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  1. that was funny saf do not get a ht at 19 and definately not with rogers read through the forums and see rogers result rogers had shown many times he doesnt really know what he is doing and never gives patients the grafts they need or with the right design its alway 1500 grafts i think thats all he can do get on propecia for at least 2 yrs then think about travelling to US to get a proper ht
  2. i wouldn't let rogers near my head if he paid me but your was 10 years ago
  3. thanks 4 the info spex from me anyway
  4. google him found this at the top http://forum.carefair.com/showthread.php?p=206 amazed there is not more on the conman
  5. funny how he just disappeared
  6. goeasy

    Crown Pics

    imagine how annoyed you would have been as well as mortified if you had had surgery at the hg maybe feller was annoyed also you didn't have enough donor to do the crown why do you have to leave it till next year if you had non in the crown you can have a session in there now cant you :unsure:
  7. zipit were you happy with your hosspital grooup ht
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