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  1. Hey Ian im great thanks mate, not been on the forums at all much really. How's you? Hey BadHUK, well you've been through it mate and luckily for you your pretty much done good for you mate!
  2. Wow great stuff!! Glad to see your all done mate and doesnt look like it's gonna be a problem hiding it
  3. stevo

    Donor Scar

    Cheers bud, im not worrying just looking at options. I wont be doing anything until at least next year but FUE could be the answer I'd need to be certain that i wont need more work tho before i was to FUE on the scar.
  4. My scar has stretched on the left hand side of my head to about 5mm and it’s pain coz I like to keep my hair short. In the future I will be looking into getting this (the scar) sorted, what do you guy’s think the best thing to do? I could get a scar revision or FUE into the scar. My scar is only bad on the left hand side so if I was to go for a scar revision would it be possible to just get the left hand side sorted? Im not sure weather I would be wise getting FUE into my scar just yet as I might (hopefully not) need more work doing. What do you guys think is the best thing to do?
  5. Will the doc be doing consults Spex?
  6. Looks great mate - you look like you have never had a hairloss problem
  7. Hi mate, i did use the Bio Oil on the scar for about the first three months and what i noticed was that the scar didnt feel as tight as it did after my first HT. This hasnt stopped my scar stretching though, the right hand side and the back of the scar are fine but it has strethed again on the left hand side the same place as last time Yep im well overdue an update but unfortunately there is nothing to show, no growth in the crown or nothing to brag about anyway. I will take some pics when i get a sec.
  8. Looks great mate While your waiting for the rest to kick in im sure a bit of Toppik/Nanogen will work wonders on your crown.
  9. stevo


    Once again, im very jealous!
  10. Sounds interesting, put my name down mate. Will Doc Feller be doing consults also?
  11. Heal well Tim I'll look forward to the write up and pics
  12. The Britannia hotel is quite central and easy for people to get to. They have there own bar inside the hotel and i wouldnt of thought it would be too busy on a Thursday night. Does this sound ok??? Half 6, 7 o clock next Thursday is fine for me.
  13. Sorry I just realised I cant do Wednesday anyway so Thursday is good for me too
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