on the set of Saturday Night Live . He also shares two key qualities with Dr. Feller, which was why I thought it fitting that I use his services: he does superb work, and has a genuine love and enthusiasm for his craft. Even at my early growth stage (just under two months, when I went to him), he was highly impressed with Dr. Feller's work -- he could hardly find the scar, and the rest was as well-healed as it could be. In fact, he said it was the best he had ever seen, and he has seen a wide variety of post-transplanted clients; good, bad, and in some cases ugly. So goes the kudos! Now for the part that is perhaps best left to a PM, but which I'll share if anyone's interested: Demian has at least three clients who are "strongly interested" in a procedure and would like to get in touch with Dr. Feller. I've passed on Dr. Feller's contact information, and told him to feel free to have any of them, and in fact, any of his other clients who may be interested, email me and view my website/blog. Shall I pass on your information as well? Who knows, Dr. Feller may have another consultant (Mid-Atlantic Region) ... Benjamin
  9. This is off-topic, but... WTF with the dogs??? Another mental image I need to burn out of my brain... Or is that BHT gone horrifically wrong?
  10. Hello All, Just added a two-month update (pictures) to my blog. Grow well! Benjamin
  11. Riley, Welcome to the Feller Hair Club For (Vastly Improved) Men ... Glad that you (predictably) had such a favorable experience! And, good for you for being as thorough as possible; that's all any of us can do to navigate these, er, follicular waters... Wishing you fast healing, and great growth... Benjamin
  12. That's exactly how I feel about hair, coffee and ammunition...
  13. I'd add... Make damned sure you've filled your Vicodin prescription BEFORE you get re-haired (de-balded?), as opposed to waiting until the night before because "hey, this is New York, of course I'll find an all-night pharmacy...)
  14. FacelessMan

    4000 +

    For what it's worth... In my initial consultation with Dr. Feller, he had suggested "4000+" grafts, and concluded by saying that he'd shoot for the 5000+ range, "if I'd let him," which left me with the impression that he had no doubts whatsoever that he had the skill and the staff to tackle a job of that scope. The 4200, a happy number indeed, was based on the reality of my scalp laxity/donor density, large head notwithstanding . Although I don't doubt that there exist clinics which wouldn't hesitate to send shills to message boards such as this, I have less than zero reason to think that H&W or Feller Medical or others of their ecehelon are among them -- given that they are, simply put, superb, and their results speak loudly for themselves. For that matter, "Jotronic" has, on every message board where I've seen him post, been entirely open about his being a H&W employee. Also for what it's worth, and for the record, my own photo posting/blogging is simply something I wanted to do to contribute to these very helpful sites; Dr. Feller (and for that matter Spex) never asked me to do so or broached the subject. Regarding websites: I'm sure that those on this board who will agree that they can be a significant investment of time and/or money to create, keep current, and improve, particularly for a smaller clinic. I can also say that Dr. Feller has, literally, hundreds of photos available that he is more than willing to show in consultations (with all respects to patient confidentiality); his web site photo gallery is a tip of a most impressive iceberg. Benjamin
  15. I was a little tentative at first, as well as self-conscious about wearing a cap essentially everywhere, but the friends and co-workers I've told have been positive, curious, or both. And my girlfriend has been completely supportive, which helps! My $.02 (USD ) take on it is... * It is expensive, to varying degrees, but it is after all our money...! Add up the cost of a good HT (granted, mine was on the higher end because of my exceptionally large balding head) and compare it to the numerous other ways that people pursue self-improvement, or fun, or both. My step-mother has easily spent twice as much redecorating and "improving" her and my dad's house as I spent redecorating my scalp! We all have our preferences... * It's no more "vain" or a sign of insecurity for a man to go the HT route than it is for a man, or woman, to dress well, get a good hair cut and style, use makeup...more involved, obviously; it is after all surgery, but I think that the principle is the same.
  16. Hello PB, For what it's worth...I'm sure that it's hard to see the progression in our own growth (and I myself am far to early in this game to judge one way or the other) but if it helps, when I compare your "before" and "after" shots the difference is visually dramatic -- in the "before's" the impression is, "balding." In the most recent "after's", you don't even look particularly receded. And it looks 110% natural...! Wishing you more good growth! Benjamin
  17. Spex, Congratulations...you have a genuine desire to help people with this whole learning process, for which many here (myself, in particular) are grateful! Please pass on my regards to the Feller crew... Benjamin
  18. FacelessMan

    4000 +

    stevo, Dr. Feller moved 4200 for me this past June; he is a megasession master...! And I'd agree with others; from what I've read, a chief predictor of graft count per session is the donor area. In my case, I had optimal characteristics -- big head, dense donor hair, scalp laxity -- which allowed him to get the amount he did. Benjamin
  19. Hello all -- regarding the swelling, it was definitely noticeable and felt weird, but it was simply the result of a rather large head plus lots of injections All in all, as far as the recovery/growth process has gone at this fairly early stage, it was worth it...I'd definitely recommend sleeping as far upright as you can manage for the first several days, though!
  20. My rapid heartbeat and elevated pulse were due to the wide array of puncturing, slicing, and crunching sounds, not the anaesthetic... Seriously -- I had no effects from the local anesthetic at all. Benjamin
  21. I definitely slept propped up for about a week, at first so I wouldn't move around and interfere with the grafts, and later beacuse of the discomfort of the staples. And of course, the Elephant Man-like swelling
  22. "comb," I second the emotion(s) about Dr. Feller; I had a 4200-graft procedure on 6/19 and was impressed with him and his staff...! Regarding Rogaine: his only mention of it was that it could be useful starting approx, 2 weeks after surgery, as a means of speeding up graft growth, but we never talked about it beyond that. I've decided to let nature, at this point, take its course; I'm skeptical that anything could speed up the graft growth enough to make it worth the hassle...but perhaps others know more about it. Benjamin
  23. Matt, Congratulations! Looks like you have a lot to be happy about, and even more so in the coming months! I had a great experience with Dr. Feller too, a month and a day ago, and am also in that "waiting" stage. Grow like hell! Benjamin
  24. I swelled like a bastard after the first three days; lasted just over a week...forehead, eyes (almost shut), face.
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