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  1. More importantly, how's your hair doing Spursman? I haven't been on the forums for ages so don't know what's been happening. All my transplanted hair is still growing well and I don't think I've lost any more hair :D did you go back for more?


    Hair is ok, sort of forgotten about it now, crown annoys me at times, had a few grafts put in there but hasnt really made a difference. I use nanogen for the crown and it covers up well.


    I didnt really have much more to lose so dont think ive lost, im on proscar so hopefully that should stop any more loss round the top the the sides.


    Ive just had the 2 transplants, would love another one but a bit worried about my scar, had allot of shockloss which never grew back! you can see my scar but no one ever says anything so maybe its just me who notices it. I dont wanna go through another procedure and my scar becomes even more stretched. My hair characteristics were never great so my expectation was lower than others, Im happy with it, was just hoping the 2nd time round would have made more of a difference.


    Id love a lower hairline and a full crown, i was told i have probably got another 2k via strip and the rest will come by fue.



  2. Just saw a picture of his new hair - well the graft stubble. It looks pretty good actually. If it all grows he'll have a good head of hair.



    Yeh does look good. Maybe England have finally caught up?


    He obviously hasnt been told about the procedure.


    He seems to think it will start growing, hasnt said anything about it falling out first.


    You can imagine the press now after a month, "Rooney Hair transplant fails"


    I have read some silly comments from people, some say oh i expected a lot of hair there!


    your still bald tho wayne what was the point of that?


    Rio Ferdinand even said he hopes rooney doesnt start using an alice band

  3. I follow him on Twitter and he has said the following:



    Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I'm delighted with the result.



    I had it done in Harley street hair clinic London. Thanks to all the staff who looked after me.




    It's still a bit bruised and swollen when it dies down u will be first to see it. Anyone recommend any good hair gel. Haha



    So he had it done in Harley Street, i thought places like that were not very good? i hope he has been advised well.






  4. I think it just depends on your situation. If you can get time off work etc then go for the 1 HT.


    If you are really worried by getting noticed then maybe the small sessions are better for you.


    All depends on someones situation.


    I personally would get it all done in one hit, either way i think people will worry about it being noticable.

  5. They have a deal at the moment for what they call a mainenence kit.


    its works out that you have something like £25 so its worth it if you use the stuff.


    This is the offer


    when you order online you have to put in promotional code camouflage for the correct prices to come up.

    Details of your order:

    2 x Nanofibres ® at £15.00

    1 x Locking Mist ® at £5.00

    1 x Nanogen Onescalp ™ at £5.00 (onescalp is normal shampoo.. same as any really)

    1 x Nanothik ® Spray at £5.00 (I don't know what it is.. meant to be a thickening spray, might not use it though. still works out a good deal anyway)


    £45 plus delivery

  6. Cool MrT.


    Hey Spurs,



    Yep - healthy blood plasma contains bioactive proteins that the body uses to replace, repair and regenerate tissue. These natural proteins – produced by your own body – serve as the “active ingredient” in PRP treatment.


    The blood concentrate is injected into balding, thinning and existing areas of hair on your head to help.



    PRP treatment is a simple, outpatient procedure that is completed within 30 mins approx - The treatment begins with the doc drawing a small amount of blood from your arm. This blood is immediately processed using a patented, FDA-cleared method to extract and concentrate the blood platelets, where the powerful growth factors are contained. The result is a concentrated dose of platelet rich plasma, which is injected into the balding or thinning areas of scalp to begin doing its work.


    That’s all there is to it. You leave with no restrictions or further requirements. Your body does the rest on its own.


    The concentrated platelets in the scalp will secrete activated growth factors for up to seven days. These growth factors are the chemical signals responsible for attracting cells to the site for regeneration. This important phase will occur during the first two weeks after treatment. According to the most recent studies, maximal results are experienced between four and eight months, after which the benefits begin to decrease, and another visit should be considered.


    Dr. Feller recommends all new patients to undergo two or three treatments within an 18-month period. For those who respond well, one brief treatment every six months should be all that’s required. For those who do not seem to respond well, Dr Feller recommends discontinuing treatment and exploring other options.


    Hope this helps bud!


    Thanks for that, dont like the sound of getting it done every 6 months tho, would be cheaper just to stick with the nanogen. its something to think about anyway. ill see what happens when more people get it done.

  7. have only read this thread but will read more when i have time.


    so basically you inject the area and then hair starts growing?? B)


    how long does it take to come in?


    One of the youtube clips says it lasts just for a year then you have to get it done again, is that right? so each year you have to have the injections?


    You can put me down spex just in case this is the real deal and its also suitbale for me, just dont want to miss out. But ill have to research more.

  8. Forget these special shakes. Buy yourself a juicer and make it frsh, carrot juice, apple, mix it up a bit with different fruits and vegs. Most juicers come with a menu of different juices you can make.


    If i makes you happy mix some of the protein powder in with it.


    Nothing more healthy then when you make the drink yourself.

  9. It would be a nice idea and would help people who are embarassed or not confident going to a normal barber shop... i just think first most people dont want to admit they have had an HT and second i dont think there would be enough demand.


    I think you could start something and have someone there willing to cut hair but your not really ever going to make proper money out of it.


    Good luck with it :)

  10. Hello


    Well i am 18 days post op and just had a haircut. I did a number 1 so it was all even. I just couldn’t leave it longer. I know the scar is very visible but I would rather that then keep it long on the sides and back.


    I really like how my existing hair looks, much denser then i thought it would be, hairline is high but that was the plan as i had allot of loss.


    The scar doesn’t look to good to me, seems to be allot of shock loss under it. I am a little concerned about my right hand side.. lots of flesh on there and it doesn’t seem to be possible for hair to go through it. Its not as thin as last time.


    I also am a bit concerned that the crown is a bit sparse; I thought it would be filled more. I don’t think i have lost many grafts yet but maybe i have in the crown. Does the crown shed first?


    Take a look at the pics and see what you think. I know its early days.


    couldnt post the pics so click on this link to view them.



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