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  1. Hey guys... I've been reading some studies regarding the effectiveness of DUT from dosages 0.5mg to 2.5mg... I was wondering the dosages that everyone here takes? Also, are there plans to release DUT for hairloss in higher dosages? Cheers, John
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you who have had sucessfull HTs could give me some advice. I'm considering flying over to the US for a consultation with Dr Feller maybe 8-9 months from now and I'd like to know something beforehand... Immediatley after having the HT, I'm sure you went back to work. How did you face that? What did you tell people? If I was to keep my head shaven short (or not), how long would it be before I could go on a night out without people seeing evidence of a HT? Exactly how long was it before the procedure was completely unnoticable? I'm just very curious to know beucase I keep thinking over in my head how I would deal with that... Cheers guys... John
  3. Hey guys... I know that most companies offering HTs are shams and so I just wanted to ask if anyone knew about this procedure... Apparently it's based on FUE although individual follicles are taken and not grafts, and so it heals within 2-4 days. If this is legitimate it maybe something I might consider, considering that my hairloss isn't massive, I'm not too concearned with having a high hairline and just want to put about half an inch of hair in the corners of the front of my head.... plus becuase I live in the UK its only a train ride away and a stay in a travel lodge for a night... here's the website for them: http://www.dhiglobal.com There's quite a lot of detailed information on the procedure including a video of it. Apparently they also allow for prospective clients to actually 'watch' a procedure being carried out, however I'm sure they must clear it with the patient first... Anyways, if anyone knows anything more about this that would be great... Cheers, John
  4. Hey guys... Long time no see... I've been using proscar for a year now and it did by the 6-7 month mark halt my loss... However I've now found that my hair is falling out again in the same manner as before... I've looked on the inhousefarmacy site and they do a generic verison of dut... It looks pretty decent and I was wondering if anyone has tried it? Would it be ok for me to get these to make the switch from proscar? Cheers, John
  5. Hey guys... I've started propecia and was looking at the big 3... I'm using Nizoral but was wondering Iif I needed to use minoxidil even though my hairloss is only on the front? My dad is bald in this area and was wondering if it was worth applying as a preventitive measure? Thanks
  6. Hey guys... I've been on proscar for about 2 weeks now and I know that its not long enough to see improvement but should a person still be losing hair? Upon looking on my pillow in the morning I can still see a few hairs and was wondering... Is there any way to tell if these hairs are being lost to normal shedding or due to MPB? I look at the neds of them and they have a tiny white bit on one side which I'm assuming is the follicle or something like that... I wish I could speed up time so I can see the hair loss under control and zip over to NY. My hairloss isn't that bad but becuase of its placement right at the front of the head it really hits my self conficence... The bit I lost, I lost in a particulary short space of time and have never seen and further significant loss. On the flip side though, its never regrown even after all this time.
  7. To be honest... I was through browsing and stumbling upon spex's pics that I realised that something could be done to tackle my hairloss and that all was no lost as Spex's hair to start off with was actually worse than mine. However he had 3 years on me with his hair loss. So I guess its time to nip it in the bud and control it... I've ordered some proscar and only tie will tell how things will progress but I am very optimistic. You can't really see well enough in the pics but I am actually experiencing new growth in my frontal hairline (not fuzz). I think this may be due to a change in my shampoo... You see, as a child I was diagnosed wih eczema and also had it on my scalp. I don't have it any more but I kept a few bottles of the shampoo that I was prescribed to nourish my scalp. I tried using the American Crew Revitalise range and also Minoxidil and it left my scalp feeling itchy during the day and figured it must have flared up my eczema (various things can trigger a flare up such as stress and the wrong kind of soap). So I switched the american crew shampoo for this old shampoo I had and have been using it for a couple o months and noticed that some hairs are actually sprouting from my frontal hairline... I'm hoping the introduction of proscar will help this even further however I'm not getting my hopes up. The shampoo I'm using is called Capsul and is very similar to Polytar... Its got salycilic acid in it to shed dead skin cells and also cocunut tar to moisturise the scalp... I'm no too sure about the other ingrediants but do you perhaps think that it is performing the same function as Nirozal? Thanks Johnny Frostbite
  8. Hi all... I'm 21 and am suffering from MPB. I've been emailing Spex and he's a great guy. He's advised me to start taking propecia to stabalise my hair loss until the time when its necessary to go to NY for a HT. I thought I'd post a few pictures to show you what I'm like now, as well as posting some in 3 months time after taking propecia. Thanks
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