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  1. yep! i am also a user of Trichogen. It works on me too! my hair loss problem has been stopped after being used for a month. I find my hair grow stronger than before. It is so glad to see that , you guys can try !
  2. yes! it is convenient to use also. Just use after hair wash , remember to message! Actually after using one week, the hair texture is improved, not too olily and in 2 weeks , there is less hair loss when you comb your hair and find less on your pillow.
  3. hi! i am using a topical hair loss treatment which has newly ingredient called TRICHOGEN, clinical studies has already has proven it safe and effective on hair loss in 56 days. I have start using the product for 3 weeks ,my hair loss problem has been reduced, and my scalp decrease oily.
  4. hi! i have heard something called hair collagen for hair grwoth from one of my friend, the product use a newly ingredient called TRICHOGEN. My friend is using it, the comment is positive
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