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    There is a player called Stephen Ireland who playes for Man City Apparently he had something done to his hair becasue its allot longer and thicker then before. here are the pics. http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/2007/10/hor...hair_ste_1.html
  2. When Dr Feller saw me last he said he could prob get 2500-3000, so im hoping its the 3000. I will be filling in the crown and adding more density. i dont take any pics of my crown as it depresses me so i dunno if i have lost more or not, i dont think i have anyway. im glad you found my post helpful gothair, if you need any more just ask.
  3. Hello Gothair You sound as if you were in a similar position to be, infact its practically identical. I have always been a confident guy with and without hair but since i have regrown some of my hair i am much more confident then before. I also started losing my hair at around the same age. All people say to you is "your losing you hair" what’s happing" people are so rude its unreal, even people you don’t know make comments. I think do myself “don’t you think I know you idiot” My best comeback is to say, yeh all my growth went in between my legs so the ladies don’t mind lol i have also had the "age test" people used to think i was 30-35 and im 24! its very annoying but at least you know you can do something about it. I was also a Norwood 4/5 with limited donor but a skilled Dr can perform a good result. I had my first HT last August so it been over a year now and things look so much better, strangers now put me in the 24-28 bracket, i even got asked for ID twice when going to a club which felt great. Like everyone on here is saying, you have come to a great place where people will help out with your situation. Spex is definitely the man to meet, he will explain everything. Most people know where your coming from and when i embarked on the HT journey i felt a bit sick and depressed with worry but once you speak to the right people it gives you loads of hope and something to look forward to. I had 3200 grafts with my first hair transplant and plan to go back in Feb for around the same amount to address my crown and thicken things up. Good luck with it all and there is noting to worry about.
  4. I also get the same, when i leave it too long at the front it looks thinner and curls. I dont think i can grow my hair that long. The tips of the hair on the hairline are also thinner. Maybe in time it will get better. The only comments i get from people are "you look different" "have you lost weight" i wernt even fat before!! Or i look well. its all good comments tho which is the main thing.
  5. http://pbhair.mywowbb.com/forum3/78.html
  6. Wow lucky that looks amazing!! you must be well pleased.
  7. Spuraman

    Sad News

    I havent been here for a while so just read up on all of this. Its really silly whats happened and i wish people would just get on. We are all here for the same reasons and we should be supporting eachother night bickering! Get back on here PB and do what you do best!
  8. A poor reputation that got even worse becuase of this.
  9. These people are such idiots, they are only going to damage there reputation even more now! Good luck with it Spex.
  10. I stayed in the city and got to Dr Fellers on time no problem. Maybe i was just lucky. When i went last August there are two trains that go to great neck which will get you to Dr Fellers intime. Maybe what you could do is book a hotel in the city for the periods around your HT and stay in the andrews the night before and the night after your HT?
  11. Getting back to Stevo's post..... i know exactly what you mean mate, I am in the same boat as you. As time goes by the hair in the front gets thicker and the crown ends up looking worse. It does annoy me that i will have to wait till next year to get another HT for my crown. If i could start over again i would have asked Dr Feller if he could put at least some grafts in the crown area from my first HT to make the bald spot look a bit better. Just 500 maybe? anyway, i try not to let it bother me because i look so much better now then i did before. I will just have to wait and look forward to Feb 2008 when i plan to have HT2!
  12. That does make sense i suppose. I just have to wait a bit. I try not to think about my hair but i got a haircut the other day and its to short. Looks to thin but it will grow back in time. When i look at my hair now im happy but i thought it would be much better, but when i look back at how i used to be there is a massive difference. I def need to go back and get the crown done as well as add more grafts at the front 3rd.
  13. Yep i did have donor supply issue, but when i saw Dr Feller at the London meeting he said i could prob get another 3000 grafts from my donor, that would take me upto about 6300 grafts. I just really hate my crown now becuase the front has hair now but i didnt get any grafts in the crown. Im just impatient.
  14. Hi Do you think people from Norwood 5 onwards are better off going to Hassan & Wong for there HT? I think Dr Feller likes to work the front 3rd first and leave the crown all together till the next session. When I see Dr's H&W work they like to cover the whole bald area in one session, then if need be patients go back for HT two and do the same thing. I know I would have much preferred at least some work in the crown, and then go back for a touch up all over my head. Is that just the way Dr Feller prefers to work?
  15. Sounds like it all went well PB. I look forward to seeing updates from ya!!
  16. I agree, it looks much better now then it did when it was long, after a few more months when you grow more graphs and it thickens up you will be able to grow it longer and it will look good.
  17. Good Luck with everything PB. I hope it all goes great for you!
  18. If HT patients would shave there hair off, would you get the stubble look like normal hair? I only wask beacuse when ive seen 2nd ht done and the doc has shaved the area down, it doesnt appear to leave much stubble. Maybe coz the folicles are to far apart perhaps?
  19. Nope not on them, didnt really notice any difference and they seemed to make my poo watery wasnt taking that much of it.
  20. Erm, not really looked while im out side, when it day time and i look in the mirror it looks fine, obviously looks a bit thinner, but still ok.
  21. Thanks guys..... yeh it was good old Dr Feller and his team. I got just over 3200 grafts.
  22. Thanks for your input guys. i am a very slow grower so hopefully there will be more to come. I was looking at around Feb 2008 for my next HT which will bring me upto the 18 month mark. To me it looks very natural and not one person has said anything, only comments i have had are "you grew your hair or something" people just havent sussed it out. You right about the age thing PB, people used to think i was 28-32 years but now i think i look my age. which is 24. I have even got asked for ID twice when i have been out. I was quite pleased with that. overall i am happy so far with my results and expect it to get slightly better.
  23. Hey everyone Here is my 9 month update, not allot seems to have changed since the 7th month but its 100% better then it was before i had HT. I am happy with the results so far and much more confident. I also get more attention from the ladies these days! I will def go for another HT early next year to do the crown and touch up a little. Pre op - 9 months so what do u all think?
  24. Looks excellent for just 5 months!
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