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  1. Hi, Regarding UV and recipient areas...Dr. Feller advised me strongly, after my transplant (which was on 6/19/06, which put my healing/initial growth stage right in the midst of summer, specifically BEACH season) to keep my head out of the sun for a while...I don't remember his exact time frame, because I had already decided to keep a hat between my newly renovated scalp and the sun at least until the fall. I am both a tad over-cautious, and more than a tad pale. Regarding tanning in general...if it helps, I submit Exhibit A, which consists of all the photos on my weblog with a front-on forehead shot. If you look, you should see, in most of them, a red blemish/spot on the left side of my forehead (i.e., the right side, as you view the photo...those of you viewing said photos in the UK may see it on the left instead ). After several months of it not going away, I saw a dermatologist, who told me, yes, it's skin cancer -- thankfully, however, a "basal cell carcinoma," which is the least severe kind, and which will be eliminated from my life after about 45 minutes of, er, slicing and dicing... My rambling point being...as much as I do indeed love the beach, and outdoor activity, I've never been a "tanner" and in fact have not, or so I thought, exposed my Anglo-Saxon pallor to the onslaught of UV radiation that much; rarely have I seen my skin tanned, or burned. Yet the carcinoma showed up over this past summer, when I was ultra-careful about sheilding my visage and head from sun...granted, my father has had similar things, so I may have lost a genetic lottery here, but after a lengthy talk from my dermatologist about the evils of tanning, I am a believer... Funny; when she was taking the biopsy I made a comment about the local anaesthetic she injected being tame, compared to the industrial needles I got during my HT...she commented that it was a very good job, and hadn't noticed it until I mentioned it. A small tidbit... Benjamin "Pale Rider"
  2. DamnedBetterThanBeforeHairInUK fits, I think! Good going on the healing; your cutting your hair short has given everyone here the advantage of seeing a scar fresh out of surgery after a fairly big session...AND, what such a scar looks like after the ministrations of a top surgeon! I remember that Dr. Feller commented that, as I was leaving his office the day of my procedure, my own recipient area looked "like I was already one day out." I credit his ultra-refined tools and skill and techs with this more than I do my own healing powers... In several more months (combing length, more or less...at least, it was for me) you will be seeing some serious bulk...and forget about seeing where those old grafts were! Grow well... Benjamin
  3. HairyInMD (OK, that's dorky, but I think you deserve a name change), I hear you...looking at your pictures, actually, my own hair texture/thickness/even color, a little bit resemble mine, somewhat. I think that your HT is a great-looking example of how subtle a good transplant can be; in your case, you seem to have fairly fine hair, and didn't have that large a procedure, but the difference between your "before" and "after shots is huge! One styling thought...I don't know if you combed your hair a specific way for these shots, but have you thought of parting it a bit further over to the left (or right; wherever you do it)? Not necessarily to "combover" position, but given the way I've found my own hair behave, it would "consolidate" the hair on the top a bit more; give it more overall bulk. I'm probably not using the "official" terms, but then again, I don't know them ... That aside, looks good; whatever you do or don't do in the future, you've certainly come a long way. Benjamin
  4. Formerly) Balding-in-MD, Long time no see...and glad to see that you've growing really well; congrats! You might want to have a dermatologist take a look at that blurry rectangle on your face, though... Looks like some fun photos, too...! Benjamin
  5. Well done! You'll be a happy man in a matter of months, as what (IG-) Noble wrought on your head becomes invisible! Grow well and grow often, Benjamin
  6. Well then... All I can say is that in my strictly electronic interaction with "Spex," he has been unfailingly friendly, helpful, and gracious, and from what I can see has shown nothing less in the considerable time he has spent providing answers, support, and kind words to the hundreds of people who use this and other forums. So, thank you, Spex... Regading "abusive emails," I find that...mystifying. Ignoring the fact that I've never seen him write anything one might call unkind or inflammatory...why would anyone feel the need to behave that way? Perhaps part of the downside of virtual communities such as this is that the anonymity of words on a computer screen makes it a little to easy to remember that there are real people on either end of those thousands of miles of cable... And that aside...it's HAIR. Yes, it's important to those of us who are on here, researching, asking questions, taking the time/expense/physical challenges, such as they are, to change it, but we're not talking about cancer, or heart disease, or AIDS...I guess I just don't see this as a context for the kind of angry passion that might inspire emails suffucuent to drive someone away. All that said, I have found these web sites a great help, and want to reiterate my thanks to everyone here (the vast majority) who has been so forthcoming with feedback, photos, good advice. And once again, well done, Spex! I hope to thank you in person before long...perhaps when I finally get to visit your superb country... Benjamin
  7. Hello all...I have posted 5-month pictures on my blog for your edification. Benjamin
  8. DaiVernon -- fantastic! You must be happy indeed... Benjamin
  9. Boro -- to answer your earlier question, YES, having those staples out will improve your life dramatically! In my case, aside from the number of them, I managed to bone-headedly snag one with a comb (why I was bothering to use a comb back there in the first place, I don't know), leaving it just out enough to sting whenever I or a pillow touched it...not recommended! Once they were all gone, I felt phenomenally better (not that I was in pain before; just the entirely normal tightness you'd talked about)... Oh, and regarding my cab story, let me emphasize that it was a BUMP we ran over...the driver missed the bum, despite swerving several times. A harsh mistress, my hometown of NYC... Semper Folliculi! Benjamin "Grow, You Little @#%*ers, Grow!"
  10. The day it all began!
  11. "Borobaldy," Congratulations! A good number that will give you a good hair step forward! Regarding your "ouch" experience, I had two, myself. The first was in the cab on the way back from Dr. Fellers; it went over a bumb and being of a tall nature my head bumped (lightly) the headliner in the car. There was some blood, as you can see from my blog photos, but it was a minimal bump and was a straight-on "impact," so my initial reaction (roughly paraphrased, "@#$%$##%#@$$!!!!!") proved unbased... The second was months later, and the only hairs I saw affected were sheds anyway...so in neither case was there an issue. Grow with pride! Benjamin
  12. All, At the risk of asking a question that others have asked, and answered, already, I am curious (and of course, enthused) about what lies ahead.... At present I'm approaching the five-month mark (which will "officially" be on 11/19). What I am seeing at this point are, in fairly broad strokes... * filled-in temple points that blend in with the sides enough that I often forget that they weren't growing that way all along, * a recipient area that is pretty much uniformly covered with hair, which is now maybe a centimeter at the most in length. The area is sparse, and definitely see-through (as at that length it would have to be). From the front it's noticeably fuller, already, and the hairline is decidedly more defined. What I'm wondering is, (and this is probably far too general a question, as everyone progresses somewhat uniquely) how much more density comes about after the five-month mark? My understanding from what I've read on this and other forums is that five months is still an early stage... Good growth to one and all! Benjamin
  13. Hi All, First, foremost...good growing wishes and cold ale to all! Second...will post 4-month shots to my blog tonight for any and all interested in 4000+ graft growth. Third...this one is mostly for Spex, but maybe relevant elsewhere: I won't be able to make Dr. Feller's 10/23 showcase in NY due to my family visiting for my 37th birthday! This is actually a significant visit, as I'll also share in my blog...let's just say that it's a special reunion. In any case, as much as I'd like to be part of the Feller Medical event, I will have to defer to a more personal one! Benjamin
  14. Martin, Ah, those first steps toward growth! Coming up on 4 months (tomorrow, actually) myself, I see what you mean. Here's hoping for many more hairy days! Benjamin
  15. Hello all -- finally have my three-month photos up; hope they are of use! Good growing wishes to one and all... Benjamin
  16. Congratulatiuons, CCS...heal quickly and grow strongly! Benjamin
  17. FacelessMan


    I can't compare the two, having only had the staples, but I agree with the tightness...that, and the very odd realization that you have bits of metal in your head. Bits of metal that stung a bit when each one of the 40 or so of them came out...! Once they were out, though, the difference was immense!
  18. Sending best healing and growing wishes to "Crabb..." Benjamin
  19. All, At the time that I had my own blood work done, in preparation for my procedure with Dr. Feller, the lab was literally downstairs from his office; this was early June 2006. It took about 20 minutes. Benjamin
  20. The "slide show" is a great idea; really makes it easier to see just how dramatic the transformation can be. I'm going to set up a crude equivalent of one in my Snapfish album and add the link to my blog... Congratulations, Jim! Enjoy every damn follicle... Benjamin
  21. Kiffa: welcome! Tommy: looks great! Totally natural, and a good-looking hairline. Congratulations! How many grafts did the good doctor plant? Benjamin
  22. Good luck to you! I would agree that you've chosen wisely... Benjamin
  23. "ccs," Great! I am sure that you will be pleased; he and his staff take patient care seriously. Benjamin
  24. A thought on hairline position (and hopefully relevant to the discussion)... As my photo here will likely show, apart from my mildly wasted state , I asked Dr. Feller to keep my hairline somewhat high. The recommended one he had initially drawn on the morning of my procedure was lower, but not by much at all -- less than 1 cm, as my non-metric American perspective remembers it. My overall goal was maximum density beginning at an even, defined hairline, and extending back to, and perhaps somewhat onto, the crown, given that these have been my thinnest/baldest areas. I also didn't particularly need a significantly lower hairline, given that mine has always been high, long before hair loss entered the picture. I figured that if I wanted a lower hairline later on, I could go for this and simply add to what was already there rather than shaving it all down again. Some $.02...
  25. I have never done FIT, but with the strip procedure I had the only substantial pain was the night after the procedure, and the meds took care of that pretty quickly ... Funny, what Dr. Feller said about Brits taking the pain better than Americans... . I've always admired that unique English resiliance...!
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