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  1. EDU 305 Week 4 DQs





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    EDU 305 Week 4 DQs


    In this document of EDU 305 Week 4 Discussion Questions you will find the next information:

    DQ 1: Complete the Multiple Intelligences Survey using the link located on your student website. Are you surprised by your strengths and weaknesses? How can this information be used in the classroom? Using one of your strengths, how is this viewed by the student? How is it viewed by the instructor? What can be done to eliminate inconsistencies between the two visions?

    DQ 2: What are some teaching strategies that would enhance the cognitive development of your students? Support your response with examples from research and theory.








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  2. SEI 300 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Rough Draft 2 of Instructional Unit 2





    To get this material Click this link - http://entire-courses.com/sei-300-week-3-learning-team-assignment-rough-draft-2-of-instructional-unit-2


    SEI 300 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Rough Draft 2 of Instructional Unit 2


    This paper of SEI 300 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Rough Draft 2 of Instructional Unit 2 encompasses:

    Resource: Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol Lesson Plans in Appendix B

    Develop language and content objectives for the instructional unit begun in Learning Team Meeting One. In addition, select the English language learner proficiency standards to be addressed in this unit. Think about motivation and the role it plays in helping students achieve success.

    Develop strategies for your lesson plans that encourage student motivation.







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