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  1. Use the Dr's experience that might be a good starting point These top guys know what they are doing and where to appropriately positon your hairline, even better than you. Remember you can always add more. You can't take it away. The artistic flair of the surgeon it paramount.
  2. dukey

    Crown Pics

    Of course ive checked them out they are one of the best clinics out there BUT so is Feller Medical. It’s an easy choice for me im gonna stick to what I know OK if you want to limit yourself to just the one Doc then thats up to you. Classic example, one that wasn't edited See what he incinuates...Stevo; very happy with his first HT wants to see Feller again for crown work but johnyd incinuactes he is limiting himself Why would stevo be limiting himself to one of the best Dr's in the world See what he tries to do
  3. It can also happen to transplanted hair
  4. Congrats Riley, the boat shots say it all, well done
  5. Excellent transformation, well done! Love the tune
  6. dukey


    If you read the topics he has edited many have quoted him when replying anyway. He can't edit those posts
  7. dukey

    Sad News

    I think the fact of the matter is this Johnnyd slated PB every chance he got calling him names and slating his HT as confirmed by PB and then decided to go edit all his posts as comfirmed if you read any of his posts. How can that be accepted or condoned. I understand why PB would get wound up. If the guy edited all his posts then surely he has a great deal to hide. The guy is obviously ashamed of what he wrote hence all the editing You want a guy like that on the forum regardless of free speak?! What does he bring to this arena other than smiley faces? Just ban that schmuck and come back PB! I am not a big poster but i do read still and plan another session soon. PB's posts are very informative and helpful. He doesn't deserve to put up with shit from anyone nevermind a poster who edits everything he posts
  8. dukey

    Sad News

    I just read the other topics. That edit guy is a schmuck, period.
  9. dukey

    Sad News

    I always found this guys posts really informative and honest
  10. A great guy taht really doesn't deserve it The person responsible sould be ashamed Keep up the incredible work spex
  11. Best decision I ever made regarding my hair transplants was going to Dr Feller. Wish i had gone to him sooner. You are in very good hands!! Duke
  12. Congrats BennyBlanco Nice to feel normal again hey
  13. MONEY! Spex educates and helps others, preventing them from getting butchered which means less bums on seats for these UK clinics, which means they make less money I have come across many many hairloss conmen, salesmen, reps, clinics in my time and i can say that Spex has more integrity and class in his foot print than all the other drek combined. Spex do not even contemplate stopping what you are doing.
  14. 2 birds with 1 stone - 100 hairs a day on average
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