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  1. Hi everybody! as you can see to your left I just joined this forum, I got a couple of questions but first some background is in order: I am 26, have an active life (jogging and weight trainning) and eat quite healthy but a year ago my hair started to fall off, had an itchy scalp and bad dandruff. The dandruff and itchiness was sorted with Nizoral but my hair kept falling off. After reading about hairloss I noticed that in most cases hair thins and stops growing, but in my case it stops growing altogheter. My hair is actually very thick and nobody would notice my balding but in the Norwood scale I am in between 2 and 3V (http://www.hairlosstalk.com/research/men/step2men.htm). Also if I run my hand throught my hair a couple of strands always come off everytime, hair roots ache as if someone was pulling my hair everytime I comb or move my hair with my hand and even thought I managed to stop the itchiness with Nizoral, the areas where hair is receding are unusually itchy sometimes. Are these symptons normal? Is this the way one starts balding or is it some sort of skin disorder? I appreciate your help, thanks in advance!
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