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  1. I can add to the others' replies : YES!! a bad HT is way worse than balding. In my view, a HT has to be undetectable, otherwise its not worth it. The idea is to take attention OFF your hair, not on it.
  2. Hi, Q: What is the longest anyone has waited for grafts to come through? I'm coming up to the 5 month mark now, and not seeing anything yet. Getting impatient now!
  3. Im patiently sitting around, watching the months pass by, waiting for these grafts to come through. Coming up to 5 months now. Not a sausage!
  4. Returning to work was ok - thanks! Some people didnt recognise me - with very short hair, and am a bit self-conscious but I dont think anyone noticed the scar or the old HT grafts on top. Am slowly getting used to having no hair on top - which is ironic!
  5. Good advice Spex. Definitely "less is more" - I dont think one wants to get "addicted" to this stuff - its just as miserable locking yourself in a bathroom every day, applying these expensive products, as it is worrying about hair loss. Im using Couvre most days, since Im 1 month post op, and have 4 previous HT scars to conceal. Its a good product. I have Toppik but am not using it - maybe because its too good! I played about with putting a lot on, and in a dim light, it looked amazing - but Im sure in direct sunshine someone would notice - since my hair on top is very short. Maybe when it gets a bit longer Ill use it more, while waiting for the new grafts to come through - but as I say - its an expensive habit !
  6. Ive tried Toppik - but it made it look even more clumpy, since there is not enough fine hairs in between the big grafts. Not sure about Nanogen - essentially the same product?
  7. Hi, 4 Weeks post op. Attached some pics. All the graft hairs have gone - shame, because all that is left on top is the pluggy old grafts. My native hair on the peak is still there, which unfortunately shows the difference between natural hair, and a early 90's micro-mini graft job. I am returning to work tomorrow, and will have to keep my head held high (literally, and metaphorically!) Am still using Couvre at the back (on the old HT scars - the new one seems to be very small - great!) I still have a lot of numbness above the HT scar, going all the way up the the crown. Im hoping that will decrease? Anyone else had this ? Waiting for these new grafts to come in is going to be REALLY HARD!
  8. Hi, 16 days post op - went for a hair cut. Feel much better now. I chose my barber wisely I think - a guy who was involved in HTs and now does Hair Systems (god forbid)- so knows how to be discreet. (not like the Italian maniac with number 3 clippers, that I used last time) He managed to even it out - while still leaving it long enough at the back to almost cover the 5 strip scars. Yes thats 5. Do I win the prize for "Most HTs with bugger all to show for it?" Hopefully that will change. I feel vaguely normal now. the ironic thing is, this is the first time in my life Ive been out in public with very short hair, and exposed thinning crown, and it was great! Felt like I had nothing to hide - didnt care if the wind blew by hair. I am using Couvre to cover the scars that show through. The graft hairs are still hanging in there. And Im quite attached to them. They are my friends, and I talk to them every night. (Im kidding). (no Im not). anyway... the guy that cut my hair was quite old, and was telling me a lot about the history of HTs and some of the horror stories he has seen. Invented by Dr Orentreich (new York) in the 50s, using 4mm plugs - can you imaging looking like this: http://www.surviving-hairloss.com/images/history_3.jpg He was also telling me about "Flap Surgery" - he has met a few people who have had this done. OMFG. A 4cm stip harvested from the side is implanted on the hairline - skin and all. This must have been utter HELL for the people that had it done. Can anyone reading this shed any more light? All this did make me think: HTs are still only 40 years old. Will we look back in 100years time and view FUE/strip surgery with the same disbelief? What will the technique be at that time? (or, as Gene Roddenberry once said, when commenting on jean Luc Picard's baldness, in 2233 we wont need a cure, because we wont care about make Pattern Baldness)
  9. well can I borrow your cassock then?
  10. I think my wife was sort of looking forward to doing it - but I'm a wimp, so had a little play myself, and just carried on. It was a bit like pulling shrapnel ! Previous 4 strips were from the hair clinic, in London Surgeon was David Cuddis http://www.the-hair-clinic.co.uk/ Dont start me ranting.....
  11. I agree- a good way to present results. The juicy bit starts at 4.50 when you can see a fine comb through the hair, and the donor scar. Did you not consider FUE into the scar ? Is it better the take out the scar, laxity permitting ?
  12. Chewey, I agree - Having hair cropped is a major ball ache, if you want to be low key about it. For me its a bigger influence than "hair greed" Ian - how did you cope - looking like a benedictine monk for 2 months ? Hi Ian, I have similar hair loss as to what your good self had so hair density pending I want to get it all done in one sitting? i know it may not be possible but i cant go through having my hair cropped like that over and over again. Can i ask do you leave your hair the way the doc leaves it or do you cover it up? Can you wear a cap every day or does this affect the new hairs ???? Also just read Spex's site is 4500 grafts the most you can have in one sitting???? Dont know why I ask i dont evern know how many i need yet ??????????
  13. Hi, 12 Day Update: Ive just taken all the staples out. I did it myself ! I read on a forum, (by a surgeon) that he recommended taking every other staple out first, then all of them. I found it quite easy - I used a bottle of Jack Daniels, a plank to chew on, and a claw hammer. It took a while to set up 2 mirrors (one was a shaving mirror, with a x2 magnification) and to get the light right. Really, I would not recommend it - quicker to go to your GP clinic. pretty pain free, and strangely satisfying - like picking glue off you hands when you were a kid. The advantage it, then if you snag a hair, or scab, you can immediately back off and get another grip. TIP: never accidentally use the staple remover took UPSIDE DOWN! It will bend the staple the wrong way, further into your head! Attached our some pics. Would appreciate your comments. On one side I think you can see a lot of shock loss (either that, or that is the scar from the previous HT. You can see the terraced effect of all the other HTs Ive had, underneath the donor scar). Am worried about buzzing that area down. Had no swelling or spots. All the graft hairs are still in. Am using Minox twice a day - read that this will give a 30% chance that the grafts will not actually fall out - which would be nice. From the pic of the top, you can also see where the single hairs were placed on the hair line. Can also see, in the middle, the dirty great f*ck* off orrible punch grafts. Am going on holiday with the out-laws in weeks time. NIGHTMARE. will have to buzz the hair down, and just use a cap the whole time.
  14. This just about says it all. A very good check list. You should write a book!
  15. Spotty, Dont panik! Been there - 4 times in fact, so you probably are an easy case. Just start saving! And if it was 12 months ago, it cant be that bad. Id like to hear from the guys who had work done in the 70s and 80s - what happened to these guys? - probably in their 60's now, so now as computer literate? Ive been very angry about my previous work - would rather have gone bald (see pic) ... and have often used the word "butchers" to describe them. However, and HT professional who has seen my hair (including Spex) has said that this is fairly standard for the time. So, really my main beef is that I was shown fraudulent pictures, and conned into believing that for £8-9 k, I would have all my hair back. The scars I have are awful, I think. (and now I have another new one!). possible future work would be FUE into the scars, to help me cut shorter at the back. BTW: David Cuddis, at The Hair Clinic. London. He is a consultant now, and I don't know who they use. But check out the web site. They are advertising Hair Transplants, and there is not one picture of the results. http://www.the-hair-clinic.co.uk just some fake quote from "satisfied" customers. AVOID!
  16. Thanks! Its nice know theres a place on the web where men can share moisuterising tips without fear of embarrassment! Hello mate,keep taking Msm and drink loads of water-it really helped me and i healed super fast.Imo its a bit early to be rubbing bio oil on the scar just yet as i gave it a few days after my staples were taken out,then it worked out fine.As for flaking well you could try a gentle shampoo like Johnsons to clear any dead skin and moisturise.Heal well.
  17. Hi, I'm 7 days post HT. Should I be treating my head with anything other than a baseball cap? Im taking MSM (1000-2000mg day). What about lotion for the scar (Vit E?, bio oil?) What about the recipient area? Its looking quite dry and flaky now? Any advice appreciated ! I didnt get any swelling - was expecting loads since that what I got with the HTs I had in the 90's - made me look like a captain caveman. Maybe because the single hair insertion is a lot less traumatic ? less fluid injected into the head?
  18. Good map - that would be a nice walk. Its a clean and nice district, and feels very safe. The Taxi was only $5 - ask as the hotel desk. Flying back today - Volcanic Ash permitting!
  19. Hi Pb Ok.. maybe I was a bit harsh on AA I agree about the "homeland securty" issue. They just blew up a cooler box full of mineral water, in times square - all the news channels were whipping up hysteria about it being a bomb, and an organised terrorist threat. I get the feeling New Yorkers are pretty jumpy about all this - not surprising really given recent history. I read on this forum that one guy went sight-seeing the day after HT. There is no way Im going to Times Square today. Chilling in the hotel, being very careful about moving my head slowly- and drinking lots of water. Cheers.
  20. Hi, http://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/....asp?WebID=1253 I'm from the UK, and have just had a 2600 graft strip HT with Dr Feller. These forums have been a life saver for me, and this decision has been 2 years in the making. I'd like to share some thoughts on my journey: 1) Obsessively research on these forums. There is a mine of information, and (rarely) mis-information here. Most posters are helpful, sensible and realistic. 2) A Hair Transplant is not normal. I mean this as a truism, not a criticism. As you get into the forums and blogs, there is a lot of support, encouragement, and congratulations of results- most of which is deserved. However - friends/family/work colleagues may see a HT as extreme/bizarre or laughable. Can you consider buzzing your hair short? You may have no hair, but you can buy a new BMW with the money you save! (I obviously didnt want to consider buzzing by hair - I have the same shaped head as John Cleese - which is why he had a HT as well) 3) If you are in the UK- MEET SPEX!! Spex was the first guy I met who has a HT - after 15 years of it being my secret, to meet him was great. He is unbiassed, straight talking, and very sensible. And- he will let you rummage about if hair like a monkey looking for grubs! - so make use of him. IF you decide to go with Dr Feller, he also goes out of his way to make it easy, and cheap. So, I bit the bullet, and have just had a HT from Dr Feller. As expected, the guy is really cool. He is obsessive about what he does. I also discovered we have 2 shared interests: Playing piano, and Electronics. Check out the books in his office. Now, I know the sort of people who build their own radios, and that exactly the sort of person I want fixing my hair! After examining my hair, he said the best donor areas had be left by the UK clinic (The Hair Clinic in London). This is the area just above the lump at the top of your neck. All 4 previous strips had been done very low (why?? because they should be chopping up pigs, not doing HTs). He also confirmed that I have "plugs" in the middle of my head- whopping great 10 hair grafts. Now - The Hair Clinic in London (did I say to not use them? well dont) never told be this, when they schpealed on about min-grafts, and showed me their fraudulent hairline photo collection. So, after a pathetic plea to not shave my head down to grade 0 - they shaved my head down to grade 0 I know they cant work any other way. Not shaving is how crap clinic (like The Hair Clinic, in London - did I mention them?) used to hide their pluggy botch jobs. I ended up with 2600 grafts - instead of 2000. Dr Feller didnt charge me for the full difference, since he knew I came all the way from UK. I really believe the Spex and Dr Feller are altruistic, in an industry full of sharks and con-men! After the initial numbing jabs, the procedure was not bad at all. The incisions were done by Dr Feller, and the grafts placed by the nurse/technicians - 2 or 3 of them working at a time. For the important bits then work in silence, and you can feel the concentration! I see where the cost of a HT goes - there were maybe 5 or 6 skilled people there, all working on my hair, for the entire day. Im surprised it doest cost more actually. what else?... some tips if you are travelling from UK to Dr Fellers Clinic: 1) Prior to departure you need to fill out a VISA waver form on line, as well as the green form (which you get at check-in). Go to https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov I didnt do this, so had to mess about with my laptop at the checkin desk for 30 minutes! 2) Arrive at least 2 hours prior to departure. Security is a lot stricter than is was last time I flew to the US. When entering JFK, they take your finger prints, and photo. 3) Avoid American Airlines - there is no leg room, and all the flight attendants have faces like slapped arses and attitudes to match. 4) Print out the directions to the Hotel form JFK - from the hotel web site. The cabbie I used didnt know the way. Cab cost $40 5) Checkout the area on google maps before leaving. You can even do a virtual walk between the hotel and Dr Feller's office. This helped in knowing where I was. 6) On the evening before, take a walk over the the supermarket, and stock up on fruit, water, drink, sandwiches etc.... (Dont touch the mini-bar, unless you have lots of cash left over after flight hotel and HT costs!). The super market is here. 7) Wear non white T shirt for the procedure - you may want to bin it after wards! 8) Dont watch Fox news for 6 hours. There is only so much "war of terror" one man can take. Im attaching 4 pics: Outside of Dr Feller's office Inside of Dr Feller's Office The inside of my booze filled mini-bar (dont touch it!) The top of my head, post op. (Im finding this surreal to look at - maybe its just the pain killers) This was therapeutic to write - hope it helps. (right, start growing you little bu**ers!)
  21. Hi PB, I see from your web site, that when you say "comb over" you are talking about your 2nd procedure with Dr Feller? The one Ive just had (about 2 hours ago) is more like your first one - with the entire front area buzzed down. Im going to attempt to take some pics, and upload, before the headache kicks in!
  22. Shame this post is 3 years old - would like to hear how you got on. I've just bought "Couvre" - as I will be in need of this when I return to work.
  23. Theres only one way to find out...... fffffffff iiiiight!!!!
  24. Hi Spex, Thanks for support here. Ive ordered toppik and couvre - In case I need that to get me through the "reverse mohican" period. Taxi drove me past Dr Fellers office - decided not to walk it! In Hotel now - off out to get some supplies. Will post on Saturday, with pics, and write up! Cheers.
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