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    reversing my hairloss.
  1. I think its on tonight at 10.00pm BBC2, I watched the extended version on sat. Basicly most of us who know who Ian Hislop is can see that he's had a bad old school 80's HT, although its not really common knowledge to joe public who know very little about HT's. Anyway he started talking about the Italian PM's HT and the fact that he had one whilst in office and tried to cover it post op by wearing a silly looking surgical cap and telling people that he was experimenting with a new look. They even showed footage of him meeting Tony Blair wearing the cap and photo's of the grafts begginning to sprout. It was pretty sureal for me to hear about transplants being mentioned on such a mainstream show especialy since it was HIslop talking about it, you'd think he'd be the last person to mention it.
  2. Anyone see have I got news for you this week? If you did you'll know what I'm referring to.
  3. Not to mention all those kids the CSA is chasing you for !!!!
  4. I get Nanogen Fibres from replacementhair.co.uk 08452 262623
  5. s.a.f

    Dr Rogers

    Its not that difficult small degree of hairloss = FUE Large degree = strip. UK or abroad = Abroad definatley! Preventing further loss is the most important thing - using meds. The best thing for you to do is Email SPEX and MEET UP WITH HIM.
  6. Trading standards dont investigate hairloss snake oils, they're under the same catagory as Psychic hotline and miracle wrinkle cures. ie only an idiot would expect them to actualy work.
  7. s.a.f


    Do a search there have been many threads on this topic.
  8. It would help if you posted some pics of your current situation.
  9. He can't, Finesteride is a banned substance for proffesional sportsmen.
  10. Its beyond belief that they can legally operate, The GMC and HCC are a complete joke. I guess aslong as they pay for some kind of license its ok to disfigure people.
  11. Nobel also do cosmetic procedures 'it beggars belief' just imagine going to them for a face lift !!! . These women are'nt even qualified as far as I'm aware.
  12. Its just amazing to think that to most people going to get a haircut is something that they dont even think about, its about as stressfull as buying a newspaper. Then there's us where its like a public display of our worst feature. (I've done my own hair with clippers and attatchments for as long as I can remember now.)
  13. Well they see balding heads every single day. But it is abit embarrassing if its a fit bird cutting your hair.
  14. I'd say Rooney is very not yet a NW3 but he's getting close, and he's 22 is'nt he. I was about as bald as him when I was 25 and I got to NW6 before 30. Who knows what side of the family his hairloss comes from.
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